Thursday, October 29, 2009

Islands, Shells and Sun

Last Saturday Darryl and I rented a Kayak and paddle out towards the island. It was farther than we thought. We didn't make it out to the island, but we did find a secluded beach where we swam and snorkeled and found pretty shells to add to our collection.
Yesterday Wednesday Oct. 28th, the Wind blew very hard and we had quite a dust storm. With all the dust in the air one could look straight into the sun as it set.
It made for a very picturesque view.
Sometimes I sit on the wall and see such beauty and wonder what I ever did in this life to deserve this?
Then the answer comes, it's not what I did or what I didn't do for that matter,
but I must learn to recognize my blessings and give thanks for them. So I will give thanks to the Lord.
You really should come down to see us soon.
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Work, The Fun, The Good and The Odd

We went to work one day this week to find that our trailer had been knocked off of it's jack stands by a forklift driver for Cortez Transfert. Darryl and the guys put it back in it's proper place. I also played with McKenzie and Fox. They love to dance,
And they are BIG camera hams! Fox gives me lots of hugs and kisses. "Kenzie" will be 5 next month.
On Saturday the 4 missionaries from our ward came over for a late lunch.
We had a lot of fun! I fed them spaghetti. Three of them had never eaten spaghetti with meat sauce. Back row from left: Elder Lopez, Elder Sanchez, Elder Estrada and Darryl
Front row: Elder Del Val and me.
Saturday, in the late afternoon Darryl and I took a drive to Canyon del Nacapule. We weren't able to get there because of washed out roads from the hurricane, but we did drive around and see some big houses. There are 4 houses in this picture.
A mountain bordering the Canyon del Nacapule.
And now.... something to file in the "Well, now I've seen everything" file. Yesterday evening while I was emailing Cody, Darryl stepped outside to look at the sunset. He came in and said... "Cindy, you are not going to believe this, but there is a girl outside on the beach in a bikini playing the bagpipes". To be honese, I thought this was a ruse to get me outside to watch the sunset, so I went....

....and sure enough, there was a young girl in a bikini standing at the waters edge playing the bagpipes, and playing them very well. We listened for a while and then I thought... no one will believe this, so I went to get my camera. By the time I got back she had moved to her tent and was putting her pipes away, but at least you can see we didn't make this up.
Adios Amigos!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Romantic Mountain (sort of)....

There is the beautiful Mountain that looms over the little town near our home. It is the first thing you see as you drive along the caretera (highway) to the west.

It's twin peaks reach for the sun and inspires a person with grand ideas about taking a day hike to it's summit.

Although the elevation of this mountain would be looked on as more of a foothill back in Utah and Idaho,
a mere 400m or 1312 ft. above sea level,

it is still beautiful to see as nature surrounds her with clouds,

and the mountain takes on the look of a smoking volcano,

giving one the impression of the power of nature.

In the early morning as the sun rises the mountain is gently kissed with the warm colors of Aurora,

and as the rain moves in the mountain looms as a Zeus, a Rain-God, there to protect the village from droughts.

So, as I sit on my wall and wonder at the romantic imagrey this mountain brings to my mind of gods and goddesses, of valor and love, .....
I lean over to the love of my life, nuzzle his ear and ask, "What is the name of the craggy hill, that wonderous bulwark that protects our little village, my love?"
"Tetas De Cabra". The magical name just rolls off his tongue in his fluent Spanish.

I started to think "Ah, that's pretty", and then the translation hits me.

It is my express opinion that women should have accompanied men on their explorations if for no other reason than to come up with better names for mountains.
Because there is nothing in the least romantic about a mountain named "Goat Tits".
Did those French Trappers that named the Grand Tetons make it this far south?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pictures of Our Mexico House!

I have been trying to load these pictures on my blog for 10 days. I am glad they finally loaded today. But I was in such a hurry I didn't really put them in order. Oh Well, .... our Apartment has 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms with a 'great room' /living room/dining room and kitchen combined. I am sure you can tell what rooms these are. The entry door is on the right, almost out of the picture.

The little wall out there past the yard is the sea wall that I exercise on every day at 5:00 a.m.

Look girls!! Four burners, a grill and an oven!!!!! Wish I knew where to buy a turkey.....

We may have shrimp or fish for Thanksgiving. Wasn't fish on the menu when the pilgrims had their Thanksgiving? Okay... we'll make due with pollo asado!

A luxury I did not have in Manzanillo..... A washer and dryer. Of course I did have the luxury of a laundry lady who did all of our laundry. I think I would prefer her as these are the noisiest appliances I have ever heard, and they are GE appliances. Figures!

The spare bedroom.

The Master bedroom has 2 queen size beds, a huge walk in closet ......

..and the master bath has 2 sinks and a shower.

Well, that's the house and this is the early morning view from the sea wall. Now that you know how much room we have I extend an open invitation to all family and friends to come and see us. You will have a place to stay, and we would love to have you with us!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunday Scenes

On Sunday, after General Conference, Dad and I went for a Sunday drive to the peaceful little coastal town of San Carlos. It is about 4 miles from our house. The floods from the hurricane did quite a bit of damage here, taking out a large section of the main road. I will have another picture at the end showing the hole from a different angle. We drove to the end of the road on the coast where the Paradise Resort is located. This is the entrance.

We drove up to the look out. This shows another big resort next to the Paradise Resort.
At the look-out there are great vistas of the Sea of Cortez (or, if you are in the U.S., the Gulf of California).

Looking down at the rocks.

Later this week I will do a post on this unique mountain (Quit laughing Skye).

Looking out onto San Fransisco Bay over to Bahia Delphin.

This is an unusual tree. Those are the longest bean pods I have ever seen.

This is the same hole that you saw at the first. Yes, many places on the roads around here are washed out, but the people are coping.

We returned from San Carlos around 5:30 and went for a stroll on the beach.
(Yes, that is Darryl in shorts and flip-flops)

The best sea shells lie just at the edge of the water.

He makes another find.

And what have we found???

Well, that is pretty!

At this point I hear him say... "Cindy, what are you doing?"
My shell finding skills are not as well honed as his.

But I like watching him more than looking for shells anyway. :-)

Vaya Con Dios!