Sunday, October 16, 2016

Our Santiago Church Friends and Fun!

One of the greatest blessings of living and working in Santiago is how many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints live there. We were members of the Recoleta Oriente Ward in the Zapadores Stake, one of over 20 stakes in Santiago. Oh how we loved going to Church and other activities with these wonderful brothers and sisters who delight in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
There were four Missionaries in our ward and we were able to feed them quite regularly. Here we had them over with Lalo and Kirby for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Our ward and Stake Relief Societies were fantastic! This was an activity celebrating Self Reliance and food and customs from neighboring nations.

They go above and beyond when it comes to making sure we all have a wonderful time. 

I was asked to participate in a traditional Peruvian Dance. We practiced for a couple of weeks and had so much fun!

Unfortunately, the video won't upload.. but check out the goodie table!

Darryl and I also participated in the Zapadores Stake Choir. This was Stake Conference in March, just a few days before we left to return to the United States.

With sweet sister Scarlett and my dear friend Sister Marisol.

Sister Marisol and I

This is Esther's Grandmother, so I just always called her "Hermana Abuela". 

And wonderful Leslie, our Choir director...

Leslie's Mom was our Stake Relief Society President, Rosita Miller. (No, she doesn't speak English.)

Darryl and I also had the opportunity to participate in a couple of firesides. This was a Marriage fireside at the stake center. They asked Darryl and I to sing a duet and speak a little on Marriage. 
♥🌹♥ 🌹♥
These are the people from our ward, Recoleta Oriente, who attended.

Darryl and I will Hermana Miller. She would always tell me, "Cindy, I love you"!

With the Stake Relief Society Presidency.

After the program, as we were taking down chairs and tables and cleaning up, someone decided to have a little bit of fun with the decorations.

Yeah... they decided we needed to get "married"...Haha!

The last Saturday in March was our Stake Relief Society "Games". Our Stake President, Emilio Diaz, addressed us, and then it was time for fun and games!

I was a proud member of the Narajitas! (Little Orange team)

Brother David Pizzaro... Oh what would we do without you?

As we travel around the globe for work, knowing that the church is always there with members to welcome us in and nurture us in the gospel is one of the greatest blessings of all

Singing in Santiago!

Anyone who knows me knows I love to sing! I can't say Darryl loves to sing, but he likes to sing well enough to go with me and support me by singing in the church choir and doing a few duets and ensembles  when asked. Almost as soon as we started going to church in Santiago we were asked to sing in the Stake Choir. I had also been asked to sing a Solo at the Zapadores Stake Seminary Graduation. 

But the highlight for mt was singing in the Christmas Program Presentation.
At Christmas time our Stake Chorus participated in a Multi-Stake Christmas Program presented for the city at the Recoleta City complex. 

Each municipality in Santiaogo has their own slogan. In Recoleta it is "Vivir Mejor Es Posible", or "To live better is possible". 
Below we are getting ready for our last rehearsal.

The entire program lasted about an hour and a half.

Our good friend Joel sings his solo "When Joseph went to Bethlehem" 
(I don't know the Spanish Title).

The Zapadores Stake Chorus. We presented three songs.

Oh how I love these wonderful people!

 The two altos (Sister Marisol and I) Singing our duet.

There were 5 different choruses that performed at the program, then we all combined to sing three songs. This is one of the other groups.

The crowd about 20  minutes before the start of the program.

The missionaries from one of the Santiago Mission Zones perform.

The Dancer for "Con Mi Burrito Sabanero". 

With the Dancers from "Mary's little Boy Child".

I also sang a solo in Spanish, "Silent Night" and  sang in a Sextet formed from the 5 choirs. It was an honor and a blessing for me to sing a solo as I was the only non-Spanish speaker, and besides Darryl, was the only non Chileno to perform. 

Darryl and Nicolas in the back and Marisol and Leslie (Our Stake Director) in the front.

The end of a lovely Sabbath Day!

The Zapadores Stake Christmas Chorus.


Having fun at the end of the program!
 There were about 100 Singers, musicians and dancers participating in the event. It was sponsored by the Missionary department. What a joyful time!