Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Taking a Travel break - Rachel and the Fishies

From August 5, 2017
I know this post is out of order, I should have put it in right before the wedding but I forgot about these pictures, so I'll put it in here to break up the travel tales.
It wouldn't be a complete visit to Indiana if we didn't stop for a few minutes at Chuck's Koi pond and see the beautiful fish. All the little ones love to watch the fish and Uncle Chuck will let them throw fish food into the pond and watch them eat. 
On the day of Clint's wedding we took Rachel to see all the fishies! She counted them for her daddy. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5!..."

There were always 5 fishies even though there are about 30 in the pond!
"Look at that pretty one daddy! Orange!"

A relaxing moment with her daddy!

She told us some "Fish Stories",

and after her story she fed the fish by throwing them handfuls of fish food. 

She laughed at the fish fighting for the food.

It was only for a short while, but it was such a nice and peaceful break in a very busy day!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Leaving Tupelo -

I have to say that I fell in love with Northeast Mississippi and the city of Tupelo! It's a bright, beautiful, friendly place where I never had a concern for my safety. They pride themselves on the care they take with Downtown and Business Districts, the Natchez Trace and of course, the Birthplace of America's first Music Superstar, Elvis Presley. In Tupelo you have a real sense of community. So many activities going on all the time and everyone, even strangers, who smile and treat you like family. It was sad when we finally had to start packing to leave. 
Things I will miss -
Riding bikes with Darryl on the Natchez Trace and around town.

My morning swim....

And reading by the pool.

Images of Elvis ....

I never really appreciated his great talent or the trails of his life after he skyrocketed to fame.

Walking the parks on Sundays.

My early morning, very warm walks.

And so many friends from church and our apartments.
The missionaries came over on Monday the 7th and helped Darryl move all of the furniture into the trailer. I can't thank Elder Allen and Elder Stanford enough for all of their help!

Tuesday morning we hit the road. We took the long way back to Idaho via Louisiana and Texas. 

The first stop was late Tuesday afternoon in Deridder, Lousiana to visit our dear friends Jordan and Janet Evans and their family. I can't believe how much their children have grown since March of  2014. Janet fed us well and the whole visit was a delight!

We left Deridder Wednesday morning and drove over to Burleson, Texas to visit Darryl's brother Bill and his wife Linda in their new home. We were enjoying ourselves so much I didn't even think about taking a photo. I did snap these three pictures of Grandma Yoder's Cactus flower quilt which was on our bed. 

Her applique and needle work/stitches were impeccable.

Thursday Morning we decided to drive over to Weatherford, Texas to see some familiar sites and dear friends. We hardly recognized the East and South sides of town.
We drove out to Harmony Circle and saw a For Sale sign on our old house. We decided to take a look. It was beautiful and Glenn Payne was trimming the shrubs. He invited us in an showed us around. They've done so much work!

The Happy memories I have of my children playing on this front porch.

The side yard on the west.

The finished shop building...

and the car port

 They added about a 1800 sq. foot addition onto the house that is plumbed for a kitchen. The house could really be a duplex. They tore out the old Plum Orchard and built a new brick home for their retirement.

They still use the wood stove.

And I love the new cabinets and tile in the kitchen and dining room. The atrium is gone and few other changes were made, but my memories of our first home we ever owned will never fade.
Bob and Su Bell were in Houston and we missed seeing them, but we drove on down the road to see if Jim and Marsha Norwood were home. Jim was a work but Marsha was there and two of her daughters were visiting!
  Rebecca and Missy Norwood (now Kramer and Bateman)! Missy (Melissa) was 8yrs old when I first met her and she carried the train to my wedding dress at the reception. Becca, Jesse and their friend Bonnie Bell were inseparable as little girls!

One of my dearest friends, Marsha Norwood.

We had a very nice visit with Marsha and the girls, but all too soon it was time to hit the road and head up to Burkburnett to spent the night with Sandy.

 We took Sandy out to dinner and Darryl helped her do a little tile work in her living room and fix a a couple of things before bed. We left early Friday morning for Denver where we spent the night at the Drury Inn. We were blessed with beautiful weather and not too hot temperatures for our drives. Once in Denver we found out that I-70 was a mess with lots of construction and delays, so we planned to go north through Cheyenne on Saturday morning.   

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Congratulations Clint and Christina!

The main reason for our second Indiana trip in August was to attend my nephew's wedding.
Clint Wiley married Christina Jones on August 5th. 

The wedding wasn't until Saturday afternoon so Darryl and I took the morning to show Cody the Clabber Girl Museum and visit some friends.

Miss Rachel did some dancing in the street...

And got a ride from Grandpa.

I saw this wall hanging and loved the detail in it. It made me think of Alisa, Kendra, LaRae and Meghan and family.

Miss Rachel posing for Grandma.

Cody and his little girl!

Maybe she has a future in modeling!

On our way to visit friends.
I made a new dress for the wedding. It is my new favorite church dress.

And Cody bought a new suit. It is not orange, but a very bright Red. Only he could pull this off.

Miss Rachel was so pretty in her new dress!

The last moments of being single for Clint.

I met up with a dear childhood friend I hadn't seen in over 20 years. Jody Everman Purdue.

Michelle, me, Jody, Patty and Sandy. .. forever friends.
I'm beginning to think I should have coordinated my fashion choice. Hmmm....

The bride and groom introduced for the wedding dinner.

 Clint and his beautiful mom, Patty Ann. She is so beautiful and her son is so handsome!

During the dollar dance Cody takes beautiful Christina for a spin and gets to know this new cousin.

And of course I danced with the groom. Cole (my other nephew, Clint's brother) is in the background. After this dance I went over to give Cole a hug and bumped the glass he was holding for a friend. Yep, I had beer down my back! It's all good though, it just ran off the fabric of my new dress!

Cody and Rachel taking a break outside.

I was having so much fun visiting with family and friends that I didn't get very many family pictures. I did capture this one of my niece, Jessica Templeton and her husband Matt with their children.

Darryl and I... 💖💕

With my wonderful siblings. Cindy, Michelle, John, Patricia and Sandra.

And our good looking spouses. Darryl, Kevin, Nancy, Chuck and David.

The ten of us! Oh how I love my family and the fact that we are so close.

Michelle and Clint.

"Mary Anne, Ginger and the Professor from Gilligan's Island". Haha!

Clint with Aunt Peggy and Uncle Ronald Eppert. 
Uncle Ronald supplied the tractor that Clint and Christina used to 
"Ride off into the Sunset and their new life together." 

Some wedding fun for Cody and Rachel!

And some dancing.

Cody did some break dancing and the crowd cheered. He was hard to miss with that suit!

Selfies with Chuck, the father of the groom.

The handsome men of our family.

August 6, 2017 
Sunday after church we went to Michelle and Kevin's for brunch. It was a sweet and delicious end to our fun celebratory weekend!

Cody, Rachel and Emmy say Goodbye!

We left at 1:00 Sunday afternoon and dropped Cody and Rachel off in Nashville, then traveled on down to Tupelo where we arrived at 9:30 p.m. Monday we started packing to go to Idaho.