Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Not so Great Wall and Genghis Khan

One day in June we decided to go for a drive out to the grasslands. A few miles outside of Ejin Horo Darryl looks off to the right and asks "What is that? It looks like a great wall". Being the adventurous folks we are we drove over to take a look and this is what we found.

A very large, to scale replica of a section of the great wall.

Beautiful Bronze works and fountains-

Granite and marble walk-ways

Beautiful granite friezes

and a carved marble bridge over a moat.

The place was empty. We did see another family walking around while we were there, but no workers. This place is obviously under construction but there was no work going on, nor had there been for a while. 

Looking over to Ejin Horo and Ordos Kangbashi.

I made a comment that this would make a great movie set.

Behind the 'Not so Great Wall' was a smaller section that looked like "The Forbidden City". 

A typical Mongolian Grave Monument for someone special.
With Eric and Echo in front of the "Not so Great" Wall.

As we left the site we saw this interesting contraption. I have no idea what it is. We also saw a sign that told us the entire construction project was being built as a movie set. Ha! What did I tell you?

We drove on down the road and saw the huge tourist area that is Genghis Khan's Mausoleum.  We were running out of time so we didn't pay the $30 to go in. We do want to go back someday. I understand they put on quite a show there and several times a year will do animal sacrifices. Don't necessarily need to see that. 

Yurts are quite a common site in the country. We see them everyday on our way to work. 

This place is full of wonderful people and constant surprises. Did you know that China is the 4th largest country by area? The USA is the 3rd largest. China has 1.4 billion people (USA has 316,000,000) and the cities are packed! But, I love it here in the country!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Memories of Summer Fun in Ordos, Inner Mongolia ~

Well, it's 40°F outside with rain and a stiff north wind. The leaves are turning red and gold and falling to the ground. Here are some pictures of the fun we had this summer here in the Ordos district. 
Hangin' with the Transformer Bumblebee in Dong Sheng

Playing at the "Snail Fountain Park" by our apartments...

Having a little boy bring me his shoe..

and letting me put it on him.
The minute his shoe was on him he started jumping up and down and spinning.
Oh what Joy! How I love watching the children. 

Spending sunny days enjoying the many parks in this beautiful city..

Finding beautiful artwork every where we walked..

I call this "Golden Rose Park".. 

Everything here is roses...

Quite the pavilion.. I kept thinking of the Queen of Hearts. 
"He's painting the roses red... er.. Gold".

It was quite intricate and lovely.

 The entrance to another park...

..the Sombrero..

Walking one of the many trails...

The fountains of Ejin Horo...

The Horse Bridge across the Wulan Mulun River to Ejin Horo..

Beautiful picnic areas in unexpected places..

And spending hot summer evenings watching "The Dancing Waters". 

Yes.. it's bigger and better than the Belaggio.

It has been a wonderful summer...

I do love this city. My friend Echo (I can't pronounce her Chinese name), was born and raised in Baodin, China. She has lived in Beijing and Shanghai, and has traveled all over Asia. She and her partner Eric (our Chinese translator, and facilitator) moved with us to Ordos the first of June . After 5 months here she will tell you that this is the cleanest and most beautiful city in all of China. If you are ever fortunate enough to make a journey to China, be sure to come to Ordos and enjoy all that this wonderful city and district has to offer.
Be sure and check back for another summer post on Tuesday!