Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloweekend Continued

Friday night I stayed up late and carved my pumpkins. I have decided that pumpkin carving is a lot more fun when someone is there to help you.
Saturday afternoon my neighbors, Brittanie and Megan, came over to help me decorate for the trick or treaters. We made 25 Luminaries to line the driveway, draped the foyer in black plastic and hung several spiderwebs with creepy spiders on them and set out a myriad of orange decorations and over a dozen candles and black lights. Woooooo hooooo!!!

We set up a little graveyard right off the walk way and also made a dummy to greet our visitors!
The first to come trick or treat at my door were Gideon and Parker. They were accompanied by..
Some viking chick and an escaped convict.
The pictures of the decorations are a little blurry. Sorry about that. It was very dark and the photographer didn't realize how still you need to hold the camera on an ISO setting.

Look what I found in the pumpkin patch! It's a Parker pumpkin!

OH.... here is the jail bird!

Looks like trouble to me!

The graveyard.

The front porch complete with an invalid dummy on a scooter.

It did look cool at night. I think I had about 30 kids come to trick or treat. It was Great!

Today after church I went to Jesse and Kelly's for supper. Cali and the kids were there and I took a few minutes to teach Gid the kid how to fly!!

Jesse was busy snuggling Parker when all of a sudden Chi Chi jumped into Jesse's lap and used her tail end to scoot Parker out of the way. She didn't like the baby getting all of the good Jesse snuggles.

That is the end of our Halloween Weekend. I hope yours was as fun as ours!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Good morning friends and welcome to my Halloweekend. Since no one was here to tell me how weird, crazy or immature I was being, I decided to put on a costume and start this weekend right! I went into town and picked up a Parker Blossom....
..and a very excited Buzz "Gideon" Lightyear..
And we went into to Aunt Jesse's work to Trick or Treat!
Now it's time to head off to the Harvest Hoedown for some fun games (A calf scramble and a chicken chase), great company, fabulous chili, cornbread and home made root beer...
and dancing to 'Oh Johnny Oh"!
See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A 'Rascal' for Skye and 'Charlotte' Returns

Yes ... here is our new kitty we aquired in June. Her name is Rascal and believe me, it is appropriate.Our other cats seemed to have all disappeared while we were living in Mexico and I needed an outside cat to help control the pack rat population.

She is a lively little thing and loves the hunt.

Rascal isn't a lone cat either. In August our Mama Calico cat showed up with 4 big kittens in tow. We haven't seen a pack rat in Months! Yea!!!!
And now... in the "I need a new look" department ..... I introduce Charlotte Eppert the second.
I love my new hair cut, so fun and easy to fix several different ways. Although, everytime I look in the mirror I smile and hear these words in my head.
"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all!"

Those of you who knew my mom can back me up on this.

Just wait girls.....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hillary's Quilt

My daughter Hillary is one of those people who can do anything. Or maybe the more correct way to put it is, she is not afraid of failure, so she is willing to try anything.
She has never really been into sewing, but two years ago, to fight off boredom she decided to make her husband to be a quilt. It took her most of the summer and lot's of help from Jaque, but she did it and it was beautiful. Two weeks ago she was visiting and said "Mom, do you have any scrap material? I want to make a quilt".
Ten days later this is the finished product!!
Great job Hillary! I am very proud of you!!!
The title line to her blog says it all.... "Who says A.D.D. is a bad thing?"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Parker's Open House

On October 1st Jesse and I hosted an open house for Cali and little Parker at Jesse's house.

Hillary came up for the festivities and was a big help in preparing food and holding the Guest of Honor.

The only game on the agenda was "pass Parker".

Cali opened many gifts including outfits,

Her favorite type of Baby bath towel,

More outfits,

and I gifted her with a 33 yr old satin quilt that her Great-Grandmother, Beulah Yoder, made for Cali when she was born . She was very surprised.

And she received a beautiful new quilt from Aunt Jesse.
What a fun evening!

Another 'Pleasant Valley' Sunday

Sunday October 3, 2010 Sunny, 80 degrees and very unlike an Idaho Autumn. Darryl and I went to Cali's to watch church Conference on her new TV.
I love my new haircut Jesse gave me. It makes me feel close to my mom... especially since I keep seeing her every time I look in a mirror! :-)
Between conferences sessions Darryl kept Gideon occupied.

Gideon was excited to show grandpa his new scooter riding skills.

I made sure that Parker was safe from any wild animals and rambunctious brothers.

Gideon says "Giddy-up Grandpa".

We had to quickly put Parker down to make a grab for Gideon (He was getting into something he shouldn't have). This was the closest and safest place.

There's our pretty girl on her new quilt from Aunt Jesse.
We decided the day was too lovely to spend it inside, so Cali pulled out her card tables and good china and set up dinner on the "West Lawn", otherwise known as the back yard.

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon.
And Gideon heartily approved of the Chocolate, almond, whipped cream dessert.

Hillary loves snuggling little Parker.

We shared fun dinner conversation and Chicken Enchiladas.

Gideon was generally the center of attention from his grandparents.

High Five Mom!