Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Humanitarian House #1 - Rosario's New Home

Last December The SUU work group came down to build a new house for Rosario.
This is what it looked like when they left.
She and her 5 children still lived in this little shack for the winter. The 'house' is 15 years old and Rosario has lived here for the past 11 years.
The pictures showed how the group starts building around the original structure....

which in truth wasn't much protection from the elements.

On March 13th the group came back. On the 15th they helped Rosario move out and they demolished the old existing building. On the Sixteenth they finished the walls, put in windows and leveled the floor.....
then the dome crew came in with a concret pump and helped the students pump a new floor for the house.

Boyd is so good with young people. He took the time to teach Sam, the son of one of the faculty, how to install plumbing.

The Sr. College students built the rafters and installed them on the 18th.

This was the day that students from ITSON University in Obregon came to visit the project of the SUU students. The Missionaries were applying a concrete finish to the interior walls and the students from Obregon wanted to help.
The outside finish is looking good too. They put the sheet metal on the roof on the 19th and framed out the walls on the inside and finished it.
This is now Rosarios new house. The windows are on the side and back. It is a much safer place for the family.
More pictures to come in a few days of the 3 Dome homes that were erected by the students, faculty and dome technology.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Few Pics From My Open Water Dives

On the way out of the harbor we saw these two lovely boats (Only two of the hundreds anchored in the Marina).

Heading out to the open sea!

Okay.... This would be a cool place to live.

San Padre Island in the distance and the dolphins chasing the boat. When we came to the dolphins we circled one time so we could get a good look at the spinner dolphins.

There are about 30 of them in this pod.

Being a student, I was not allowed to take an underwater camera with me, so I have no pictures of the actual dive, just of me looking not so fabulous but very happy afterwards.

A female sea lion. One sea lion came diving with us on the first dive and five came to play on the second dive.

Darryl is adding to his diver sculpture. He put the turtle on and said it was a tribute to me. Ha, ha! I wish I looked that good diving.

The end to a wonderful day.

And I am already planning my next dive!

Vaya con Dios.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Great Fun in the South!

We had great fun when we went to Myrtle Beach, SC for the Marathon/Half Marathon, even though they cancelled it.
Hmmmm.... Nice shades there Cami. I think there is some old lady going around without her cateract eye protection. Don't you?
Cali: "OH MY GOSH Shiloh!!!! Did you see those goofey glasses on Cami? I am totally taking back what I said about the supermodel thing!"
Shiloh: "I think they look kind of cute.... In a wierd, Cami sort of way".

Cindy: "Travis, are you sure this is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? Look at all this snow."
Travis: "Pretty darn sure. I was here eight years ago and it looked exactly the same"


The Runners from our group: "You mean they cancelled the race for this? You've got to be kidding me!!"

Gideon: "You guys go, I will just stay here with Ransom."

Jason: "Hey y'all, we are going to run anyway. This is my ballet warm up pose"
Travis: "Well, it's no "Tighty Whitey" dance, but it will do"

Grant: "Not sure what Molly is doing.... keep diggin' honey, you'll find it. And I am afraid to ask what Aunt Wendy is doing to Jason's backside. What ever it is he doesn't look too happy about it."
The Runners Support Team.
Cindy: "Not it!"
Travis: "Not it!"
Grant: "Crap! Now I have to follow these dorks all around town driving 5 mph so they can have water and food and won't get lost. Thanks you two!"
Molly: "Dorks!"

Lindsey, Amelia, Cali, Aunt Wendy, Molly, Jason and Heather: "Yippee!!! We are going to get our medals even though they cancelled the race!"

Heather: "Everyone who thinks Amelia smells funny raise your hands!!!!"

ON YOUR MARKS....... GET SET........
Jason: "Let's see, if I pace myself just right I should be running by the Dairy Queen in about 2 hours......"

Jason: "Did I say that out loud?"
Chad: "Honest guys, it really is cake!"

Travis: "Yeah kid, it's okay to kiss the baby but what ever you do don't eat that wierd guy's cake!"
Gideon: "If I hide in here maybe the wierd cake guy won't find me."

Jason: I think it's the side effect of the cake.

Chad (in soft sing-song voice): You are getting very sleepy...... You feel your eyelids getting heavy....
Dru: What do you know Chad.......It works!!!

Jonas: Yeah.... well it didn't work on me!

Preston: When I eat that cake it makes me want to do my special dance!!!

Adam: Hey Gideon, that's a cool medal. Where did you get it?
Gideon: It's my mom's and all she had to do was run to get it. Heck.. I run all the time and she never gives me any medals. Maybe some day I can run a race and get one.

Mike: "...... so what it comes down to Jacob is we're thinking that the unpredictable odd ball gene skipped you and jumped right down to......."

Adrianna: "Ha, Ha, Ha!!! Look at me grandma!"

Cindy: " I'll get Dru and Peggy to pose with the grandbabies and then I'll act like I am going to take more pictures but really I'll be first in line for cake and ice cream!"

Lily: "I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!"

Grandma Peggy: "I love babies more than Chocolate. Well, almost more than chocolate. Has anyone seen my chocolate marshmallow hearts?"

Our Runners with their medals and Trophies!
(Trophies courtesy of Jonas' Aluminum Instant Awards)

Wait.... how did these pictures of this beautiful nursery get in here?

Adam and Mary Alice now have a beautiful peaceful place to escape their crazy family.