Monday, October 27, 2008

Running and a Commercial

Well, Thursday Cody and the Madison Cross Country team went to districts in Twin Falls. Cody finished with a personal best time of 18:36 for that course. His team missed going to state by one point. They were all pretty bummed. Well, everyone except Cody..... All he could think about was YAY!!!!!!! Now I can concentrate on wrestling! He was so happy and excited! He said he felt a little bad, but the excitement of full out wrestling practices soon took care of that. He is helping to run the open gym for the team and on Tue., Wed, and Thurs. he coaches Pee-Wee wrestling ages 3 -5 yrs. Cody says it's awesome!
Also.... Skye sent in a commercial for the McCain/Palin "I'm Joe the Plumber" campaign. Check it out!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The "Eight Things" Thing

I just noticed that Erica tagged me, so I thought I would give it a try since it is almost midnight and I will have to do a "real" family post tomorrow.

8 TV shows I love to watch.
(This is hard since I don't have TV, so some of these you might not know. Thank goodness for DVD's)

Magnum P.I.
Remington Steele
The Iron Chef
The Andy Griffith Show
The Red Skelton Show (This was my favorite when I was 9 or 10)
Dirty Jobs
The Dick Van Dyke Show (whew! that was hard)

8 Favorite Restaurants

Johnny Carino's
Mary's (It's in Mexico- you have to take a boat to it)
Vonn Logan's Hawaiian Catering
The Bajio Grill
Any "All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet" on the Grand Strand
Grandpa's Barbeque
Sonja's Private dining
Red Lobster

8 Things that Happened Yesterday

The kids cleaned the pantry/storage room
I talked to my sister Sandy
Booked Darryl a flight home
Passed my Real Estate lisencing Exam
Talked to Kendra
Went Grocery Shopping
I made Gideon laugh out loud alot
I went to Pocatello

8 Things I love about Autumn

Squash Soup
Bright colored leaves
Warm pies and ice cream (Apple,Pumpkin and Pecan Pies)
Marching Bands
Thanksgiving Hymns

8 things I am looking Forward to:

Sleeping with my husband (He's been gone for over a month)
Christmas Caroling
Jogging without pain
Going to Spinning Class
Finishing the quilts
Auditions for the Nauvoo Pageant
Serving A Mission

8 Things on my Wish List

A reunion with all of my siblings
Better Health
A small house on a beach with Palm Trees
Commercial Quilting and Embroidery Machine
7 Supreme Court Justices who "..interpret laws according to the United States Constitution"
A Newer (and more comfortable) Car
A Pug Dog
A Tropical cruise

It is now 12:46 a.m. I won't tag anyone, but feel free to join in the fun. Goodnight.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Friday October 17, 2008

The weather was perfect last Friday for the Madison Invitational Cross Country Meet. Cody is on the JV squad and ran a personal best time of 18:20.

Coming up to the finish was a real race! He didn't see the Sugar City runner coming up on his right until his team mates started yelling at him to kick it into gear!

It was close but he beat the Sugar City runner by one second and finished 4th.
Madison JV finished in 6 of the top 7 places. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th. Later that evening he donned his mascot costume and ignited excitement in the crowd for the football game. It was their last district game and he did the worm and many back flips off of the railings to get the fans cheering.
Cali showed up to support her favorite Bobcat!
Awwwww......... isn't that sweet!
He did his best but the team came up short. They lost by 1 point in overtime.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Losing Mowgli

Our Children have always had different and unusual pets.

When we lived in Texas they were not only taking care of dogs, cats, horses, pigs, calves, rabbits, turtles and chickens, but they also had to help with the Wild Boars and Kinkajous. When we moved to Indiana, Jesse had a cute little Indigo Skink that she had a leash that she would put on him while he sat on her shoulder.(his un-timely was a cause for much sorrow in the family)

The children always wanted a snake, but Cali's fear of this kind of reptile kept us from getting one. In 2003, after Cali married and moved out Cody and Hillary talked Darryl into getting them a baby Ball Python. Mowgli has been their baby ever since. He is a wonderful pet, very gentle and is fun to hold and watch. Now for those of you with Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) a Ball Python may not be what you want, but to each his own.
Well, last week Cody was cleaning Mowgli's cage and watching him move around on the floor. Skye was watching Gideon for Cali. Cody didn't realize that we didn't have the bark needed to line his cage, so consequently Mowgli was left to explore under Cody's watchful eye while he waited for Cali to bring more bark.

Fast forward one hour......... Skye is working upstairs on the computer and Cody has Gideon in the high chair feeding him some lunch while watching Mowgli move toward the kitchen. Gideon managed to get hold of his peas and fling them making a huge mess and when Cody finished cleaning it up he couldn't find Mowgli anywhere. We started looking everywhere for him, tearing the kitchen upart, pulling out the drawers searching the cabinets, back in the storage room and pantry, in the dining room, but no luck. We then searched the rest of the house but to no avail. He was probably curled up somewhere taking a nap by now.
Well, I found the whole situation rather funny. I mean Cali is due any minute and their is a 4 ft. snake loose in the house. Not that we had to worry about him hurting anything.... well, maybe the cat if she got too close, but he is just not dangerous. I left for school before Cali arrived and I guess they spent the rest of the evening covertly searching for the snake. With all of the whispering and huddled meetings between Skye, Ryan and Cody, Cali was bound to get suspicious. When she asked what they were doing Skye said they saw a mouse and wanted to get it.

Cali: "It's just a mouse... that's what you have a cat for".
Skye: "yeah, I know. But this is a rouge Mouse".
Cali: "What? You're kidding right? What is wrong with you?"

Well, they finally gave up the search about 7:00 and Skye went to clean up the supper dishes and who should peek his head around the corner and look right at her. Mowgli. He was so cold he could barely move. As soon as they had him safely in his cage they told Cali what was up. She is certain that she and her sweet unsuspecting baby boy were in mortal danger the whole time, but all in all she handled it quite well.

The other day I was in the store with Skye and we passed the baby department. I said I should buy more things for my grandchildren but Skye said I didn't need to, "Let their other grandmas buy things, you give them something money can't buy. According to Cali, you give them "Near Death Experiences". Hmmmm.... not sure what to think about that :-/

Mowgli is safely back in his "house" and acts as if nothing was wrong. For those of you who really do have a problem with snakes DON'T WATCH THE VIDEOS!!! Every week or 10 days we feed Mowgli dinner. His preferred meal is rat. The two videos show how naive and dumb domesticated rats are. They will walk right up to a snake. They last an average of 45 seconds in his cage. When we put wild rodents into the cage they are smart and know to be afraid. Sometimes it takes Mowgli and hour to catch them.

For those of you afraid to get your child a reptile for fear of salmonella here is something for you to think about. In the news recently was a report that cautioned parents against buying hamsters, turtles, or other reptiles and rodents for pets for children under five. They said they might get salmonella. They further explained that the chance of a child getting salmonella from a pet might be as high as 11 percent. Hmmm..... makes you think doesn't it. If the chance might be as high as 11 percent where might they come in contact with the bacteria the other 89 percent of the time. How about.... the kitchen, a restaurant, school, the park and just living life! Here's the deal. Anytime you or your children handle any kind of animal, yes even the dog or cat, wash your hands with soap and water. It's that simple.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October Mornings

Friday, October 10th, we woke up and realized it was time to turn the sprinkler system off.
Skye was quite enthralled with all of the ice left on our beautiful greenery.

Saturday morning, October 11th , we were blessed with horizontal snow and high winds.

This morning, Sunday October 12th, I am reminded it is time to put snow tires on my car and Cody's truck.
I hope you have a wonderful Sabbath!

Friday, October 10, 2008

1 Year Of Blogging

One year ago today I posted my very first Blog. WOW!!! So much has happened in a year.
Our family has grown by 3 grandchildren, (Adam, Gideon and Lily) and one son-in-law, Jake! (There are 23 of us now.) We have lived in Agidir, Morocco, North Africa, (Darryl is still there) and visited The Carolinas, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Utah and Colorado. We have ridden on several emotional roller coasters such as, Adam and Lydia being hospitalized in intensive care in January, (RSV was the culprit) Grandma Peggy's visit (and Cami), Cody Wrestling at State, Gideon's birth and adoption, Lily's birth, Hillary's wedding, the wonderful Nauvoo Pageant, singing at the Crystal Bros. Rodeos and so on and so on....... You get the picture. It has been such a joy to be able to interact with family and friends, share pictures and stories and the good stuff of life. This wonderful tool is a real blessing in our lives. With Darryl across the deep blue sea and Shiloh, Cami and Hillary's families living far away, it has been a great way for them to actually see what's going on in our lives, sometimes within minutes after it happens.
Somewhere on the great
World Wide Web is the real genius who invented blogging!
Thank you whoever you are!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Little Fun

On Thursday Cody was in charge of the Devotional during Seminary. He asked Skye to come and sing El Shaddai with him. I played for them and they did a wonderful job. One of the girls in his class said to me, "Your son is amazing" *sigh*. ( I am not kidding, you can ask Skye, she heard it. We tried to keep a straight face.) Yes, I know he is, ..... so do his sisters, but we can still give him grief! The other day when I went to take Gideon out of his car seat this is what greeted me.

Okay... this one is out of order. Gideon sits by himself and crawls. Check out the Video on Skye's Blog too.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Little Ones

Most of you know Darryl and I have 8 grandchildren. 7 of them live on the east coast, so we do not often get to see them. Last month, we did get to spend some special time with our three youngest grandchildren.
I cannot figure out how to make this picture larger, I am sure it is some kind of computer skill I don't posess. Jake, feel free to log on and fix it. This picture was taken on Gideon's Blessing day, September 21, 2008. Darryl is holding Gideon and Adam. I have sweet Lily.
Here is my Adam. He will be 1 year old in December. He is so happy and fun and he gives the best hugs and kisses! He likes to implement the "army crawl" to get around, and he is fast! He is the youngest of six and would sometimes get sad while he was here, but a quick chat on the phone to his older siblings soon put a smile on his face!
Gideon was the "Man of the hour" as all the commotion and visitors were here for him. He is ours through the miracle and blessing that is adoption! And we celebrated that fact alot the 3rd week in September when his adoption was final and he was abled to be sealed to his parents. He enjoyed his first brownie... a gift from Grandpa Darryl. We are lucky to have Gideon close by so we can spend time spoiling him for his mom and dad.
Little Lilly is the sweetest little chubby girl, and she lives the farthest away. She is out 4th gradaughter. Having her around was a joy! Every once in a while she gives you one of "those" looks. You know the kind that seems to say... "Do you really think making those goofy faces and voices will make me smile"? And then she will take pity on you and smile real big!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Colorado Weekend

Last Thursday night Darryl, Cody and I left for Pueblo Colorado to visit friends and pick up some roasted chilis and various other fabulous foods that we can't get in Idaho. For months I had been trying to figure out a plausible reason to go back to Colorado, but a trip to pick up a few cases of chilis and beans didn't seem like a good idea. And then... Lo and behold, Cody got a phone call.

This beautiful young lady, Hillary C., informed Cody that she had been nominated for Homecoming Queen at her high school.
After a few phone calls from our friends, the Nuitts, Cody was asked if he would escort Hillary to Homecoming. (It didn't take much convincing)
YES!!!!! There is a Roasted Chili God!!!! Here was a plausible reason to go to Colorado! The Nuitt's even furnished furnished Cody with free room and board and a car for the weekend!!!!

We took Cody down for homecoming, visited friends, (thanks for the fun visit Kelly and Bev!) Shopped at the ARC store (Darryl's favorite thrift store in the whole world) enjoyed the beautiful weather and got a supply of our favorite roasted Chilis, Salsa and refried beans!!!!!!

We had a couple of "extras" thrown in for good measure. Like watching the hot air balloons land on Sunday morning before church. This balloon landed next to the house where Cody was staying for the weekend.

We had a wonderful breakfast with Cody's wrestling coach, Coach Sis, and his wife, and Darryl and I spent some much needed time together.

Hillary did was not crowned homecoming queen, but it didn't seem to matter, the weekend was wonderful! We left Sunday after church and stopped in Orem, UT on the way home to drop off a few peppers for our Hillary and Jake. She had homemade bread and peach pie waiting for us. Yum!!

Thanks Hillary for thinking of Cody and making all of this possible!