Monday, August 29, 2011

This Crazy Week

Okay, I messed up and forgot to put in the skeet shooting pictures in the order it occured and so I added them last which means they are at the first of the blog. Just know that the shooting comes in after the Cat's claw incident and before the weiner roast!

Well, it has been a very fun and very busy week with the return of our SECOND missionary, parties, house guests and a trip to the Redi- care 24 hour clinic lasting until 2:45 a.m.

Miss Parker was always ready for more fun!

Darryl and Cody solving the mysteries of the universe. Or.... planning, counseling and discussing the gospel.

Wednesday Cali, Hillary and Cody went to the movies. On Thursday Eden came to visit and on Friday we went to the temple in the morning and in the afternoon we went to the new Rexburg water park to try it out!

Cali's new nickname is skinny Minnie. She and Gideon and Parker had a great time.

Saturday was the Mesa Falls Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10 and 5K races up in Ashton. Cali talked Cody into Running. He said since he wasn't in real good shape he would just do the 5K. Cali ran the 1/2.

Cody won the 5k and beat the 2nd place finisher by over 5 minutes.

He and Darryl went up the route to find Cali and cheer her on.

Cody's shows as the overall winner for the 5K.

Cali did a wonderful job. I am so inspired by her dedication and persistence in running. What a great example she is to me.

Back at the house Saturday afternoon, it was time to trim the Cat's Claw vine out of the sky light. Cody was a little nervous.

Evan Walker, one of his mission companions came to help us welcome him home. We immediately put him to work! Parker loved him.

After the skeet shooting (see above) we had a weiner roast. It was a beautiful day to spend out doors.
Eden was a little under the weather but she managed to come outside for some of the festivities.

The Ritual - It is customary for Missionaries from his mission to burn a suit when they return home.

Cody said this suit and tie were cursed because he had his worst bike wrecks while wearing them.

Cody spoke in church on Sunday and did a very good job. After church friends came over for a lasagna dinner and to visit. We had folks from Washington, Utah and Colorado here too.

Two of his companions, Elder Evan Walker and Elder Scott Jackson came in Saturday and stayed the weekend. They are signing CRM which stands for California Riverside Mission!

It was a wonderful weekend and we are looking forward to more fun this coming week.

(P.S. All of the dates are off by one day. I did remember to fix it on my camera after I posted these.)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cody is Home!!!!!

Note: When I changed the battery on my camera Tuesday morning I guess I set the date wrong. It should say 8-23-2011.

Yes.... After 2 years and 4 days our missionary has come home!!!

We made signs and got to the airport just in time because.....

His plane came in 10 minutes early! We just barely got the signs out before he came through the door. Thanks Cody for waiting to be last off of the plane!!

Then it was time for Hugs!!!! I waited 2 years for this moment!

He talked on the phone to a sister or two...

What a Happy Day!

Afterward it was BBQ and Birthday cake at Cali's.

The day's funniest moment. .. Cody reached over and put his hand on Jesse's baby belly and was commenting that she had a basketball under her dress when little baby Tyree decided to move. We heard him say "WHoaaa!!!! and this is what we saw! Too Funny!

Dad, Hillary and Cody all opened birthday gifts.
Cody didn't get his birthday gift from dad until after he had been released. He didn't even go in and change before trying it out!

The last couple days have been consumed with unpacking, shopping for a phone and new running shoes, signing up for a 5k this Saturday, applying for a job, and spending time with family. (which ususally involves eating) We will have more pictures from this weekend. Until then... I need to get another Cody hug.
See you later