Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Tiger-Grizz Tournament

What a weekend!!!! 32 teams from 5 different States. (Although the Bozeman team didn't show.)
Cody did an AWESOME job!! He went into this tournament seeded 6th. Which is great considering he has never placed at the State Tournament.
His first match was against Meridian H.S. He pinned him in 5:15. His second match was a pretty easy one. He got a Tech Fall on the Rigby wrestler in 4:18.
He pulled some great Switches for reversal points.

You gotta be fast!

Nope, your not getting away from me!!


His Third match (Saturday morning) did not go as well.

This was one tough kid!!! Cody could not get away from this one.

His name is Nick Wooden from Spring Creek Nevada (near Elko). He beat Cody by Tech Fall.
We were talking to his dad Saturday afternoon. He told us he had been watching Cody all day. He said " Tell him not to get too down on himself. He is a good wrestler and he will do well. My son finished 2nd in Nationals last year and is a 2 time Nevada State Champion." He has been wrestling since he was very young. After learning that Cody didn't feel so bad.
And yes.....Nick won the tournament.

Cody's fourth match was against Billy Potter of Pocatello.
(Last week Billy was the #1 seed in the Madison Tournament where he finished 4th)

Cody pinned Billy in the second round.
His next opponant was a real tough kid from Skyview, Utah.

Cody Beat him by decision 5-2.
By winning this match Cody earned a place on the medal stand. His next two
matches would determine his placing between 3rd and 6th.
His sixth match of the tournament was against Wasatch, Utah.
Cody won by decision 7-2. Now he would wrestling for 3rd place.
His last match of the day was supposed to be against the #1 kid in the state in the 5A division, Jordon Cox of Idaho Falls. Cody was so pumped to take on Jordon,
but it was not to be. Jordon injury defaulted to Cody.

Cody took Third place at the second largest tournament in the state of Idaho! He doesn't get a win over Cox (who took 4th) , but we will wrestle him soon.
Darryl, Cali, Jesse, Skye, Ryan, Hillary, Jake and I were all there. I missed one of his matches. It is not as easy to watch as it used to be, but I still love it!! You can still watch all the action on
Great Job Cody!!! We are so proud of you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Solid Win

Cody had a meet at Highland this evening. He did well and beat his opponent 8-5. He had the only win for his team. It would be embarrassing except that our guys actually did go out and wrestle hard and well. They were just outclassed most of the time. (They met this same team at the first of the season and our guys just rolled over and died. So this was actually an improvement.) We are really looking forward to this Friday and Saturday. It's the Tiger-Grizz tournament with 33 teams from 5 different states.

So if we don't answer our phones this weekend you will know why. You might be able to catch one of his matches on

Saturday, January 17, 2009


See the newly painted podium for the winners to stand on?
(Darryl painted it for the wrestling team this week)
See Cody getting instructions on how to win the championship match?

See Cody putting those instructions to good use?

See the Champion standing on the top of the newly painted podium?
See the smile on his face?

See the unhappy looks on the other wrestlers faces?

Cody wrestles 140 lbs. Today he won his first Varsity tournament. There were 15 or 16 teams at the tournament. Darryl, Cali, Jesse and I kept score, Skye and Ryan helped in the concession stands and Cody did his part by winning his weight class!!!

Congratulations Son!!!

You can view all of the matches on the Eastern Idaho Sports Network by going to and clicking on the Archives. You may have to hit the skip button a couple of times to get to Cody's bouts.
Professional still pictures by Idaho Wrestling News will be online at I know he not only took good pictures of Cody, but you will see a couple of fun pictures of Jesse on there too!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Peaceful Morning

For the last 2 mornings we have had an ice fog settle in. As I watched the gray mist move in over the mountain I started to feel enveloped by my own grayness. I have stopped listening to the news and "talk" because it is always so depressing. But as I watched this phenomenon in amazement and wonder at the beauty it left behind, one thought kept going through my mind....

"Be still and know that I am God. Enjoy the peace of this day, for no matter how great man may think he has become, I am still in control of this world and all that is in it."

I searched for words to express the peace I felt at the site of the hoar frost clinging to all that was immovable, but I seem to fall short in every attempt.....

....for I am not eloquent enough to describe the works of the Almighty in mere words. I searched for a poem or song with the right words, but I could find nothing.

So I will let my poor and meager attempts at photography be my words today.


Please click on the pictures and enlarge them so you can see the full effect of the ice crystals of the Hoar Frost.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cami's Inspiration!

Cami's post about her New Year's Resolution of reading more has inspired me! I really liked the idea of adding a Bookshelf to my blog. It is just one more incentive to help me become a better person and to improve in all areas and aspects of my life. I love to read but I have not been as consistent at it as I need to be. So here is my first announced (I have several I haven't written down ) and written New Year's Resolution. I will read at least one book a month along with my personal scripture study and Sunday School reading.

The books on my shelf right now are the last ones I have read toward the end of 2008, Breaking Dawn (for fun) and Positive Personality Profiles (a great help to me and I highly recommend it), and ones that I am now reading. Launching a Leadership Revolution is a book that will not only help me improve myself and leadership qualities I would like to gain or improve, but will help me be a help to others. The other books on my shelf, The Book of Mormon, The Holy Bible (King James Version), I read to keep me closer to my Savior so that I may become more like him. The Doctrine and Covenants and Our Heritage are the course of study in Sunday School this year. Let me know what you are reading!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Rollie Lane Tournament

Friday and Saturday were exciting. Darryl, Cali, Hillary, Jake and I went to Nampa to watch Cody Wrestle in the Rollie Lane Tournament. He did a fantastic job. Friday he had to wrestle 3 opponents to get out of his "pod". He beat all three and then around midnight wrestled a pig-tail match to qualify for the 16 man bracket. There were 11 pods each with 4 wrestlers. Cody won his pod. He got a Tech Fall on the first guy and pinned the next two.

The pig-tail match was a interesting. The kid from Bishop Kelly liked to bite and scratch and dig in his nails. He drew blood when he bit Cody on the hand. Wrong thing to do. Cody had all that he could take and quickly pinned the guy.

The first opponent on Saturday was from Payette. It was a tough match and he beat Cody. Cody immediately went to work with his coach on how to defend against this kids move. If they ever meet again I think it will be a different story. It was a tough loss for us. It put Cody out of the tournament.

We did the only thing we could think of to console ourselves. We went to the mexican restaurant and had good food and flan.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Day of School ..... Again.

Yesterday was an exciting day here in Idaho. Skye started her first day of College at Brigham Young University - Idaho as a transfer student! She is a Political Science Major and is taking mostly "Foundation" courses (what we used to refer to as general classes). She thoroughly enjoyed her first day back at college. Cody had a wrestling meet also (well 2 actually), so he dressed nice to be an example to his team mates.

His first match was against Manny Geyer of Hillcrest. Cody won by Major Decision 16-2.

His second match was against Bonneville. He pinned his opponent in the 2nd round.

Cali, Darryl, Gideon and I watched all the fun. Jesse was there for a few minutes to watch his first match. Madison beat Hillcrest 37-33 even though we had 4 forfiets. Bonneville pretty much mopped the mat with us. We only won 2 matches against them. Cody and Carlos (112 lbs.)
The other exciting news is how warm it got here yesterday. Warm wind blowing all day and lots of snow melt.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily Mae

Today is a very special day in our family. Our Oldest Grandchild, Emily, turns 8 today. She is one of the best big sisters ever, being the oldest of 6 children. She loves to read and does an excellent job in school. She is growing into a lovely young lady and has the most beautiful curly hair on this side of the family (all of her Aunties agree). Emily has chosen to be baptized today!! What a big decision that is, and the most important one she has ever made in her life. To take upon her the name of Jesus Christ and live as one of His disciples. We are very proud of you Emily and we love you more than words can tell.