Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Delightful Days at Disney World - Part 1

On Wednesday September 23rd, I caught a morning flight to Orlando and met up with Skye, Ryan and their girls for 5 days of Walt Disney World Fun! 
I dropped my bags off at Fort Wilderness where I would be camping, changed into my swimsuit and we caught the bus to Typhoon Lagoon! 

Miss Annabelle is not sure who's holding here. 



Grandma Cindy with Annabelle and Reagan getting ready for some water fun! 

I was having so much fun with my girls I forgot to take photos. Suffice it to say that 
Miss Reagan had so much fun it wore her out! 

Back at Ft. Wilderness Donna and Doug Lowry came by and loaned me their camping gear and even set up my camp for me. BTW - Ft. Wilderness is a very pleasant place to stay.

That evening Skye and Ryan went out for dinner and I took the girls to the Sing-a-long with Chip and Dale! Reagan was so excited she could barely sit still. 

We were on the very last row so she had to wait while they went through the crowd greeting the children, she was one of the very last ones, but it was worth it.

Dale came by to say hello

and gave her a big hug!

Then he took her hand and walked her up to the front where everyone joined in the Hokey Pokey!

She also got to meet the cowboy troubadour who was entertaining all of us. Annabelle was frightened of Chip and Dale and was perfectly happy to sit in her stroller and watch from a distance.

Thursday morning it was off to the Magic Kingdom which was beautifully decorated for Halloween!

See, I really was there.

We rode many of the rides and I even lost my sunglasses on Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride. We went to the Beast's Castle for lunch. It was amazing!

There was so much to look at it was hard to concentrate on eating your food.

Which was delicious by the way.

Two beauties at the castle.

I found the Beast! He's pushing the stroller! 

I saw this sign for "Bear Wrasslin' " and thought of Cody.

After a full day of fun at the park I went back to the campground and enjoyed the pool for a while. 

Friday morning it was up early to go to...

ANIMAL KINGDOM!! Princess Tiana joined us for a while. I have always wanted to visit this Disney Park and I wasn't disappointed. It was wonderful!

Donna outdid herself with all of the wonderful Disney outfits and Princess dresses for the girls. Annabelle received so many compliments on her Zebra duds.

Looking over to the African Village.

Our first order of the day was to go on the Safari!

There is a Crocodile in there somewhere.

We were excited to see several giraffes....


a very sleepy lion up on his rock in the shade, 

Zebras and Kudus, Watusi Cattle, and other animals I wasn't quick enough to get photos of.

This was our little wild animal. Princess Tiana became Reagan the Wild girl! Love, Love, Love the outfits!

We decided that one of the best jobs to have at Disney must be at the Nursing Mothers Stations where you can work in airconditioning, watch TV and play with beautiful little kiddos!

Reagan 'chillin' in her dinosaur ride!

We went to Finding Nemo show and it was breathtaking! 

Getting a picture of the 5 kids in their Zebra outfits proved a little traumatic for sweet Aria,

.. hold onto those babies Jade and Reagan.

..but we finally got it done!

We found these wonderful sculptures of animals hidden in the trunks of some man made trees. I think Darryl should definitely do this in our next house. 

How many animals can you see?

Stay tuned for Disney Part two!