Sunday, April 9, 2017


I can't believe it! Easter is a week away and I haven't updated my blog in 3 months. That's 1/4 of a year gone without posting anything. But I will try to remedy that now. Let's go back to the first of the year.

Once again we spent the New Year Holiday in Key West Florida with Little Rachel, Cody, Alisa and her family watching the Redhead Express do what they do best. Sing, Play and Entertain!
Darryl and I left North Carolina on Dec. 27th and drove to Anna Maria Island in Florida to visit with Patty and Chuck for an evening. The following day we drove on down to Key West, set up camp at Boyd's Campground and RV Park and then went to see Cody and the family at Blue Heaven. We enjoyed a couple of care-free days in Key West and, of course, New Years Eve. 

New Years Eve Fun at The Blue Heaven Restaurant with Darryl and Sweet Rachel...

And with my handsome son! 

Let's play Peek-a-boo Daddy!

I see you! 

 A wonderful evening of great food, fabulous music and being with our "Redhead" family! 

Sunrise on New Years Day 2017

Cody, Alisa and Rachel came to camp with us for the week and we also had this visitor come by our tent.

Alisa and I took a morning walk and went to the beach. She  wanted to make friends with the seagulls....

They were not that interested in being friends.

More fun music at Blue Heaven. The girls always draw a crowd and the Walker Boys do a great job entertaining too!

I love my early morning walks and the sunrises from our campsite.

So that was our New Years.  On January 5th we moved our camp up to Sunshine Key and stayed with the Walkers when the bands finished playing at Blue Heaven and Schooner Wharf. They then played at Boondocks on Summerland Key. After this Darryl and I went on the road with the Redhead Express, going to Tampa, Florida, South Texas and Phoenix, Arizona with them on their tour. More of that in the next post!