Friday, November 25, 2016

EPIC FAMILY REUNION - Part 3 - Everyday Fun

How to keep a family of 37 entertained during the week. (When they weren't swimming)
🐔 🐔 🐔
#1. Play with aunt Skye's chickens and keep them out of the garden.

Miss Parker loved Aunt Skye's chickens.

When she started hugging and kissing them we had to ban her from the hen house (or from holding them).

🍔 🍔 🍔
#2. Eat delicious food.

Rachel enjoys and chocolate/caramel apple!

🏄 🏄 🏄
#3. Play Water Games

Water Limbo Contest!

and other water games! Ransom won the limbo contest.

🍩 🍩 🍩
#4. Eat more food.
Doughnuts for breakfast for Parker, G~ and Gideon. 

Yummy Hawaiian Haystacks for our Luau dinner.

Jason gives us the "Stank" eye! "Don't even think about taking my food"!

Jonas, Skye sharing with Belle and Shiloh enjoy dinner and the conversation.

#5. Hang with your cousins.
 Above, Jonas showing us his super strength...
and in the wagon, Benny and Doc on the way to the store.

 Raspberry Picking at Uncle Ryan's new secret spot!

 Parker, Tyree, G~man.

Hillary and little J~

🍴 🍴 🍴
#6. Eat a little more
Alisa dishing up dinner.....

All of the food was delicious! 

Don't blame me, grandpa bought it for me. 

📷 📷 📷
#6. Take pictures with Aunt Cali.
 J~ on the top
Reagan and Aunt Cali pictured below

Cali getting some sweet Benny snuggles!

🍹 🍹 🍹
#7. Have a refreshing drink.
The Tiki Bar with all the delicious Non-alcoholic mixed drinks Ryan could invent!

"Hey Daddy... what's that?"

Rachel gets her first sip of Root Beer.

🎨 🎨 🎨
#8. Be Creative! 

Some of my daughters just rolled their eyes and humored me when I said I wanted to set up a craft room for the kids to create art. I am happy to say that it was a big hit! 

We painted and created and colored and did weaving and stained glass and sewing all week!

So many paintings and drawings! My grandchildren are so talented!

The most fun was the squirt gun painting...

Yes, Cami was their Canvas! Haha!

A true work of art!

🍜 🍜 🍜
#9. Visit with the family (While eating some more)!

I don't know if we could have found anyplace better to hold our EPIC Reunion that Skye and Ryan's. They did so much work on their backyard to make it a perfect place for us to gather.

Kelly helps Ransom get a little more dessert.

Skye and Ryan had two covered out door living areas which made staying outside so very pleasant.

Aunt Skye and her Guffey nieces & nephews made a fort out of sticks and twigs. The little kids were always playing here.
 Tables and chairs out of stumps and chalkboard on the side of the shed with lots of sand and dirt. A perfect place to play the day away.

#10. Hang up your wet clothing.

#11. Take a Nap and love on Grandpa.

#12. Maybe go for a quiet walk.

The End.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


With all the rain the week before the reunion we worried about how to keep the kids busy all day if they had to stay inside. Well, we were blessed with beautiful weather all week and the kids spent as much time as possible in the pool. The parents loved it too!
🏊 🏊 🏊

Our "Little Miss Belle" starts off the day by modeling the latest in swim wear and water safety gear.

HEY!!!! Get out of the pool little miss!

"And that's how you get out!"

The little kids liked the splash pad as much as the pool I think.

Cami chillin' with the kiddos!

Gettin' this party started!

Miss Rachel and Mama enjoying the floatie!

All the kids loved the Shark!

Every one wanted to jump. Cody and Emily help Belle!

And Reagan..

And Parker..

Tyree Jumps to Dad..

And little G-man jumps to his daddy.

Gage has a death grip on Jacob.

And soon everyone was in on the best jump/dive competition.


Cody being real safe.

Nice pointed toe Kelly



Reagan and Emily


Ransom flying high..


While some of us swam and played, others just looked good at the pool



And the Noodle King!

One things for sure...Swimming makes you tired. The kids sure did sleep well this week!