Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Summer Fun - Part 1

At the end of May, Skye and I made a quick trip to North Carolina to be with Grandma Peggy when she had a minor heart procedure done. (minor heart procedure should be an oxymoron I think). On the way we stopped by Shiloh's in South Carolina for the night and gave her a surprise baby shower with some of her friends. After 7 children and with #8 on the way it was time for some new baby items.

 Reagan had lots of fun with her cousins.
 We had the party at the pool in their neighborhood, which the kids thought was fantastic.The kids swam while the moms visited and watch Shiloh open her gifts.
 Of course I had to take pictures of all of my grandchildren while I was there.
 My girls, Emily, Adrianna, Lydia and Mary Alice (Maggie)
 Preston and Adam (above) and Jonas and Preston (below).
 Then we were off to Grandma Peggy's.
 Reagan has grown so much since these photos were taken,
 She and Great Grandma Peggy really hit it off.

 and she was just beginning to try and stand by herself.
 Pretty Reagan.
 This was the day after Grandma's surgery. She sure was doing a lot better.

Next post will have some Tyree, San Diego and the Wasatch Back. 
(And I promise it won't take me 2 months to do it.)