Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cami and the Kiddos Take a Break

A couple days after Independence Day, or July 4th for the non-history buff, Cami decided she needed a break from the norm, so she packed the kids in the car and came to Mississippi to visit Grandma and Grandpa!
Friday July 7, 2017
After a good nights sleep and a delicious breakfast, Cami and I took the kids to the pool to enjoy a swim. We were there only people there for a while and it was so much fun! Even little Izzy enjoyed the water.
Lily and Izzy.
Cami had fun playing water games with the kids, although Doc wasn't too sure if he liked the water or not.

The afternoon was full of games and fun. Cami, Lily and I went shopping. In the evening the kids played together  -

...while Grandpa fixed his famous Sweet and Sour Chicken and Fried Rice. Cami brought squash, zuchinni and okra from her garden and prepared some delicious fried okra for us!

Just can't get enough of this precious little baby doll!

And oh... how she loves her Mama!

She was always a happy little girl and

 is such a good baby. I don't think I hardly heard her cry the whole time they were here.

Lily and I conspired before they came to visit on what kind of food and treats she would like to help me make for the family. She is in the food science program in 4-H and I think she made some great choices. For movie night on Friday we made Smores Popcorn! Yum!

Saturday July 8, 2017
For breakfast Lily and I made these delicious Cinnamon French Toast Bites. Everyone loved them.

And I was surprised how easy they were to make!

Grandpa volunteered to take care of sweet Izzy while we were busy fixing breakfast.

We had to take a few more pictures once everyone was ready to go.

Lily needed a picture too,

And so did sweet Marshall Doc.

As soon as breakfast was over we headed out for a very busy day.
1st stop - The Buffalo Park and Zoo.

The kids had fun feeding the Camel and goats.

Lily, Ransom and Gage weren't shy about feeding this camel.

It was very hot, but the kids were so good the whole time. Gage and Marshall keep me company.

Exploring one of the old buildings at the zoo.

We piled on the tractor trolley and headed out to see the buffalo, water buffalo, zebras, Watusi Cattle and Longhorn cattle.

It was so hot, but little Izzy never cried.

Some of the buffalo that the kids helped to feed.

And we can't forget the shaggy Highland Cattle.

After the Zoo we spent an hour at the huge Tupelo Flea Market then went home to cool off and let the kids go swimming. Dad and I volunteered to watch Marshall Doc and Izzy as they were asleep. Cami and the kids went to the pool for over an hour and when they came back we were all 4 asleep. I told Cami I was watching the babies in my dreams.
In the late afternoon while Grandpa Darryl took the 4 big kids to the splash park, Cami and I went to visit Elvis' birthplace. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but suffice it to say that it was tiny and Elvis Presley came from very humble beginnings.

The "Shotgun" house where Elvis was born. It's just 2 rooms. The front room was bedroom/living/sitting room and the backroom was the kitchen.

Cami and a statue of 13 yr. old Elvis.

We finished the evening off with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese for Pizza and games and even a little dancing!
It was a very busy and fun filled day! The kids even got in a night swim before bed.
Sunday July 9, 2017
After church Lily and I prepared a special treat for the family to eat before going to dinner in Smithville.

We made Jello Aquariums with blue Jello, Nerds Candy and Swedish Fish.

It was fun to make and Ransom, Gage and Lily really liked them.

After our treat we piled in the car and drove 45 minutes to Smithville to visit our friends who we knew from our ward in Weatherford, Texas, Gene and Arcola.

Their daughter Michelle came over with her daughters and we had such a nice visit.

Arcola wanted a picture with Cami and her children before she left. The last time they saw Cami she was in 6th or 7th grade.

That evening we had one more snack to prepare for the family...

Peanut butter and celery critters.

These were so good we couldn't make them fast enough!
This was lily's Monster Critter!

Monday morning came too soon and I was sad to see the kids leave.

We had such a wonderful time and I can't wait until we can be together again!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


It's the reason for all the celebrations today!

When we lived in Georgetown, South Carolina, we were able to tour the home of Thomas Lynch Jr., one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. I was amazed then, and even more so as the years go by, at the risk each of these brave men took to gain independence from Britain for the Colonies and what they were willing to sacrifice - literally everything, even their lives, to obtain it. 
We will forever be in their debt.
Our Independence Day started out with a 5k run in the beautiful old town of Oxford, MS.
This was the Stars and Stipes 5k and was a beautiful course that meandered through the town and onto the campus of "Ol' Miss", the University of Mississippi.

Getting our Red, White and Blue on!

There were 265 participants in this 5k. Darryl finished 4th in his age group and I finished 6th in mine. 

We cleaned up and headed over to Luis' and Chewie's for lunch.
 Chewie made some delicious civeche'. Oh my, it was so delicious.

We rode our bikes to Kroger to return an item. Had some BBQ ribs for dinner and then headed downtown.

Playing with Elvis!

All the Tupelo 4th of July Celebrations take place in Fair Park in downtown. This is the park where this famous picture of Elvis was taken and where he won 5th place in a talent show when he was only 10 yrs. old! 

Darryl and I listened to the live music and he had some of the fair food. We arrived just before 5:00 p.m. and the celebrations are just starting. By the time we left it was getting busy. They say by 7:30 the place is packed. We came home early to watch the fireworks from a distance.

We came home and watched the musical "1776" while waiting for the fireworks to start.
We have had a blessed and beautiful Independence Day this year. I hop your's was even better!