Sunday, May 31, 2009

Have I Seen His Hand In My Life Today?

This is my thought for the week. I have decided that I need these little reminders more than anyone. As I try to improve myself to become more like my Savior, Jesus Christ, I find that these little thoughts help me to focus on what it is I need to work on in my life. Every day as I check my blog, I can feel such a wondrful spirit and gentle reminder.

I hope you don't mind.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Under the Sea

Last Saturday we went to the Largest indoor tank aquarium in the world, The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta! The first fish you see as you enter the aquarium are the tanks of yellowfin Tuna! The largest tank has over 6.3 million gallons of water in their "Ocean Adventure" tank. This aquarium has four whale sharks in this tank along with several other types of sharks, rays and a myriad of other sea life. This was the largest of the young whale sharks, she is 22 ft. long.

Notice this young Manta Ray (only 8 - 10 ft. across) and right underneath it is a juvenile sting ray (about 1 1/2 ft. across) I guess the manta rays will grow up to 22 ft. across.

After the big tank we went to the "Cold Ocean"/ Artic ocean exhibit.

We got to pet the sea anemones. Since they are 95% water you almost had to look to see if you were touching them.

These Giant Japanese Spider Crabs are a lot bigger than they appear.

Look at how big they are compared to the man's hand!

The Beluga Whales were a favorite .... Is she looking at us?

Cody, Skye and Ryan Whale watching!

More beautiful Belugas..

And the green whale is about to get beached..... so to speak. :-)

This is where my hip went out AGAIN!! Luckily, Darryl grabbed me. The Aquarium worker standing nearby wanted to call in the EMT's for help! Darryl said "nah... There is no help for her."
Okay... These little guys were amazing. They are called "Garden Eels". Ryan says that on the ocean floor they are so thick they look like a seaweed or grass. They were mesmerizing to watch. I have a short video of them below.

I liked these pretty fish. They had so many beautiful and vibrant colored fish here. It is impossible to explain to you how big, both in area and in aquatic life, this aquarium is.

Skye and Ryan "Under the Sea". Actually, I think this exhibit was Darryl's favorite. It was in the Rivers and Streams exhibit. Of course I think Darryl might have liked the architechture and finish work as much as the fish.

This Loggerhead turtle was in the "Georgia" sea life exhibit.
The following video clips are pretty short, but I thought they were interesting. I forgot to post the Jelly fish pictures. maybe I can talk Cody into putting them up on his site.
Here are the Garden eels popping up and down. They are so Cool!!!

This video is from the tunnel going under the Big Tank. Darryl was amazed not only with the fish but also with the super strength caulk that was holding the pieces of plexiglass together.

More of the Big Tank.

This guy was looking up at us from the bottom of the big Tank.

Until next time..... Be seeing you!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Wedding Twist!

Wow... Watch Patty teach the youngsters a thing or two about doing the twist!! Way to go Sis!

The real reason for this video is the videographer was hoping my hip would go out while I was dancing and he wanted film of me hitting the floor.

(I love you too Ryan)

Dancing the Night Away!

Cody and Aunt Sandy get down with their bad selves!

Celebrating Erin and Ben!

On May 16th my niece, Erin McCrea, Married her longtime sweetheart, Ben Gantz. The wedding was very elegant and beautiful and everything a bride could want. The reception was great fun and we had the opportunity to visit with friends and family we hadn't seen in years. This post has a TON of pictures in it. Not because they are so great, but so anyone who sees one they like can right click on it and save it to their computer.

The pictures of the empty hall and of the wedding party entering I will confess to taking plus a few other candid family photos. Most of the time I was too occupied with setting up and serving the cake and punch to take pictures, so thanks to David, Eric, Ryan, Darryl, Cody and whoever else grabbed my camera to get the rest of the pictures.

The Cousins immediately after the wedding.
The Aunts and Uncles with the Bride and Groom.

Uncle Chucks Rolling "Love Shack" Carried the wedding party to the reception.
Okay, The bridesmaid and Maid of Honor are (in order) Erin's sisters Kendra,
And Jessica with Ben's Brother.
The only Guys' names I remember are the Ring bearer, Zane, and one of the Groomsmen was Blaze! Sorry guys, I really was busy!
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Gantz entering the reception hall.
The Sampson's and the Schorr's. Katy, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Bob, Carter, Lucas and Paul.
Eric and Mary Sampson and Daughters, Abbi, Megan and Emily.
Tess and Audry Eppert coloring.
Sheryl and Randy Eppert, holding Samuel, and Aunt Peggy.
Aunt Peggy and Uncle Ronald Eppert.
Eric and Mary Sampson
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bob Sampson

Erin dancing with her dad, Kevin.
The Eppert Kids.
My Brother John Wayne Eppert III, and from left to right, Michelle Rae McCrea (affectionately called Shelly by her siblings), Patricia Ann Wiley (always called Patty Ann) Sandra Kay Shawver (known to all family and friends as Sandy) and me, Cindy Sue.
This is the first time in at least 7 years that the five of us have been together.
A rare family treat! Siblings and their spouses all together.
Cody takes Aunt Sandy for a "Swing".
Gideon is fading fast.
Wow Jesse, it must be serious.... Maybe Ryan can come up with a good caption for this one... :-)
Kevin and his group "Graybeard" perform at the brides request! It was Great. They had us all singing along!
Ryan gets some sugar from Skye.
Sunday Afternoon the family went to Michelle and Kevin's to eat, relax, visit and watch the happy couple open their gifts.

Clint and his new buddy, little Adam.

Sandy, John and I all had to leave. The time we spent together was much too short. Let's not wait so long to get together again!
Thanks Erin and Ben for a wonderful week full of Memories!