Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Last Days at Sea

Here are the photos from the last 2 days at sea. What a wonderful time we had. Darryl did get a little bored and I have joked that he would have done better if they had had a Lowe's or Home Depot sponsored cruise. Something with a "Flip my Cabin" workshop. Ha! We did stay busy working out, playing putt putt golf, I sang some Karoke and we spent time by the pool. ( I loved sitting at the back pool where it was quiet and I could read for hours!) I can't wait until our next cruise. I would love it if we could go with family or friends!
Each evening while we were at dinner our cabin steward and staff would turn down our bed and leave a towel critter. It was always a nice surprise to see what was awaiting us when we returned.

I mad good use of the track everyday and am proud to say I only gained 2 lbs the whole cruise!

Darryl preferred the gym.....

We had our own little best 2 out of 3 tournament in Putt Putt. We played a lot and it was fun. FYI - I scored better left handed. Go figure?

 Our new friends Rose and Joyce. We met them on the first day of the cruise while waiting for our bus transfer. They are seasoned cruiser and gave us great advice! It was fun to talk and visit with them and get to know them. (Joyce won her husband of 33 yrs in a poker game!)

Dressed up for the last elegant night on Friday!

A little Karoke on the last afternoon of the cruise.

Darryl ready for dinner on Saturday.

Our dinner companions Steve and Nita from Texas. (What fun stories they had!)

Our wait staff - Aramnd, Julie, our head waiter, and Prasad. 

Our table of six.

 The restaurant wait staff entertaining us on the last evening. 

Karen and Vern from Indiana. (Greenwood, but I won't hold that against them.)
Good-bye Carnival Cruise. It was a lovely vacation! Until next time.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Atlantis Resort - Paradise Island, Bahamas

I took almost 200 pictures at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas but don't worry,  I won't post them all. I have chosen my top 15 pictures to share with you. 

 What you see above is a $1,000,000 sculpture depicting the moon. They had 4 glass sculptures but this one was my favorite. 
The picture below is of one of the main lobbies. Darryl and I were blown away at the attention to detail all around the resort. 

In the upper lobby looking down into the lower lobby where you can see the windows to the aquarium. I loved the railing with the nautilus outlines.

The dome of the same lobby. 

The main aquarium in the 'ruins' of Atlantis. 

A picture from the lower lobby. 

From the sea side of the resort. The "Bridge" or Arch is a 5000 sq. ft. Suite which is called the Michael Jackson suite since he was the first person to stay in it. 11 Rooms and 8 permanent staff. For $25,000 a night (4 night minimum) + gratuities you can stay there. But not until 2017. It's reserved until then. 

Another view with Darryl in it so we can prove we were there. 

If I ever build a dome house on the beach I would love it to look like this. 

I love the seas serpents on the edge of the dome. 

The lower railing was just as elaborate.

A school tour going through the aquarium tunnel. 

Darryl and I leaving the Bahamas.

Goodbye to this lovely sunny Island.
On Tuesday or Wednesday I will post pictures of our last couple of days on board the Carnival Conquest. It was a lovely cruise and I can't wait to do it again.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We Interrupt This Cruise for...... BABIES!!

Welcome to the family sweet Gabriel Russell, Hillary and Jake's new baby boy! He was born March 1st at 4:18 a.m. at a birthing center in Pleasant Grove, Utah weighing in at 7 lbs. 10.5 oz. and 20 1/2" long. It was my first time to witness a water birth and Hillary did marvelous for a first time Mommy. Jake and I were there along with the 3 midwives and her Doula and dear friend, Becca. Enjoy the pictures. 


 Grandma gets her turn to hold her new little man.


Gabriel loves to suck his thumb. 

And Toby loves his new little brother.

In other Grandbaby news, our sweet Reagan got a taste of her first snow, literally. The first thing she did was bend down to taste it. For a little Hawaiian Coconut she sure loves to play in the snow. Jesse and Tyree came out to play too. 

My Angel Mommies showing their girls how to make snow angels.

Our Darling little Tyree wasn't sure about the snow angel thing,

and Miss Reagan flapped her "wings" once and then she was ready to move on to more snow play.

I think winter has been a little long for sweet Tyree, she was ready to go inside and get out of the snow, but little Reagan kept plunging into the white stuff face first and coming up laughing.

Lot's of fun things going on in our ever growing family. Hope you are having a fun winter too. 
I will finish up the cruise posts next week.