Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Whole Scooter Truth

I have had a few people ask me why I am using a scooter in the Seaworld Pictures. Well, anyone who has known me for a while knows how active and athletic I like to be. In Jr. High and High School I competed in Track, Volleyball, Gymnastic, Swimming and Diving. Competing in gymnastics was my favorite and also what I did best. But a funny thing happens to your joints, especially if you don't keep those muscles toned and firm. The abuse of years starts to wear on them and they give out a lot sooner than they normally would. I noticed it the first time in the spring of 1997. I woke up from a deep sleep and stretched my right leg. When I did an excruciating pain shot through my hip. I yelled so loud it woke Darryl up. There was a loud pop, and everything was fine. Later that year, while visiting Barbara Meddles and sitting on her very soft couch, I felt the shifting and the pain again. This time I tried to stand and nearly fell over. It soon popped back into place and all was well once again.

Over the next few years it had gradually become worse until the fated day in 2003 0r 2004 when I was walking and it popped out and I fell like a ton of bricks. The concerned looks of my family quickly gave way to laughter because I was okay, but it sure looked funny. The big entertainment over the years has become "See if you can get mom's hip going out on video" because they all think that hilarious! In 2007 I found a chiropractor who could adjust my hips so I had no pain. I would see him about once a month and all was well.
In order to save money and try to pay off my Chiropractor's bill (and because I was feeling so good), I stopped going to see him last August. By October I noticed my hip would 'pop' in and at quite regularly. I had to be very careful how I stepped, or what I sat on, or how I turned because the wrong movement would make it go out and cause me great pain. Usually Cody could get it to go back in, but by February he couldn't move it anymore. In March Darryl and Cody went to Romania and I was alone. The pain was so bad that when I got into a vehicle I couldn't lift up my leg and would have to reach out and grab it with my hand and lift it into the car. I tried to ignore the pain as much as I could but it was almost constant now. And several times a day I would fall, or nearly fall from the pain of walking. My life was changing and I was becoming handicapped.
I think that when Darryl and Cody arrived in Georgia they were surprised at how bad it was. I limped the whole week I was in Indiana for Erin's wedding. I realized that when I walked I no longer swayed my hips because they wouldn't move, but rocked side to side like a penguin. The night of Erins wedding I cried myself to sleep because when I danced it was so painful I could only do the smallest of movements.
A couple of weeks later our trip to the Georgia Aquarium was the real eye opener for everyone. After falling into people and being in so much pain from 1 hour on my feet we knew something had to change. Darryl was talking surgery, I decided to go back to a chiropractor. My visit to the Chiropractor was very revealing. The x-rays showed the signs of deterioration in my right hip and how badly out of place it was. But the real surprise was how much my SI joint had moved (tilted 17 mm out of place) and that it was locked up, which was the real cause of all the problems. I went for my first two visits and noticed a big relief from the constant pain. It was the first time in months I didn't wake up when I tried to roll over.
On his Saturday Garage Sale ritual that weekend Darryl found scooter for $50. We had planned our trip to Seaworld and he wanted me to be able to enjoy it. After 4 visits to the Chiro. I noticed that my hips were swaying again. And after a month of treatments I was excited to go to Stone Mountain and be able to walk all over and not have a problem. (We walked a couple of miles that day). I know that this will be something I will have to constantly take care of the rest of my life if I don't want to have surgery. It has caused me to make a few lifestyle changes. Little things like: 1. I don't sit with my legs crossed at the knees anymore. (This is bad for you anyway).
2. I will see a Chiro. regularly from now on.
3. I cannot sit on overstuffed supersoft furniture.
4. In order to avoid hurting, I wear good shoes whether they match the outfit or not.
(Except on Sundays when I wear my heels, which actually don't hurt my hip at all, only flat shoes.)
So for those who asked, (and those who were so shy to ask) that is the reason for the scooter. I don't need it right now, and I hope I will never need it again. But I thank the Lord for my Sweet Husband who was thinking of me and my comfort.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stone Mountain Georgia

Last Saturday Cody's friends invited us to go to Stone Mountain for the evening. We arrived around 4:00 p.m. (before Cody's friends got there) so we saw the Glass Blower demonstration in the little village and the story teller, and Skye found the old fashioned Candy store. Then we took the tram up to the top of Stone Mountain. It was fun and the best part is that I was able to walk the whole time and didn't need my scooter! We forgot our camera so these are images off of the internet.
Stone Mountain is a huge granite rock/mountain outside of Atlanta (about 20 0r 30 miles).
On the face of the rock is a carving of (from left to right) Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. If you don't know who they are you are seriously lacking in U.S. History and probably should have flunked the course.
This carving is HUGE! A 6' tall man could stand in the horses mouth! It's over 90' from the top of Lee's head to where his sword fades into the rock.

After dark they have a fantastic lasar show on the big lawn overlooking the carving. The whole evening was so much fun, especially since Amber and Becky brought some great food and snacks!
There are no words to describe how cool this lasar light show was! While we were there we received a text from Shiloh and Jason telling us how they saw this light show on their wedding night (Stone Mountain is where they spent their honeymoon) and they said the light show was AWESOME!!!
(Yeah... don't ask because I can't answer whatever question is brewing in your mind. You will
have to ask them. :-)
Have a great Day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A New Little One!

Shiloh and Jason are expecting.
The newest addition to their family is due in Mid February!
Congratulations to all the Guffey kids on their soon to be new sibling!

I Love This!!!

This very short video is a personal favorite of mine. Elder Uchtdorf has the ability to make me see who I am and be pleased with what I see, while at the same time lookig forward with joy at the woman I can become. What a blessing to have such great leaders teaching and guiding us!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

TWO SOCKS 1995-2009

He was greatly loved and will be greatly missed!
I believe all good dogs go to Heaven, so I know my beloved 'Socks' will be there.
I just hope I am good enough to be there with him.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Father's Day Tribute

I know that as a child and young adult I never truly appreciated the sacrifices made by my father. As a wife I am all to aware of the multitude of sacrifices made by my wonderful husband. This video is a tribute to all of the True Men in my life, Father, Grandfathers, Husband, Brother, Uncles, Son, Sons-in-laws, Cousins and Friends. I love you. You are a wonderful example of the Savior in my life. Thank you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Expecting Again!

"WHAT????" That's right little Lily, you are about to become a BIG SISTER!"
Okay... Time for a funny story.
On Monday evening when Shiloh arrived she took a few moments and looked through our pictures from Florida. When she arrived at this picture she giggled a little and said...
"Don't tell Cami, but this is not the best picture of her, she looks like she is a little bit pregnant".

She is!
Cami, Jacob and Lily will be adding another member to their sweet little family around the 24th of January!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cody's Call

Elder Darryl Cody Cunningham

has been called to serve in the Riverside, California Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He enters the MTC (Missionary Training Center) on Hillary's Birthday, August 19th.

Cali picked up the call at our home in Idaho yesterday afternoon and overnighted it here. We received it around 11:30 this morning.

Skye, Ryan, Shiloh and the kids were here to watch Uncle Cody open his call. I took a video of it but it won't load on this blog site.

Darryl and ryan peruse Cody's Mission call and booklet.

Amber and Becky made him this huge card ....

"To our soon to be 'EXTRA' special Elder. . Your CHEEZ(Y) jokes and friendship makes us smile. Treat every day like a MARATHON with MOUNDS of EXTREME experiences. Bringing almondJOY. Remeber God our 'LIFESAVERS', 'NOW AND LATER' thru good times and bad when you're in a CRUNCH!

P.S. don't be an AIRHEAD

Afterwards Darryl took us out for ice cream to celebrate this wonderful news!

And girls... don't read anything into the ice cream thing!

There is so much I want to say about this wonderful mission call, but I will save it for a later post. Just know we feel so blessed!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Weekend in Florida!

Sunday, June 7th, was Lily's first birthday and to celebrate Cami thought it would be nice if we spent the weekend together in Orlando! What a great idea! Darryl, Cody, Skye, Ryan and I left Thursday evening and drove to Florida meeting up with Cami, Jacob and Lily just after Midnight. Friday morning we loaded up the car and we were off to
What a blast! We went on very fast and fun rides called The Kraken, The Manta, Journey to Atlantis, and a helicopter ride to the Arctic. We saw animal shows and puppet shows and many other attractions. Actually, we were so busy having fun we forgot about taking pictures, but here are a few I did take.
We saw amazing animal and aquatic exhibits. Here are a couple of pictures of Cami, Jacob and Lily with Penguins and Puffins in the background. ..... a wonderful little creature called a Leafy Sea Dragon....
And of course The Whale show .......
Featuring wonderfully trained people doing tricks on very large mammals (the orcas) that I am sure outsmarted them.... and one very large Orca (killer whale).....

Called SHAMU!!!
We had so much fun it was hard to leave. I can't wait to go back!

Seaworld Videos!

Here are some of my very short videos from Seaworld.

Saturday and Sunday in Orlando

Saturday Morning came too early after all the fun we had Friday at Seaworld. Cami, Jacob, Skye, Ryan, Darryl and I got up early to go to the first session at the Orlando Temple. (Unlike Idaho Falls, the first session starts at 7:30). It was so peaceful and the temple is very beautiful both inside and out. What a perfect way to start our Saturday.

I have honestly never seen anyplace so fun in my life! (of course I don't go to amusement parks much.) But this place was just fun!
When we first arrived the park had to close down due to thunderstorms! Hundreds of park tourists were running out to their cars as we walked in. After 30 minutes they opened up the attractions and as you can see from the following pictures it was a day full of fun!

Lily loved the little kids park. They had one for toddlers and one for older kids.

And we loved the slides! Cody and Skye make a big splash!
Remind me to tell you sometime what I had to edit out of the above picture.

This was so fast!!!
And a whole lot of fun!
Then we went to Ponderosa and had an impromptu Birthday party for Lily!!
Happy 1st Birthday big girl!

She loves Elmo!! And she loves to give him kisses!

Sunday morning we packed up to leave....
We went to Church and had lunch and then said our goodbyes!
What a fun Weekend!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Sunday Program

Darryl, Cody, Ryan, Skye and I are all working on a dome sanctuary for the Fellowship Bible Baptist Church. On Sunday, May 17th this was the front cover of their program. Yes, that is Cody sitting on the wall 14'8" in the air, and yes, he is tied off. They were tying in the dowels. I think that this scriptural reference (Nehemiah 6:3) carries more meaning for us than the pastor realized as we await Cody's mission call so he can embark on his "Great Work".