Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Weekend at Grandmas

My birthday present from Cami and Jacob came on Thursday the 22nd. I came home to find a Pro-Flowers box at my door. I put them in water on Friday so they could bloom then we left for North Carolina. When we came home Monday this is what they looked like. Even today are still beautiful!

Saturday evening Darryl gave me my birthday gifts. A Korean poster and Heartstrings DVD. Can I just say one more time I LOVE KOREA!!! (oops, I just deleted the picture by accident. ) I can't wait until the day I get to visit. And thanks to my kids for their gifts. (You can't go wrong with NCIS, a gift card to your favorite bookstore, running gear, and more!)

It's a red velvet cake. I had to make him talk one candle off since he had 6 small ones on there.

Christmas morning we opened presents with mom.

I don't thinks it's really Christmas for my kids until they can at least see Grandma Peggy's Candy Counter.

This picture was taken after Church.

About 3:30 Shiloh, Jason and the kids arrived. We took some pictures, had tons of fun and then ate a wonderful Christmas Feast (of which I have no pictures. We were too busy eating.)

OH.... here is the family as they really are....CRAZY!!! "Nuttin' but love for ya!"

Hey... let's play smash Cole!,,,,,

And Keep away.....

And Pig in the poke.......

And opening presents......

And how many kids can you cram in the Santa House?......

And then have a plate of Cool Whip just because you are at Grandma Peggy's and you can.

It was a wonderful Christmas weekend. I hope you had a joyous Christmas and may you remember the blessings which are ours because of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, now and throughout the coming year.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sorry for the Delay...Thanksgiving & More!

I am normally a much better blogger than what I have been the last 6 weeks. Suffice it to say my excuses are lame....
Right after Thanksgiving work got really crazy (50+ hr. weeks), I got really sick and my camera broke. Except for the Christmas decor pictures at the end all of these pictures were from Darryl and Cody's phones.

Yesterday we went to the Temple. It was a beautiful day so I took a picture of Darryl and Cody. Darryl and I have been called as Temple Workers in the Baton Rouge Temple. We are very excited to say the least.

Now to play Catch-up since November....
We left at 3:30 Wednesday morning the 23rd to Drive to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. We stopped in Augusta, GA at the Lowry's on the way so Darryl and Cody could meet Reagan Elisabeth and visit with Skye and Ryan and the Lowry Clan.

We spent the night with Shiloh and Jason and Columbia, SC and on Thanksgiving morning drove to Huntersville, NC to run in the Guffey Gobble Hobble Wobble 5k. It was a lot of fun and the medals were delicious!

That afternoon we went to Grandma Peggy's for Thanksgiving dinner with lots of Family. Shiloh and Jason's Clan, Cami and Jacob's family, Bill & Linda, Dave and Alayna, Cindy, Matt & Will and the 3 of us. It was so wonderful to be with family and loved ones!

Cody meeting little Gage William.

Darryl, Cindy Marie and Bill

Darryl, Cindy, Peggy, David and Bill

Darryl and his Mother, Peggy Suz Cunningham. She Celebrated her 86th birthday on December 4th.

Grandma and Grandpa with a our wonderful Guffey Munchkins and the Wright one. :-)
We love to be with our Grandchildren!

Jonas babysitting Gage.

Peggy and her kids.

Oops, this one is out of order. It was taken in Augusta on Sunday the 27th. We were celebrating Shiloh and Jason's 13th Anniversary, Jacob's 34th Birthday and Adam's 4th Birthday.

Back to Thanksgiving... That evening we loaded up Shiloh's 'tank' and Cami and Jacob's SUV and went to see the lights at Tanglewood.

These are for Cali, Hillary and Jesse. We sure missed having you with us.

Saturday morning, Nov. 26th. Jamie Lowry married her best friend, Matt Stokes in the Columbia, South Carolina Temple.

What in the world could that be?

Ryan, Skye and Baby Reagan pose for a family portrait.

The Cunningham contingent at the Wedding. (Well, technically it's the Cunningham, Guffey, Lowry contingent)

The reception was FABULOUS!!!! Donna and Doug can put on an amazing party!!

And the hall was decorated beautifully!

Well, this is this afternoon. I was busy making Christmas Goodies. I am finally healthy enough I don't think I am a health hazard anymore.

And now to our Cajun Christmas decorations. At a Garage Sale in September Darryl bought a 50lb. bag of Mardi Gras Beads. They now adorn most everything in the house as part of the Christmas decor.
Notice how they not only decorate the tree but hang from the balcony and even the dining room chairs.

We have not put any on the inside Christmas tree...

They give such a festive air to the ficus tree on the balcony..

That's it for now. I found Darryl's old camera and will use it for a while until I can buy the new Camera. I have a special one in mind and will save my money for it.

Y'all have a good week and a very Merry Christmas. I promise it won't take me so long to post the next time.
Cody updated his blog today with more Thanksgiving pics. Check it out if you have time.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Next Time I Am Staying Here.....

I am making an executive decision. The next time our family travels to the "Islands" to visit Skye and Ryan or have a big family 'Todo', we are going to stay here. It is out on the point, has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, dining room, Large Kitchen, TV room, Patio, Lanai, Pool, Garage and with the pull out couches, beds, etc, it sleeps over 20. It is within walking distance to the PCC, grocery Store, beach and Temple.
And the best part. . . Ryan knows the people who manage it. He works there part time doing maintenance. What do you think?