Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Last 10 Days

Wow!!!!! So much has happened since my last posting, I guess I need to fill you in.
Saturday, September 13th was the Hay-ride for our church..... it was a very pleasant evening and we had wonderful food and some great entertainment afterward.

We ended the evening with Skye telling everyone the Uncle Remus story of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby. It was hilarious!

On Wednesday, the 17th Cody competed in the "Mr. Madison" contest. The theme for the evening was Mr. Madison on Seseme Street. Cody was Kermit the Frog for the evening.

It was so much fun. Cody was awarded the "Spirit of Mr. Madison" award. He sang "Rainbow Connection" and "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog" for his talent. There are a couple of short videos at the end of this post.

Yea!!! Shiloh and Cami came to visit on Thurday the 18th, and Darryl came home from Morocco that night!!! It is so nice to have the girls and Adam and Lily here and to have Darryl home. On Friday we went to Cody's Cross Country meet in Rigby.
He started the race strong and finished 5th overall.We are so proud of you Codeman!!

Also on Friday, the biggest news was the adoption finalization for Gideon. HE IS OFFICIALLY OURS!!!!!
On Saturday we went to the temple where Gideon was sealed to his mommy and daddy for time and for all eternity!

What a wonderful day!!!

We had a luncheon Saturday afternoon and Lily tried on her new bows. Grandpa spent some special time with Adam and we celebrated Cali's birthday.

On Sunday we went to church with Cali and Travis and watched as Gideon was blessed. It has been such a wonderful week. Shiloh and Adam and Cami and Lily have now left for home. Darryl is here for another week. The Lord has blessed us greatly!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The New Mascot at Madison High School!

The new Madison High School Mascot gets into the spirit of things!

It's Homecoming at Madison High School!

As the day started Cody got into the spirit of things by dressing up in his school colors of red, white, and grey. At a school assembly just before noon they had tryouts for their school mascot, the Bobcat. There were four finalists, Cody was the only senior. He led the crowded gym in a cheer, did some flips and had a dance off where he showed off his considerable skills. (The infamous worm among other things) And yes... He was selected by the student body as the school's new mascot.

School got out at noon for the Homecoming parade, but their new mascot was unable to attend. He had a cross country meet at Freeman Park in Idaho Falls.

Jesse and I watched Cody in his Cross Country race in Idaho Falls. He did very well (we won't know his placing until later today) and I am happy to report that Jesse was the "Best Dressed" Spectator at the event.

Last night Cody had his debut as the Madison Bobcat Mascot. He had a blast and everyone really cheered him on. When he got home he reported that he only collided with the cheerleaders 3 times, and his head almost came off once (which is bad considering it is attached to your arms). Good job Son!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Post From Gideon

"Hi Everybody,
Today mommy took me to Grandma Cindy's house while she went on an errand. Grandma let me play on Uncle Cody's Wrestling mat. Aunt Skye and Uncle Ryan were there and I had so much fun playing with them on the mat. Grandma and Grandpa let Uncle Cody put the Wrestling mat in the living room so he won't get hurt when he practices his wrestling moves. My Uncle Cody is really big and strong. He runs real fast too! He loves knives and guns and all of that cool guy stuff. Someday I want to grow up and be just like my Uncle Cody......."

"Uhhhh..... can I get back with you on that?"

Look Who's Here & Little Brother!

Yea!!!! On Wednesday the 4th, Skye and Ryan arrived, and they have been busy job hunting and organizing their living quarters for the last week. I wasn't done painting and they had to help me finish doing that before they could unpack and move in. It is fun having them here, especially since they both like to cook! I know Cody enjoys having Ryan's company in the evening. "No offense mom" he said, "but it does get a little boring when it is just us". None taken. :-)

Speaking of Little Brother, this is homecoming week at Madison High School and everyday is a different dress up day. Monday was 'Sports day', Cody is a wrestler, what more can I say. Tuesday was 'Animal day', and he wore his Nemo hat. Yesterday was 'Twin day'. He didn't ask anyone to be his twin, he parted his hair down the middle, had me draw a line down the center of his face and shirt and on the back of his neck and he went as Darryl & Cody. (As identified by the names on the sleeves of his shirt.) Word is everyone loved it!
Today is 'Western day' and so he raided dad's closet for the appropriate duds. He came out to breakfast, tipped his hat and said "Sorry to make you wait little lady". It will be another fun day for him I am sure. Tomorrow is spirit day. I wonder if I need to get red and silver body paint or something. I will let you know!
Y'all have a good day.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Last Week of August

Just a short note on what we have been up to. Towards the end of August Darryl went fossil hunting in the Atlas Mountains North and East of Agadir. He says he is bringing home some wonderful fossils for us to ooh and ahh over. We went to the mall and found a photographers display that had three of our family members on her advertising wall. In the small pictures Skye is second from left in the top row, Gideon is 3rd row on the right and Cali and Gideon are 2nd from left on the bottom row.
On the 30th Jake's mother, Marian, hosted an open house at her home in West Jordon for Hillary and Jake...
It was a lovely time. I spent the weekend with the kids at their apartment in Orem. Hillary made us a wonderful gormet` dinner and we played a wicked game of Killer Bunnies.
I was busy painting the upstairs bedrooms. Cali came over to check out the progress and grandma had some special time playing with Gideon. Cali had to take this picture because we were both dressed in overalls
Skye and Ryan arrived Wednesday evening and we are still trying to unpack and organize all of their belongings. I will have pictures up soon. Have a great Week!!!!