Sunday, December 16, 2018

Nottoway Plantation

If there is one thing I love to do in this part of Louisiana, it is tour the beautiful homes they have here. Thanksgiving weekend Darryl and I visited the beautiful 
Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, Louisiana.

Completed in 1859 this plantation's 53,000 square feet makes it the largest remaining antebellum mansion in the South.

It was built on the Mississippi River by sugarcane magnate John Hampden Randolph for his wife and their 11 children. With it's 200 yr. old oak trees and gardens the exterior is peaceful and beautiful and everything you would think a plantation manse would be.

The craftsman ship on the inside was stunning. One of the few plantations that have been in use constantly since it was built. It was saved from the ravages of the Civil War when John left for Texas with all but a few of their slaves and his wife stayed home with the remaining 4 children. The Yankees encamped in their yard so she pledged loyalty to the Union so when the officers took over the house, they allowed her and the children to stay. 

The commanding officer had his men carry most of the valuable furniture and belongings up to the attic. She and her house slaves had already hidden much of the silver and smaller things of value.

This beautiful home is now a resort with a restaurant for fine dining. They also host many different events. This month they will host a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.

In the main hall you can see the long staircase and some of the detail plaster work on the ceiling.

The "White" Ballroom was a sitting room when they were not entertaining and two of the daughters were married in this room.

They still host parties and weddings in this lovely space. 

One of the parlors.

The dining room.

This ingenious, yet simple contraption is a plate warmer. You stack the plates in there and set it in front of the fire. The plates are nice and toasty when it's time to put food on them and serve.

The original china to the plantation.

Another sitting room. Today it is set up as a music room.

I love this music cabinet for sheet music.

The hallway in the top floor was used like a "family room" by the Randolphs.

A look at the river from the upstairs, or top floor.

The upstairs is where the bedrooms were located. This is the wife's bedroom, 

and across the hall was the Master Bedroom. The 2 'wings' or ells of the house are where the children's bedrooms and some guest rooms were. Boys in one ell and girls in another. 

The ground floor where the restaurant is located.

Someday, before we finish this job we plan on eating at this restaurant. They have great reviews.

 We walked out he front gate, across the street and up the levy to see the view of the house from the river.

These are the bonfires that they build all along the Mississippi River throughout the state. They burn them on Christmas eve.

 Yes, from the top two floors of the house you can see the river traffic if the ships are big enough. And these ocean going vessels are definitely big enough.

It was a lovely journey back in time to another era...
You will have to come Nottoway sometimes 

Life in Louisiana - Take #2

November 5, 2018
We stayed for 5 days in the hotel at Port Allen while we looked for apartments for us and for our crew. We found some very nice apartments in Addis, LA, The Sugar Mill Apartments~
Sunday November 11, 2018 
Our first Sunday we drove over to Gonzales to go to church in our old ward. I can't tell you how happy it made me to have three of the youth, who I taught 6 & 7 yrs ago as 9-10 yr olds, come up and give me hugs. Katy Perileoux and Zachery Purser, pictured here, and also Courtney Hughes.

These are great apartments. It's just at 1/2 mile around the perimeter of the complex,..

...also, our apartment is huge, 1100 square ft. Plenty of room inside to do my yoga!

 The temperatures are warm and there are many friends to visit, restaurants we like to visit and things to do ... it's going to be a great place to spend the winter!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Moving On ----

October 1, 2019
The first week of October found us cleaning and loading the equipment to go back to Idaho Falls. 

On October 5th as the snow was flying, we checked out of the hotel and headed back to Idaho Falls. There was so much to do before going to our next assignment.... wherever that might be.

In September Cali received news that she had been hired by the Maricopa County, Arizona Prosecutors Office. She had 7 weeks to sell her house, pack and move to Phoenix.

There was some worked that needed done, the most important was stripping the shingles off the roof and putting new shingles up. Darryl worked for a week to get it done with the help of Barry South, Jesse Kay and neighbors and friends.

It took a little longer than we wanted, but he finally got it all finished.

Dome Technology also told us that we would be going to England for a few weeks so we needed to do some extra safety testing and new identification for the project, which meant new photos. We weren't supposed to smile, but my hair was looking pretty good so I took and extra one.

Darryl only stood still long enough to take his "official" photo.

While we were staying at Jesse and Kelly's they got a new puppy for the kids. This sweet little dachshund named Bandit.

I also had a little time to practice my baking skills.

I made my very first puff pastry..

and the crescent rolls and turnovers turned out delicious, if I do say so myself. 
Halloween came while we were there. It was great to see all the Jack-o-lanterns around....

We dressed up and went to the Ward Trunk or Treat Halloween Party.

Lookin' good Tyree~

 I dressed up as "Madam Medusa" and decorated the back of my mini van..... 'The Puppy Dog's Pumpkin Patch". You can't see it very well, but the puppy is wearing Red Plaid Pajamas. I won the "Best Trunk" award. I think it was the puppy that won it for me.

Friday November 2, 2018
Darryl and I left for our next work assignment in Port Allen Louisiana. 
We spent the 1st night in Green River, Utah and the next day, Saturday, we drove to Gallup, New Mexico where Darryl bought me a beautiful Turquois & Silver cuff. From Gallup it was on to Burkburnet, Texas to spend the Night with Sandy and David. 
Sunday November 4, 2018

Sunday morning, after a delicious breakfast with Sandy and David, we drove to Weatherford, Texas and went to the Weatherford, Ward where we saw many, many dear friends. Sandra Carroll, Theda Marciniak, Kayla and Roy Calderon, Gwen Concrite, Marsha Norwood and her daughter Becca and Becca's family, and others, & of course Bob and Su Bell.

After church we went to Bob and Su's for a waffle dinner with Jim and Marsha Norwood. What a delightful time we had visiting and talking of our families and of old times. After Jim and Marsha left Darryl helped Bob fix a couple of their clocks.
This clock is very special to Bob. It was given to Bob's mother by her grandfather. It hadn't run in years and in just over an hour they had it running. 
Bob and Su asked us to spend the night, which we were glad to do, and we left first thing Monday Morning for Louisiana.