Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are you there?

Is anybody there?  Does anybody Care? 
No?..... Okay.. no problem.
You don't have to comment, it's all good. I love you! :-)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Ragnar Relay Florida Keys - 2012!!

Team Smoke on the Highway at the Finish line!
 Can I just say that I hate this new blogger layout and I may need to find a new way to post on my blog. Well, all of those frustrations aside, I started to put my photos up the way I used to, last to first, but they started posting in the opposite order, then I couldn't get them to delete. When I finally figured out how to post them correctly I realized I now don't have the time to put them up in order and label them, so here's what I'll do. Below are pictures of my very first Ragnar Relay!! I loved it. Our team did fabulous and I was able to run with 4 of my children and I made new friends (Roddy, Barry, Mason and Wendy) along the way. We ran 199 miles from Miami to Key West Florida. Even though the pictures aren't in order I hope you enjoy them!

 Jason leading the way across the finish line in Key West !
 Barry handing off to Skye on his last leg.
 What? Cody do something spectacular and hurt himself at the finish line?
 Finish line madness!
 Our fabulous driver and coach, Darryl and our great van and mascot.
 Shiloh getting her 2-fer medal.
 Ryan, Skye and Reagan.
 Our own Barry Robyn!
 Wendy and Roddy!
 More finish line photos.
 Below is Charleigh tattooing Cody at the beginning of the race on Friday.
 Finishing my first leg, Cody is waiting to receive the "baton".
 Poppa Mike Proudly displays his medals.
 Trying to catch a few Zzzz's Friday night.
 Friday morning before the start of our race day.
 Cindy Finishing leg one and Cody thinking about starting to run.
 The runners of Van 2 - Skye, Cindy, Roddy, Wendy, Cody and Barry "Robyn".
 Skye, Cindy and Wendy.
 Can I just say.. Wendy is AWESOME!!!
 Skye handing off to me for my first leg!

 Skye in the hammock, Darryl on the ground.

 Darryl giving Skye some encouraging words.

 Cindy with the 2012 Speedway fairy.  (Where's your hat and wand girl?)
 Making smores at the Homestead Speedway.
 Cody went a little crazy with the leftover Turtle Tattoos.

 Jason is the man!
 The "Smoke on the Highway" Team and Support Crew at the Southern Most tip of the Continental United States in Key West, Florida.  Cody is on top of the Marker Monument.
 Barry, Roddy and Mason
 Mike and his sons, Jacob (with Lily) and Jason.
 Cami and Ransom
 Miss Lily Pie was a great Cheerleader!
 Cami, Jacob and Family at the southern most tip of the Continental U.S.
 Cali and Parker having fun on the beach.

I was a happy momma to be able to run this race with 4 of my children! Skye, me, Cody, Cali and Shiloh.

 Hillary, Cami, Skye, Reagan, Gage and Ryan
 Shiloh and Jason
 Shiloh, Roddy and Cody
 Darryl and I with our 7 children at the Southern most point in Key West. The first time the 9 of us had been together since August 19, 2009.