Sunday, April 9, 2017


I can't believe it! Easter is a week away and I haven't updated my blog in 3 months. That's 1/4 of a year gone without posting anything. But I will try to remedy that now. Let's go back to the first of the year.

Once again we spent the New Year Holiday in Key West Florida with Little Rachel, Cody, Alisa and her family watching the Redhead Express do what they do best. Sing, Play and Entertain!
Darryl and I left North Carolina on Dec. 27th and drove to Anna Maria Island in Florida to visit with Patty and Chuck for an evening. The following day we drove on down to Key West, set up camp at Boyd's Campground and RV Park and then went to see Cody and the family at Blue Heaven. We enjoyed a couple of care-free days in Key West and, of course, New Years Eve. 

New Years Eve Fun at The Blue Heaven Restaurant with Darryl and Sweet Rachel...

And with my handsome son! 

Let's play Peek-a-boo Daddy!

I see you! 

 A wonderful evening of great food, fabulous music and being with our "Redhead" family! 

Sunrise on New Years Day 2017

Cody, Alisa and Rachel came to camp with us for the week and we also had this visitor come by our tent.

Alisa and I took a morning walk and went to the beach. She  wanted to make friends with the seagulls....

They were not that interested in being friends.

More fun music at Blue Heaven. The girls always draw a crowd and the Walker Boys do a great job entertaining too!

I love my early morning walks and the sunrises from our campsite.

So that was our New Years.  On January 5th we moved our camp up to Sunshine Key and stayed with the Walkers when the bands finished playing at Blue Heaven and Schooner Wharf. They then played at Boondocks on Summerland Key. After this Darryl and I went on the road with the Redhead Express, going to Tampa, Texas and Arizona with them on their tour. More of that in the next post!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

60th Birthday and Christmas In North Carolina

We left Skye's on Tuesday Dec. 20th and stopped in at Grandma Peggy's and visited with her and Darryl's sister, Cindy Marie and her boys, Matt and Will for a few hours. Darryl did a little maintenance and then we left for Iron Station.
On Christmas Eve Shiloh and Jason and their family cleaned the church, this is how they finished, playing human dominoes.

On Christmas eve we went up to Grandma Peggy's to celebrate my birthday and be with grandma. We had delicious ham and cheese sliders with baked beans and salad for supper and Cami made me a delicious Buche de Noel cake.

I was just grateful they didn't put 60 candles on those "Yule Logs".  The kids helped me blow out my candles.

After birthday we watched as the grandchildren put on a Nativity Pageant for Grandma Peggy. I played the piano and we all sang Christmas Carols.

Our "Baby Jesus" was in a shoe box for a manger. Lily was Mary, Benny and Micah were sheep and Gage was the donkey.

Adam was Joseph..

Grandpa Darryl read the Christmas story out of Luke Chapter 2 while the kids acted it out.

Jonas and Cole were wise men and Preston was the shepherd.

Emily, Adrianna and Lydia were the chorus of Angels...

And Maggie was the new Golden star in the East.

Even with all the giggles and wardrobe issues, it was so very touching and brought tears to our eyes.

It was a wonderful way to spend our Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning at Cami and Jacob's started off with opening stockings and gifts and then having Goldenrod for breakfast.

Jacob passes out the gifts.

Lily and Cami on a very Merry Christmas Morning.

It wouldn't be Christmas without our fabulous Family Calendar.

Lily knows grandma likes herb tea and hot cocoa and she gave me a very cute "Grandma" mug.

Cami had two trees set up in their house, the "Present" tree in the family room and the white tree with the train in the living room.

Church was at 11:00 and we had a wonderful meeting. Darryl and I sang in the ward Choir. Shiloh is the choir director and asked us to sing with them. We also sang a family Christmas number with Shiloh, Jason, Cami, Mike Guffey, Emily, Jonas, Darryl, Cami, Adrianna, Lily and me.

After Church Cami and Jacob went home and Darryl and I went to Mike and Dru Guffey's to watch Shiloh and Jason and family open Christmas Gifts.

Benny Jammin' on his new guitar...

and showing it off.
We had such a wonderful Christmas day. In the evening we went back to Cami and Jacobs and played games, watched Christmas movies, had hot cocoa and enjoyed the holiday and reflected on how very blessed we are!
On Monday we had a second Christmas at Mike and Dru's and on Monday evening we went on a Wagon Ride through the lights of Tanglewood in Clemmens, NC. We sang Christmas Carols for the entire 1hr. 30 min. ride and everyone Ooo'd and Aahhh'd over the magnificent light displays. What a wonderful way to end our Christmas Holiday!
Merry Christmas to one and all!