Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Little Pumpkin and Hawaii Fun

So, it is my duty as Grandma to make sure that this little Reagan Pumpkin is appropriatly dressed. Since there were only 3 days to Halloween and Reagan has 4 Halloween sleepers I thought I better get started. I took them all to the hospital and played dress up with the smallest one.

Today when Skye and Ryan brought her home they dressed her in this holiday number. Gideon loved holding her, but she wasn't too happy.
Don't Ask. ... I really don't know why I am looking at Parker like that. I think Cali took this picture to blackmail me or something.

Tonight was the haunted barn up at Turtle Bay. Parker and Gideon put on their costumes and got their Party on!

Wednesday morning we went to the beach. Cali has lost so much weight she had to get a new swimsuit, so she gifted me with her old one.

Parker didn't want anything to do with the sand and water this day.

Cali, Gideon and Travis had a lot of fun in the waves.

Aloha Until Next time!

Meet Reagan Elisabeth

Ryan and Skye welcome a little angel to their family.
What a beautiful little addition she is.

Reagan Elisabeth

Born 10-27-11

at 8:08 a.m.

7 lbs. 1.1 oz.

19 inches long

Oh how we love her!

We won't go into the labor story here. Suffice it to say Skye was induced and it was a LOOOONNNNGGGG process. Yesterday and today when new nurses came on shift they would look at Skye's chart and say "Oh.... your the one!" Hmmmm.

Ryan, being the awesome husband he is, never left her side. Well, unless she requested food. :-)

Above we see Skye on the Birthing Ball.

Sometime around 34 or 35 hours they had to put Skye on oxygen to help keep the baby's heart rate up.

Skye's request for the squat bar was granted. This is just 2 hours before Reagan was born. Skye looks remarkably good for all she had been through already.

Reagan and Mommy meet face to face.

Getting cleaned up, weighed and measured.

Reagan cried and cried and cried! It was such a beautiful and healthy sound!

She has good lungs! Bet she will be a fabulous singer like her Mama!

Daddy has an immediate calming effect on his little girl. I can't believe how alert she is. She likes to see what is going on!

Her first bath!

I think Skye was talking to either Donna or her dad. Reagan looks like she is listening intently.

Grandma Gets to hold her newest little Granddaughter.

What a beautiful Baby!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Laboring On the North Shore -

I have been in Hawaii one week waiting on little Reagan to make her appearance. Since she isn't cooperating with our wishes we have tried to take matters into our own hands to force the issue. We first tried a 3.5 mile hike to Kawela Bay (pronounced Ka-ve-la). These pictures are from the Kuilima point looking over towards Turtle Bay Resort.

Standing by the WWII Bunker on the point.

Getting a look-out's view.

This is a HUGE Banyan tree. You've probably seen it in the TV series LOST.

Since the hike didn't work on Thursday, on Friday before the Dr. Appt. we went to the mall to walk around, play Glow Golf and eat some lunch.

Skye was a little handicapped, so we won't mention her score.

Ryan and I tied with 42. (He would have whooped me bad if I hadn't made a hole in one on the 15th hole where he scored a 5. Bhwwaaaaaahhhhhh!)

It was a lot of fun, but I think the black lights had some kind of effect on Skye. She had very intense contractions the whole time we were there.

But still no baby.

Yesterday Skye and I drove up to Hale'iwa to look at some art galleries and shops. We then drove to the Dole Plantation for Lunch and a pineapple whip. YUM. We also picked up a piece of art work for Ryan.

After lunch we went back to Hale'iwa where we strolled on the beach and looked for coral and sea glass until it was time to pick Ryan up from work.

It was raining this morning when Ryan went to work. When I stood in the doorway this is what I saw. Y'all have a wonderful day wherever you are, I know I will!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Muppet Baby, Zombies and Darryl Finds the Wings

I will start this post by stating that I LOVE all of my grandchildren! I think they are the most beautiful babies in the world. But let's face it, sometimes they do things, or look a certain way that just makes you smile. Okay.... sometimes you gotta laugh. Take this little angel for instance.

My beautiful little Tyree!
Here she looks like a sweet little angel....

But then she can also look like this.....

I couldn't help it... I had to laugh. She reminded me of the little Muppet Christmas Carolers. Click here and watch for them starting at the 1:56 mark.
Tyree... You know grandma loves you!!

Speaking of funny looking... Cody and I had a lot of fun at the Zombie Bash 5k.

This is my friend Kristin.. This was her very first 5k. She helped teach me the Thriller Dance.

Okay.. a little advice to the pasty white college kid on the front row. PUT YOUR SHIRT ON DUDE!! And it wouldn't hurt if you laid off the beer and did some Insanity work outs. The old tan dude next to you is about to smoke you fool! (Yeah.... the old guy in his 50's finished second overall and 1st in the masters with a time of 17:40+) Or at least find some old fat white-er gal to stand next to.

Cody coming in 5th with a time of 18:23. Advice to future runners. . . When you cross the finish line and they hand you a little piece of paper, don't put it in your pocket! Fill it out and hand it in. That has the order of finish on it and they want to know your name and how old you are.

Cody didn't turn his slip with the 5th place finish on it so he didn't get credit for his 5th place finish or for finishing 1st in his age group.
Lesson learned... (I hope).

He did run back up the course and encouraged me as I finished the race. I finished with a personal record of 37:23.

ON Saturday Darryl and I went to Houma, LA so I could run in the Race for the Wetlands. All the festivities were held on the property of this old plantation home.

As soon as I finished my run Darryl insisted that we go get some wings and Jambalaya. He was a rush to get the food... then I found out why. :-)

It was a great weekend. Can't wait to have more fun on my next run!