Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Wedding Day

"Where are you going, my little one, little one?
Where are you going, my baby my own?
Turn around and your two,
Turn around and your four,
Turn around and your a young girl going out of the door."
That was a very popular song when I was about 11 years old, and I remember seeing tears in my mothers eyes as she sang it. I had no understanding then of how a mother feels,....... but I do now.
How very happy I am for my beautiful daughter and her new husband.... Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Platt.
Ahhh yes, my baby girl is married.....

...and her sweet husband has been completely accepted into the family as demonstrated by Lydia..
..and the other nieces and nephews. Don't they look happy with Aunt Hillary and Uncle Jake?

The wedding reception at the Ellis M. Sanders house was very beautiful, and the weather co-operated completely. Cali has many pictures of the wedding, at the temple and reception up on her blog so look to the right and click on 'Cali and Travis' and check it out.

Her wedding cake was delicious.....

I feel like I should put a disclaimer before these next pictures.... but then, they are MY GIRLS!
The night before the wedding the sisters got together to throw a little party for Hillary. Somehow it ended up with a Morrocan theme.. Go figure.

Someone stayed up a little too late I think.

AHHH..... Here are the REAL sisters.

And our family and friends...

The Bride and Groom with the Brides family and Aunts and Uncles.

This picture is what Grandpa Bill would have called "The Whole Famdamly".

We did a lot of other things in the last three weeks while we were in Nauvoo, but this was the highlight of our trip. I will post pictures of the pageant and family fun in a few days.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

July Fun

Darryl flew into St. Louis on July 3rd, and on Independence Day we set up camp at Nauvoo State Park. In the Afternoon we registered for the Nauvoo pageant, met up with old friends and made many new friends! This is Hillary and Chuck Baker.

By July 4th, Cody had already been in Nauvoo a week with the work crew.

Rehearsals for the pageant started on the 4th and keep us busy every day but Sunday.

As we spent time rehearsing with our new friends, Cody and the work crew were busy building the sets, setting the lights and having LOTS of fun!

And at sunset we look toward the temple and thank our Heavenly Father that we are able to be here at this time serving the Lord and our fellowman.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back Home Again In Indiana

Okay..... so this picture was taken in Missouri before we left for Nauvoo. Hillary woke up looking like a Hollywood "Mug" shot, so we just had to have a picture. It was probably an omen of things to come. Shortly after she fixed her hair she was outside and was stung by a wasp. We gave her some Benedryl, Advil and Vitamin C. It did control the swelling, but Benedryl and Hillary do not make good traveling companions. (Girls, It was like Hillary on Sugar and Dramamine) "Whew"!! .... Cody and I felt so bad for her. By 4:00 in the afternoon she was feeling much better, but she decided to put up with the swelling and not take anymore Benedryl. We went to Indiana on the 1st and stayed with Michelle and Kevin and girls. I love their new house. Great Job Kevin!!! It sits on a lake in Centerpoint.
I was so happy for Shelly in her beautiful new kitchen.
And Kevin has a den where he can work on his music.
Then Kevin took us out on the lake in his speed boat...... er... row boat, and I took pictures of their house from the lake.

It is very peaceful and tranquil on their little piece of Heaven on Earth.
This is my neice Laura......
and her younger sister, Kendra.
On July 2nd we went to Garber Photography and had Hillary's bridal portraits done. I can't put up those pictures yet, so here is a picture of Jimmy and Linda Garber and their son Chris, who travels the world with a band working on a cruise ship. He is currently cruising to Alaska.
Next post..... Darryl's home for the 4th of July.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For His Sisters

We arrived in Nauvoo around noon on the 30th of June. Cody was so excited to set up our camp and get to work on the work crew, that he started to put the jacks down on the trailer at supersonic speed and the jack handle flew off and hit him in the face. We had only been in Nauvoo 5 minutes! We took him to the pageant check in and they had an RN who had just showed up to work on staff. The nurse fixed his face up just fine. You would be proud of him though. He didn't bleed on his white shirt. Ah..... That's just Cody and we love him!

Celebrating the Summer

Cindy, Hillary and Cody visited Mike and Angie and their familyon the 29th. We shot off fireworks and generally had a wonderful time.

We went to church with them, and later picked up the trailer, had Biscuits, Sausage and gravy, and the left on a new adventure.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Darryl In Casablanca

On Saturday June 21st Darryl and Aziz went to Casablanca. They drove down the picturesque Boulevards.... Toured the many beach clubs......
Took a ride on the train...... (this is the main train station).......
And of course, Darryl took pictures of the older buildings to show us the cool.....architecture.....
Aziz took him to the 2nd largest Mosque in the world,,,,,

He really enjoyed his few days there....

In the picture below.... he isn't sure what the entrance was for, but he was astounded by how beautiful it was.
And he was able to get another good pictures of Goats in the trees!!!
I will try to put more up in a day or two. Have a great Sunday!