Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Wonderful World of Bears, Cubs, Critters and Kids

The Date imprint on the pictures is wrong. The real date was June 15, 2010
It was not always peaceful when the little cubs and kids would gather at Grandma and Grandpa's house to play. Lily and Adam especially would have little spats. It was always over important things, like which way to swing the gate or who would shut the door or who got to play with that piece of dirty sting on the floor.

Aunt Jesse came to the rescue one day when she decided to take the kids, their moms and grandma to Yellowstone Bear World to see all the critters.

Our baby cubs, Maggie and Ransom, thoroughly enjoyed the outing.
We saw many animals, the first being the most disappointing to Aunt Jesse. It was a Rock Chuck. (A relative of the ground hog or prairie dog I think.) We also saw deer and buffalo....

Preston sat up front and kept his eyes peeled for anything interesting. Wait.... I thought he had been banned from the front seat for life? He has a tendency to open the door while the car is moving. Is bear world a good place for him to be in front?
Look Mom!!!! I am not touching the door handle!

The white elk was pretty neat, and they enjoyed seeing the wild turkeys.

Entering the Danger Zone...... the Bear part of this world. The first thing we saw was this huge Grizzly Bear!

"Look mom, look! The bears are playing games."

They are playing piggy back!
(FYI- Shiloh had my camera and was the photographer here, not me.)

"Don't you talk to me in that tone of voice young man!".... and she smacked him!

The new cubs.

Jonas makes a friend.

Lily, Lydia and Preston feed and pet the goats.

Even Adam showed no fear in the petting zoo.
Emily petting a doe.

Preston, Adrianna and Adam enjoying the tame deer.
Gideon was happily chasing these guys at one time.

This was all we ever saw of the moose.

These ducks were so peaceful until ten seconds after this picture was taken. That's when Gid the Kid came running up to them to pet them and almost fell into the little creek. The ducks scattered!

Once the petting was done it was off to the rides. This was a very cool day. Temps in the upper 40's with a strong wind. But nothing was going to stops these human critters from having some fun.

The moms and kids went on the roller coaster,
While Grandma and Aunt Jesse watched Ransom and Maggie.

Next came the Twirly bears. The mom's were a little nauseous after this ride.

Everyone got to drive a race car. The moms stayed on the ground.

Lily started to get a little concerned so Emily turned around to comfort her.

Then we ate a little snack....

Bear Fries!

The kids couldn't wait to ride the fabulous Circus Train. Oh... and I am sure it was the mom's favorite ride of the day.

Emily was all smiles....

Adrianna snagged a seat in the engine......

Lydia and Preston loved it.....

...and Adam was so excited he had a hard time staying in his seat.

Jonas and Emily were the first to try the log drop ride.

Then Preston, Gideon, Ems, Lydia and Odi took a turn.

By the end of our adventure, the Weather had warmed up, the kiddos were ready for a nap and everyone agreed it was a wonderful Day!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh How They Sparkle!

Once again, please ignore the date imprint on the pictures. Someday I will remember to change that. The actual date was last Tuesday, June 23.
Nothing like a little bit of fun with sparklers! We were at Cali's and decided to let the kids play with some 'fireworks'. Oh what fun they had! Feel free to suggest any captions for the pictures.

Jesse and Kelly's idea of Fireworks!

The Last picture is from Wednesday afternoon. Lily was too pooped to go on. What a sweetie. Cami, Shiloh, along with the 9 children, left to drive back East a few hours after this picture was taken. They drove from 5:30 p.m. Wednesday to 1:30 p.m. Friday to get to West Columbia. Then they drove on to Florida. Oh how I miss them.

More posts to come! Stay tuned for Bear World, the Zoo and the Double Birthday Party!