Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Little Louisiana

We arrived in Gonzales, Louisiana on Friday the 8th of July to a lot of heat, humidity and Cajun Cookin'. Saturday we went for a drive to familiarize ourselves with the town and proceeded to get lost as we went down Canal St. After turning around in a very beautiful, upscale neighborhood and heading back we came upon this sight. Two guys in a canoe towing a dead, bloated carcass.

The Conversation went something like this:

Darryl: What the heck do you think they are doing?

Cindy: Maybe they are trolling for Alligator.

Darryl: What is it they are towing behind them?

Cindy: (A reputed authority on all things dead and bloated) Looks like a pig or something.

Darryl turns the truck around and goes back for a second look. He then stops and asks the 'gentlemen' what they are doing and the answer, although a little difficult to understand in the thick Creole accent, surprised us.

"This here's my 18 year old Lab. She went missing a couple o' days ago. She done crawled off and died up the canal a ways and we've looked all over for her. Junior here spotted her dis mornin' and we went and found her and are takin' her home to be buried beside her sisters."


Speaking of Swamp People - Darryl and I haven't had TV in our home since 2007 so we weren't really sure about the whole 'Swamp People' Craze. But now that we have been down here among the Bayous and swamps we are here to tell you there are a lot more Swamp People than what you see on TV! And boy can they cook! (Some new church friends are actually neighbors to the famous Swamp Folk from the History Channel.) We are loving it down here.


And when you speak of the deep south something that always comes to mind are the beautiful plantation homes that were built right along the Mississippi River. Below are only three of the many beautiful plantations in the area.

Bocage Plantation - Circa 1837

And the very beautiful Oak Alley where Darryl and I were treated to a wonderful luncheon and Tour of the house!

On Saturday we found our way down to New Orleans for a little sight-seeing. We walked and window shopped along Royal Street strolling into many antique shops - (Can you say $300,000 Dresser and $100,000 Chandelier?) St. Charles Street, Jackson Square and the River Walk. We ate our first Mufalato Sandwich and realized there will be so much more to see and do on our next trip.

Below are picutres of St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest Cathedral in the U.S.A.

The Statue of Andrew Jackson - Hero of The Battle of New Orleans. Contrary to popular belief, the legend of the meaning of the horses hooves is just that - Legend. Andrew Jackson did not die in Battle and later served as President of the United States.

And the final picture is in honor of our sweet Cat.

See ya while ago!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Office Redo and Lucy's Minnie Me

Dad Officially finished the office remodel in June and he loves his new office / library.
The central feature of this new room is this guy.

When Grandpa died Grandma gave Darryl Grandpa Bill's Dress Mess Uniform. We sent away for the Official shirt studs, cuff links, jacket clasp, cumberbund and bow tie as they were missing.

Now dad would like all of you girls to email / mail us copies of any photos you have of Grandpa in Uniform or from his service for the wall behind the Mannequin. He would like to turn it into sort of a gallery of Military photos and memorabilia of Grandpa.

Here are the bookshelves and other photos in Dad's new favorite spot. Too bad he has to be without it for the next 18 months.

The kittens are getting quite big and very cute. Rascal has been a good mama cat. One Day I saw Lucy sitting in the window pressing her nose against the screen and sniffing this little kitten. So I brought her in the house and realized she is just a little Minnie-me of Toulouse. How Cute!

I'll put up more photos from last week in Louisiana. In the meantime, y'all take care!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Hometown 4th of July!

Celebrating the 4th of July in Menan is pure Americana and what a hometown celebrations should be.... Lot's of venders booths from families to cheerleaders to dealers.

Great food and good friends and neighbors to share it with. Ashlynn and Michael Egloff came to spend the day with us. Gideon is trying very hard to sit still and listen to the entertainment because.....

Grandma Cindy was singing..

These young boys had a great time entertaining little Miss Parker.

Gideon got a sword and was happy to sword fight with his new found friends. He also got ... ummm... mis-placed at the jump house when grandpa was watching him. After about 15 minutes he was found in one of the other jump houses that we hadn't paid for him to be in. Go figure?

The Parade is one of the highlights of the day. This is Gid the kid thinking.... "Will this thing ever start!"

The best seats for the parade are from the bed of Cody's truck.

Gideon would stand out there all by himself and hold his little arms out with a look on his face reminiscent of Oliver's when he took his bowl up and asked "more Please". It worked and almost every vehicle threw candy directly at him. The Motorcycle Policeman even stopped and handed him a Deputy badge.

Below you will see that Parker was very intent on the parade!

The picture below is a little out of order and was taken shortly before the start of the parade.

Just a portion of Gideon's Candy haul.

The Parade lasted about 40 minutes. At about the 30 minute mark Gideon was looking like "Will this thing ever end?"
Yes, it ended and it was a lot of fun.