Saturday, January 30, 2010

Look At Her Hair!!!

Yes, I used that title to get you to look at this post.
Our day started off with Lily helping with the dishes.. then she and her daddy started playing horsey!
We decided she needed more space to run and play, and anyway, this would be a good time to take 4 day old Ransom on his first trip to the park...
Daddy carries our little man in his secret hide-away pouch.
Yes, this is Cami and she really did give birth 4 days earlier. Sickening.... isn't it?
When we got out of the car Lily grabbed my fingers and took me down the path saying....
"turtle, turtle" I thought we were headed to the pond but she had bigger ideas.
This park is called Camp Everglades and it is a fun place!
The playground equipment is her favorite.
She thinks she is such a big girl.... oh wait, she is....
Lily's favorite things to do is go down the slides.
She likes the way her hair looks when she gets to the bottom....
Let's go again, and again, and again. She played on the slides non stop for 45 minutes!
And at the bottom of the slide we would admire her beautiful hair. Gotta love that Static Electricity!
Even Ransom got in on the fun. He rode on the rocking alligator...

And mommy took him on the swings.
Everyone was tired when we got home, but Lily still had enough energy to
want to play with Ransom.
Good night baby brother.
Here's hoping y'all have a fun day too!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Heather told me she was jealous because I am here with Ransom and she isn't. I promised Grandpa Darryl some pictures of our new little boy and I know all of Ransom's Aunties are anxoiusly awaiting photos. Here they are as promised. Enjoy!


First off ... he doesn't like having his diaper changed... I think it's because his skinny little chicken legs get so cold.
The happy little family ... Lily wants to help.
Take me too daddy!

He is such a handsome boy.......

..and so tiny!

Giving him kisses for Grandpa.

Looking for Lily..... or maybe looking out for Lily :-)

Safe in the arms of love...


My Lovely Lily Pie!!!

It didn't even take a full day and already Lily loves me!!! She lets grandma hold her.....

And she shows me her new baby brother.....

Although she is not quite sure about him yet.... she does get very concerned when he cries....

Okay Lily... what are we going to do now?

Gymnastics!!! When she does this she says.... "up-ide-down!"
Then it was singing time..... Look! she's "got the whole world in her hands".

Grandma.... aren't you going to sing with me?

Look, it goes like this... 'Head, Shoulders, knees THEN toes'!

Hmmmm...... something smells funny. Is it me?

"I can't see any toe jam."
Yes, Grandma and Lily are having lots of fun!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Best Bus Ride Ever!

Monday was a big day for me. I left Darryl in Mexico headed for the East Coast and Grandbabies!! The Cheapest way to get to Phoenix to catch my plane was to take the Bus. TUFESA Bus Lines is a Mexican company and let me tell you, the busses and service are great! My bus left Guaymas at 11:30 in the evening. As I got on the bus they handed me a little lunch bag with a Sandwich and drink. I put my drink in the drink holder, propped my fee up on the foot rest, lay my seat all the way back (Yes, it reclines nearly all the way) and Slept for hours. The bathrooms on the bus were clean and the ride was as smooth as could be considering the roads. (Once we went through Customs and got on U.S. I-15 it was a very smooth ride). We pulled into the Phoenix bus station around 9:00 a.m. We stopped 4 times. The first stop was in Hermosillo (10 minutes) to pick up passengers, the second was at the Mexican Army inspection station about 100 miles south of the border (20 Minutes), the 3rd was U.S. Border Customs (30 Minutes) and the 4th stop was in Tucson (5 Minutes). All in all it was a great way to travel. If you ever decide to tour Mexico don't be shy about taking the big busses like TAP or TUFESA. They are comfortable and much nicer than the Greyhound and Continental busses I used to travel on in the states. (Except for the Airport express and a tour group bus, I haven't traveled on long distance U.S. bus service since 1994). TUFESA was much roomier and Nicer than any bus I have ever been on. If you are thinking of coming to Mexico for a visit, look them up. The website is:

Lucky for me, between Darryl and I we have family all over the country. His cousins picked me up at the bus station in Phoenix and took me for brunch and then made sure I got to the airport. I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at 9:20 last night and spent time playing with baby Ransom. When I get organized today I will take some pictures and post them. Have a great day.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lily's Little Brother

Lily became a big sister today and we have one more grandson. Born at 11:42 this morning. Mommy and baby are doing fine.
Ransom Reynolds Guffey
6 lbs. 11 oz. - 19 3/4"
Grandpa Darryl says we are going to call him Handsome Ransom!

Sorry the pictures are blurry. It is off of Skype. Check out Cami and Cali's Blogs for better pictures.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Expatriates - Jerry and Steve

While in Alamos, Darryl and I decided to get off of the beaten path and walk down some of the side streets. As we walked by this gate there were two men in the street having a conversation. One said good-bye and walked away, and the other greeted us with a cheery "Good Morning" in English. We returned the greeting and I asked him if I could peek inside his gate. I could see luscious greenery and several paintings on easels. After a few minutes of visiting he invited us into his "Little piece of Mexican Heaven". Expatriate - definition #2: to withdraw oneself from residence in one's native country.
Jerry is an expatriate who live 6 months in Mexico and the rest of the year traveling in Asia and the United States. He bought this lot 4 years ago, and has built a little casa with 2 small rooms - a bathroom and a bedroom. They are not connected, but are separated by a leafy bower. Jerry apologized to us for his attire. He had been so busy with his earlier visitor who wanted to buy his paintings that he hadn't had time to get dressed for the day.
Jerry is an artist and his favorite medium is water colors. They are beautiful paintings and his most notable one is of the San Juan Capistrano Mission in California where they sold copies of his painting in their gift shop.
His lot is about 40 ft. x 80 ft. When you walk through the gate you see this little pool and the raised foudation where his rooms are located. He built his rooms on the existing foundation of an older structure. The doorway in the middle leads to the patio and back yard area. He also had decorations up from his New Years Party the day before.
The above picture is taken from the foundation looking towards the street.
His friend, Steve, had just arrived that morning. He was on his way to his own home in south-central Mexico. They have been friends for years. Steve informed us that this was the most beautiful and peaceful place in Mexico to have a cup of coffee in the morning.
Out back is a little arbor where Jerry hangs his hammock and relaxes. Which happens more and more frequently he says.
He has built walls and planted greenery all along the path. He even has a little waterway that runs down and waters a flower bed.

He says we can't imagine how cool this area stays in the heat, and how tranquille and peaceful it is. It was 83 degrees at 10:30 and it really was very cool in this garden area.

The little bedroom is on the room on the right and what passes for his kitchen is under the little lean-t0 directly behind the bedroom. His bathroom is on the left and the patio area is his living room.
It may look like an old pair of boots to you as you walk up the path, but it is really Jerry's sense of humor in art. As we walked past it up the path he said..."Here is all that remains of the man who cuckolded Pancho Villa." Old boots and jeans half buried in leaves.

We came down the path and headed back towards the street.
Darryl and I never know what we are going to find when we go off on one of our adventures. But if there is one thing we have learned it is to take time to get off the main thoroughfares. To Paraphrase the words of the poet.... "Take the Road less traveled". We did and we found a lovely piece of Mexican Heaven with two gracious gentlemen who made us feel at home.