Saturday, September 13, 2014

Meet the Future Mrs. Cunningham!!

 Yes, you read that right! Cody is engaged to this gorgeous young lady.

Alisa Walker. A muscian and singer with a beautiful spirit. She and her sisters are The Redhead Experss, a wonderful bluegrass, country and gospel band that performs all over the US. 
These first two pictures were taken shortly after Cody and Alisa reunited for the first time in 6 years. A photographer asked them to model for some couples shots. I think everyone could see what was in their future!

 This was Tuesday evening September 9th. He was a little nervous I'm told.

 Alisa and the Redhead Express band had just finished performing "Cowboy, Take Me Away".
Cody decided to take her up on it.
"Well, I'm not really much of a cowboy, but anything I am and everything I am I want you to have....."
"Alisa Walker, will you marry me?"  



Cody and Alisa met at the Nauvoo Pageant 6 years ago. She was 15 yrs old. Cody was a month from his 18th birthday and looking forward to going on a mission the following year. A year or so later Alisa 'friended' me on Facebook and kept us apprised of  the band's touring schedule, news of the family, etc. This spring she and Cody became 'Friends' on Facebook, and the rest is history.
The Engagement Ring Story:

After spending a few weeks with Alisa Cody knew this was going to be something special. While in Nauvoo he purchased a piece of stone from the original Nauvoo Temple. With the help of his sister Shiloh, they made this beautiful ring with that piece of stone commemorating the wonderful place where they first met. Now they will be married in the Nauvoo Temple on November 25th. 
How truly blessed we are to have this wonderful young woman join our family!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hong Kong's Sky-Land-Sea Adventures

It was back to Hong Kong for us last weekend. We were able to stay about 42 hours this time. We arrived around noon on Friday the 22nd. We rode the MTR to Olympic Station and walked to the hotel, stopping at Burgerman (delicious) for some lunch.  After settling into the hotel we went to the Markets for some souvenir shopping.
Cami, this was the red bean parfait advertisement (along with a berry flurry) outside of the McDonald's. Just for you.

Temple Street, where they set up the night market.

A small portion of the Jade Market 

Mongkok just before sunset.

Saturday around noon we took the train to Lantau Island. We found the 'Elephant Parade' in the square -

'Naughty Ollie'

'Forest Folk Tales'

Darryl with 'Little Treasure'.

Darryl by 'Lantern Festival' and 'You're my Rhythm and Blues' in the background.

The one below is called 'Moonlight Kiss'.

'Mahjong' in green and 'Peace in the City' by the girl.



'Cherry Moon'

We purchased out tickets for the 360 tour then we got on the tram and rode up the mountain to Ngong Ping

We were in a glass encased, glass bottom tram. Hence the name '360'.

A view of a small part of Lantau Island. Lantau is where Hong Kong, International Airport and Hong Kong Disney are located.

Looking over the airport toward the mainland.

There were trails that you could hike over the several mountain tops to Ngong Ping village. It was 89   degrees and 90% humidity. I did not envy the hikers.

The Big Buddah comes in view.

The hiking path and some falls.

The "Culturally Themed" tourist village of Ngong Ping. Full of shops and souvenirs.

We boarded a tour bus and headed to the little fishing village of Tai O, billed in the brochure as "The Venice of the Orient" - A village of houses on stilts in the water, quaint fish shops and a chance to see the famous Chinese White Dolphins (which are actually pink from the sun)

Making "Fish Balls". They deep fat fry seasoned boiled squid into perfect balls. I tried one. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good either.

Boarding the boat for a tour on the canal past the houses.

This is a restaurant.


I've never been to Venice, Italy.....

But I think it might look a little different.

This is quaint though, and smells like I thought a fishing village would smell.

Heading out to open sea and hopefully a glimpse of the dolphins.

The Police station.

There's a dolphin!!

Look! another one.

Three times we saw a pretty pink back and dorsal fin break the water,

But I was never fast enough to catch it on the camera.

It was very exciting to see them though.

Back to the little village....

This time to take a walk through town.

Dried fish and rays.

Dried Shark.

Local fishermen bringing in their catch.

Our tour bus.

Darryl finally got a picture of the pink dolphins. Granted, it was a poster in the tourist bureau window, but at least you can see what we were looking at.

I still have to post pictures of the Big Buddha and the beautiful Temple and Monastery. I will try to get that done on Tuesday. Until then - If you ever plan a trip to Hong Kong be sure to include an excursion to Lantau Island and the Big Buddha in your Itinerary.