Thursday, September 12, 2019

Eppert Family Reunion 2019

Labor Day Weekend 2019
The Eppert Family Reunion is always the best family fun! 

I showed up a couple days early to help Patty get things ready for the reunion. She rewarded me with a ride in her BMW convertible.

 I'm thinking it looks good on me. 

Saturday morning, August 31st was the Annual Eppert Golf Scramble at Mark's Par Three Golf Course in Glen. My friend from my school days, Candy LaGrange McCord, who owns the Golf course, meets Wesley. 

Wesley and I were on a team with my nephew Clint Wiley, my cousin Eric Sampson and Eric's daughter Katie (my 1st cousin once removed 😉 )

Katie tees off.

Eric showing us how it's done! (Nice form)

Clint's drive put us on the green.

Wesley was enjoying his time on the course with Katie.

And he really loved being Eric's buddy.

So much fun!

After Golf it was time to take the grandchildren on a little family history tour.

We started with a picnic in Seelyville at the shelter which is a memorial to my father, John 'Doc' Eppert and his friend Jim McKenzie, to honor them for their years of service on the Seelyville Volunteer Fire Department.

So - much - fun! Jonas tries the mullet look. (Don't ever do that again Joe!)


Fun with Shiloh and Cami!

After our picnic we drove to the Old Eppert Cemetery in Cloverland just off St. Rd. 340.

This is where our Eppert ancestors are buried.

George Washington Eppert (born 1832) and his wife Elizabeth Anderson, along with several of their children.

And his Father John Eppert (born 1800) and his wife Mary Freeman Elstun Eppert and several of their 15 children.

John and Mary's headstone had fallen off the plinth so some of our group used their muscles to set it upright.

This is the grave of Franklin Eppert who died in the Civil War in 1864 at age 21.

From there we went to Clearview Cemetery to put flowers on the graves of Dad "Grandpa Doc" and Louise.

And then to Cottage Hill Cemetery to put flowers on the grave George Lewis Eppert who was killed in October 1918 in the Argonne of France during WWI. He was an airplane mechanic and was struck by a propeller as he cranked a plane to start it. The war ended 18 days later.

We also put flowers on my Grandparents and Great-Grandparents graves, then drove to Stunkard Cemetary and put flowers on the Loughmiller graves of...

baby Floyd and his parents, Charles and Edna Loughmiller who were Mildred Eppert's parents. Floyd died at the age of two when Grandma Eppert was 4 yrs. old.
After the Cemetery tour we went up the "The Eppert Farm" to Randy and Sheryl's home where Uncle Ronald was waiting for us with his miniature donkeys, one hitched up and ready to drive.

Oh how we love this man! My Grandchildren think he's the best!

Preston, Micah and Wesley take a turn

As does Lydia..

Grandpa and Izzy..

And Maggie, Grandma and Wesley...

Izzy was lovin' it!

The kids loved petting the Donkey's..

And everyone loved Randy's Miniature Golf Course

Finally.. I took a couple of the kids into the barn and let them climb on the combine and tractors.

Soon they were all joining in the fun!

It was a wonderful time with my grandchildren getting to know their extended family..

And having fun doing it! 

We next headed south to Center point to Michelle and Kevin's house for a cook out and more food and fun.

 I think everyone caught at least one fish.

I'm not sure what all the "Fish Kissin" is about. 

But the good times are evident by the smiles on their faces!

(Fess up Jonas, this is really why you bought that ice cream, right?)

Well, except maybe for the fish, I don't think they were having such a great time. 

Grandpa take a turn to relax and snuggle Wesley.

The 2nd cousins getting to know each other - Micah and Ava

And Aunt Sandy getting to know her new nephew Wesley!

Lovin' the spikey 'do'.

Mack and Micah

Hallie, Emmie, Sammie and Boone.

No Adrianna! Don't do it!

That slimy thing will never turn into a prince no matter how much you 'mack' on it!

*sigh* Maggie, you're not supposed to suck it's lips.

Nope! Still not a prince.

2nd cousins all around with Adam, Boone and Emmie.

Lookin' good Erin.

1st cousins (Erin and Cami) and their 2nd cousin sons (Mack and Ransom).

Double 1st cousins Lily and Lydia. (Think about it. You'll figure it out.)

Cami, me, Michelle and Erin.

Sunday September 1, 2019 -
I love my sisters and I love to sing with them. We sang one of my favorite songs "Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine" at Michelle's church, The Seelyville United Methodist Church on Sunday morning.

 3:00 p.m.- time to get this Circus started.
First up, family photo.
62 family members (including 1 fiance' and 2 boyfriends) in attendance and 4 other friends for a total of 66 at this shindig!

We teamed up and had a competition of Circus Carnival games including Clown Face painting.
Jason.. you are a natural!

Audrey and Joseph paint Gage's face.

While the rest of the clan compete at ring toss, basketball, Nerf gun and paint ball shooting, and more.

Awww... great job Gage.

Michelle explains the basketball rules.

Sheryl, Matt and Mary go for the big score.

Lydia was chosen to be her team's clown.

Chuck running the ball and bean bag toss games.

Like father like son... Micah makes a great clown.

As does Boone.

Shooting at small targets with paint balls is harder than it looks, but Aunt Nancy Scores as Sandy looks on.

Shiloh and Abbi try their hands at the slingshot Paint ball.

Mary and Matt try to knock over some cans.

Isabelle (top) and Reansom (below) score some points for their teams.

Cami showing Kevin how it's done...or not.

Maggie artists did a good job on her clown face.

Ransom has an Emmet Kelly vibe going on with his clown look.

Jacob helping Izzy with her makeup.

Now that's cute!

Go Marshall! You can do it!

Benny in the makeup chair, Cami and Izzy picking ducks for prizes.

Nice clown look Miss Ava!

Shiloh did a great job on Benny.

More fun and games..

and finally time to relax. The kids were mesmerized by the koi pond.

and everyone loves the 9 square game.

Soon it was time to eat some delicious food and visit, our favorite part.

ans maybe rest just a little bit.

Marshall and Izzy said they can't wait to come back next year.

Because it was the most fun!

Darryl and I have to agree!

Uncle Ronald and Aunt Nancy both spoke of how blessed we are to be able to get together and have such a wonderful time.
I agree.