Monday, December 30, 2013

Nothin' Could Be Finer Than Christmas In Carolina -

Darryl and I escaped from work on Monday the 23rd and headed to Madison, Alabama to see Shiloh, Jason and the kids and spend the night. They fed us breakfast, sang happy birthday to me in their own special way (thank you Jonas, Adrianna, Preston and Lydia) and gave me some fun (and a little scary) Birthday presents. We left Tuesday morning and headed for Skye and Ryan's in W. Columbia for Christmas. The day after Christmas we drove to Mocksville, NC to be with Darryl's mom and brother. We headed back down to Skye's on Friday and had a wonderful weekend.

A Christmas Poem with Reagan
First we made cookies! Oh what a delight! 

I just had to taste to make sure they were right.

My Grandpa and I are best buddies, you see;

and I took a little time to redecorate the tree.

I watched out the window for Santa and his sleigh,

And arranged all the stockings in just the right way -

Time for Grandma's Birthday and I'm so excited 

I wanted some cake! Yes, that's what I decided!

Grandma, got a poster of all her 'grands',
a flower garden of kids she can hold in her hands.

Grandma and Grandpa can be so fun you see,

They will put on a hat and be silly with me!

 He came! He Came! Jesus came to the earth and when we give gifts we honor his birth.

Santa brought presents and loaded my stocking,..

 The day was quite pleasant...

but some things were shocking!

 A mustache kiss between Mommy and Dad,

a Red-Riding Hood Dolly with a wolf that is Bad.

A kiss for my dolly, a new favorite toy,

and talking and laughing and a feeling of joy!

A quick family picture to remember the day,

Trying on a new outfit while trying to play.

My Hungarian outfit is just a little large, 

but my box full of foam nuts make a perfect play barge.

When night time came it was time to go out

to sing carols to friends and proclaim with a shout-
this was a great Christmas for our family.
May God bless you this year like he has blessed me!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving and the following days were a rush of activity but it was tons of fun being the family and grandchildren!

Skye and her 'mini-me' Emily and some weird guy....

 Oh wait!!! That's not a weird guy, that's Ryan!!

Grandpa Darryl enjoying time with Hillary and his baby boys!

Shiloh and her big boy, Jonas!!!

Here is Grandma Peggy and her baby boys, Gabriel and Micah.

The gang just 'hangin' out at Grandmas.

Our nephews, Matt and Will, otherwise known as 'The Handsome Brothers'. Of course, one is a little more introverted than the other. Could you tell!

Grandma Peggy and her kids, Darryl, David, Cindy Marie and Bill.

Cindy Marie and her handsome men.

Jason.... the life of any party! 

The Guffey clan..

Oh my beautiful babies!!!

The sisters and their baby boys.

Hillary, Gabriel, Shiloh and Micah get photo bombed by Lydia!

My beautiful girls!!! Skye, Shiloh and Hillary.

On Friday Darryl, Bill and Dave replaced Grandma's back door.

It really brighten's the room. 
On Saturday we left for Columbia to stay with Skye and Ryan and go to a friend's wedding reception. We also went to see the movie 'Catching Fire' with Shiloh, Jason, Skye and Ryan while Cody finished up at the reception. Good food, family visits and time with the grandkids make for a fun holiday!