Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Scarlett Pimpernel


Back in July I found out that our friend, Matt Dickamore, would be in the musical "The Scarlett Pimpernel" at the Hale Center Theater in Utah. I thought to myself, what a better way to celebrate being empty nesters than Darryl and I having a night on the town and going to the theater. So I immediately got online and ordered tickets. Fast forward 40 days. Dome sends Darryl to Mexico for a few days, so I take Hillary on a "Girls night out" to the theater. All I can say is .... I LOVED IT!!!! Everyone should see this show! My review of the play.... BEG, BORROW, BARTER YOUR FIRST BORN!!! Find a way to see this show! Yes, I know it's nearly sold out, but there has to be a way!! It is everything Musical Theater should be! I had never been to HCT before, and I was pleasantly surprised by the stage and the staging. The costuming was perfect and Matt was.... Hmmmm.... can I just say... seeing Matt in "Butter Yellow accented with turquoise, a wig, a frilly lace jabot', tights, pumps and boldly trimmed hat". . . . AWESOME!! (My favorite Hal!) You are the best!! I can't wait for Darryl to get back from Mexico so I can figure out how to get him down to West Valley to see this wonderful production!! (oh, and to see you again!)

And now.... a special message for H.G.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Savannah Weekend

A quiet Walk through the city......
On our last Saturday in Georgia Darryl, Cody, Skye, Ryan and I went to the beautiful city of Savannah. Our first stop was Paula Dean's restaurant, The Lady and Sons. We went to the Paula Dean store but didn't get to eat because at 11:00 in the morning they were booked throught the dinner hour and late into the evening. We walked around town and enjoyed the beautiful architecture of the very old buildings and the not so old. This home was built in the 1880's I believe.

This home is actually a museum. It is so interesting to me to see how Americans lived in times gone by.

We visited the Olde City Cemetary where Heros from wars are buried. Nathanial Green was originally buried in this cemetary. The Spanish Moss hanging from the trees almost made me think I was in an Antebellum novel.

Cody and Ryan enjoying the quiet reverence that prevailed in this hallowed place.

Every few blocks there would be a square or small park with a small fountain and benches shaded by huge live oaks, magnolia and crepe myrtle trees. The fragrance was glorious and the few minutes rest well appreciated in the heat of the day.
We went over the the shops on Broadstreet where the cotton merchants and rice merchants used to bring their wares. These shops and hotels were built up to street level but on the back side they were one story down and right on the river with an original cobblestone street. Beyond the river and bay you could look out to the Ocean.
This is the old Cotton Exchange Building. It is no longer in use.
Looking down from the cotton exchange to the street below. On the other side of the buildings is the cobblestone street on the river.

It was a very pleasant day, if you don't count the van breaking down and having to find a rental car. We went out to Tybee Island and saw the Light Station and ate at a wonderful seafood restaurant called Ray's. If you are in need of a lovely, slower paced vacation, Y'all should visit Savannah sometime.

Friday, August 21, 2009

See You In 2 Years!

After Goodbye

After dropping Cody off at the MTC we went to Hillary and Jakes new home in Springville, and then we ventured back to Salt Lake City where we met up with Shiloh and Jason's family for some sightseeing.

Coming Home from Georgia - August 3-6

On Monday evening, Aug. 3rd, Darryl, Cody and I left Georgia for home. (Hurray!!) We stopped in South Carolina to visit Shiloh and the grandchildren. (Jason was out of town for the evening). The next morning the children had a big surprise. It was Grandpa's birthday and their Mom had baked him a cake...... Four of the children helped grandpa blow out the candles (no, she didn't have 55 on there) and then everyone ate cake for breakfast!

Maybe Adrianna should not have so much sugar first thing in the morning!

(She was showing me her new trick.... don't ask.... I am not quite sure what it is.)

Cali was sure happy when we got back to Idaho on Thursday the 6th. It didn't take her long to get the hang of using my scooter.

On Friday Darryl and Cody started working on the yard. Yes, it was so bad that they needed a backhoe.

Gideon did his part by helping Grandpa drive.