Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tra La... It's May!!

Well, the month started off normal enough for the Cunningham Family..... with Cody getting 7 staples in his head. He learned he is a little too tall to stand up underneath the playground platform. 

 Darryl returned from Hungary and brought souvenirs. Hungary is known for their wonderful Paprika!

This wonderful old chair is one Darryl bought in Texas about 30 years ago and a friend of ours re-upholstered it for us. After 30 years it was in need of recovering again. I took it all apart, put in new cushions and padding ....

.... and upholstered it in this beautiful fabric Darryl bought.

The three of us (Darryl, Cody and I) have really enjoyed our little Sugar Puppy. She is training us pretty well so we give her treats and snacks when she sits, lies down, stays, etc. 

 On Monday the 20th Hillary came to stay for a week with her Sweet Baby Gabriel Russell. He is 12 weeks old and weighs 14 lbs. already. What a big boy!
Darryl is busy running the crew for Dome Technology's new office building. Thursday the  23rd was the inflation of the office dome. Hillary and I took little Gabriel to see it. Well, he slept through the whole thing, but Hillary and I had a good time.

After returning home from the inflation Grandma Cindy laid down to take a short nap. Pretty soon Gabriel came in to wake me up.  He is just the sweetest little baby boy ever!!

Somewhere amongst my pictures and posts I have a photo of a sweet granddaughter sitting in this punch bowl with a huge bow on her head. Gabriel thought he would try it out before he got to big to fit.

It's spring and summer. That means fresh Lemon Meringue pie for Darryl and Cody. It is my favorite pie to make.

And finally, Little Miss Reagan's quilt is finished. I hand stitched this quilt for her.
Skye and Ryan's quilt is on the quilting machine and I am starting to sew Little Miss Tyree's quilt together. I will post pictures of those when I have finished.  
I have been planting the flower beds and garden so I will post pictures in a few days. Until then - Y'all have a great Memorial Day weekend!