Sunday, December 1, 2019

What's Happening in November

The weather has turned decidedly cooler and Darryl is sporting his flannel shirts again. He's also fixing more and more clocks these days.

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this beautiful "Hoosier" autumn. I have always said Indiana is the most beautiful place in the world in Autumn with the trees turning all shades of yellows, gold, reds and more!

Some days it was hard to drive down the street as I kept wanting to stop every time I saw a beautiful, colorful tree and take a photo.

Some of the most beautiful trees were in my dear friend's yard. I made a quick trip down to Brazil and Seelyville to visit Michelle and Patty. 

On the way back I stopped in Indianapolis to visit my dear high school friend, Janice Fetter-Salmon. At one time we were on the North High School Gymnastics Team together. I think we're lookin' pretty good for a couple of 60+ yr. old gymnasts. 

On Sunday we said goodbye to our friends in the Mishawaka Ward.

Above with Sister Susan Ritchie and below with Stephanie Perrin.

And with my Harry Potter buddy Keshia Meikle.

On Monday Nov. 11th Darryl and I took the last piece of rental equipment back to United Rental. Of Course there was a snow storm just starting as he drove this manlift nearly a mile to the store.

The South Bend Salt Storage Dome.

The following morning the day dawned bright, clear and cold.

I am going to miss the ducks in our pond when we leave here.

And finally, one of "The Greatest Generation" is laid to rest.

Darryl's Uncle Frank Carr passed away a few weeks ago in Payson, Arizona and his Memorial service was held in Phoenix  at National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona.

He was buried with full Military Honors at the private service. I was grateful that Cali was able to be there to represent our family.

His daughter, Jane Medlock, read a wonderful eulogy. Oh how we love Jane and her family. I can't wait to see them, hopefully this New Year!

Finally, Darryl and I have been filling up our lives with some wonderful auction finds. Here is something that I found and I really want and someday maybe I will get one. 
This awesome Denoyer-Geppert Geographical Map takes me back to my Jr. High School Days. Ah well....... I guess I'll just have to go to more auctions. 

Sunday, November 10, 2019


As I stated earlier, I was blessed to be able to take two art classes this fall. This post will focus on my Monday Watercolor class. I had the great privilege to study the techniques and styles of a watercolor master, Daniel J. Slattery. You can view some of his work in a short video here.

Dan is not only a great artist, he has fabulous taste in music as well (The truth is... we're both big Ed Ames fans)

There were 9 students in this course, some have been taking classes for a couple of years. For those of us who were new, Dan started us out with the basics. Washes, skies, clouds, trees and grass.

Each class was well planned and organized and if you want to learn to paint in watercolors this is the class for you. Dan even sent us home with a very detailed outline from each class and practice homework if we felt so inclined. "Paint every day." he told me.

Each week we learned a couple new techniques. The third week we worked on wood planks, stone fences, rocks and brick walls as we practice adding textures and layers to our artwork.

Dan and the other artists in our class were always so encouraging and helpful in everything I tried to do.

Every class held a new discovery for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges. I especially enjoyed being with these talented ladies, all amazing artists.

Dee, Diane, Mary, Pam, Velma and Pat.

And they are pretty amazing cooks too. We had quite the smorgasbord at our last class.

Hello Velma!

Some of my homework... Painting a brick wall.

Halfway through the course (the 4th class) it was time to start a painting of our own choosing. I chose a picture I had taken of the light house on Tybee Island in Georgia.

I had always painted "loose" before, so painting something this tight was quite the departure for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Another technique learned.... peeling paint.

We also had technique classes in painting water. Waves, ripples, still water, falling water, etc. For my second painting I chose Multnomah Falls in Oregon. I started it on week seven of our 8 week course, but since time has come for us to move on to the next work assignment I haven't finished it. As soon as I do finish it you know I will post it on here.

Our last technique class was painting snow, fog, mist and water droplets.

Most of these techniques are so simple, but it always amazed me at how much more detailed they made each painting look. I am looking forward to practicing my newly acquired skills and putting them to use in my next paintings.
Like my other Watercolor teacher, Peter X. O'Brien, I just can't say enough good things about Daniel J. Slattery. His artwork is AMAZING!!, and he is one of the nicest and most talented men you will ever meet. I was truly blessed to meet these fine gentlemen and learn to love this art form from their expertise.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sweet Tyree's Baptism

Back in February or March Tyree called up her Grandpa Darryl with some very special news. She made the decision to be baptized and she wanted Grandpa to baptize her. Of course he said yes!

From a very small child I have known Tyree to be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. As early as 4 yrs old she would ask very pointed questions about Jesus, Heavenly Father and how she was a child of God. She loved to go to church and Primary and is a blessing to all of her family.

Although Tyree turned 8 in September, due to our travels and Jesse and Kelly's schedule they arranged for her baptism to be  on October 26th, which worked out perfectly for about half of our family. Shiloh and Jason had meetings in Utah and were able to drive up for the weekend with baby Wesley. It was also the weekend Cody and Alisa were moving their family down to Utah so they were able to be there as well as Hillary, Jake and their boys.

Ross giving Wesley some Lovin'

Or Maybe it was Wesley giving Ross some loving.
It made for a blessed mini -family reunion.

Uncle Cody and Grandma 'ham it up' with sweet Wesley!

Rachel getting in on the "Love me some Wesley" party.

Wesley gives Tyree his special kisses!

Tyree's Baptism was perfect! Around 35 - 40 people attended as Bishop Parks conducted.

Her Grandma Joliene and Papa Randy Crystal were there along with Aunt Randi Jo and cousin Jessi Glon, Aunt Sammi and her family. Many of her friends and Primary Leaders from church came to support her and show their love for her.

Most importantly, her father Kelly, Mom Jesse Kay and little brother Clancy were there to support her and let her know how proud they are of her and how very much they love her.

Miss Rachel wore her favorite dress for the event. ( in the background J.J. is practicing giving a talk)

Mr. Wesley was so excited to be there.

As the new policies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stress a more family centered church, this baptism was a wonderful Family Centered celebration of this sacred ordinance.

Jesse Kay gave the opening prayer
Grandma Cindy played the piano while Aunt Shiloh led the music
Uncle Jason gave a talk on Baptism
Mom, and her Aunties (Shiloh, Hillary and Alisa) and Grandma Cindy Sang a special musical number "Teach Me to Walk in the Light". Aunt Alisa's beautiful violin accompaniment made it especially moving.
She was baptized by her Grandpa Darryl while Uncle Jake and Uncle Cody served as witnesses, and then Grandpa explained "The Gift of the Holy Ghost" and she was confirmed a member of the church and given that sacred gift through the priesthood by Grandpa's hands and those of her uncles and the Bishop as they stood in on the confirmation and blessing.

And what a beautiful blessing she received. She has already been such a wonderful example of a disciple of Christ to all of her family. Most especially me.

We had a wonderful luncheon after her baptism with family and friends. She was given special gifts by some and lots of hugs by everyone.

Sunday evening called for a slumber party for Tyree, Clancy, Rachel and Ross. What a very busy and wonderful weekend we had!

Early Sunday evening after saying goodbye to Shiloh, Jason, Hillary and Jake, while the rest of us visited and played games, I walked around the corner of the living room and this is what I saw.
Tyree reading her scriptures. She couldn't wait to read her new Book of Mormon which was one of her baptism gifts. Oh how I pray daily for this sweet girl. May God bless her and protect her and may she continue to be a shining example of a disciple of Jesus Christ.