Thursday, May 10, 2018

Kansas City Here I come!

Well, I didn't actually stay in Kansas City, but I did fly in and out of the airport. 
Friday morning I left to go meet up with my sisters, Michelle and Sandy, and my brother John for a mini family reunion. We flew in to surprise my sister-in-law Nancy as she performed in the Blue Springs Community Theater production of Steel Magnolias.
 Above, Shelly and I waiting for Sandy.
Below, posing with "Truvy" in the beauty shop chair after the show. 
(I know we took pictures with John, but I didn't get any)

Saturday morning the 3 of us went for a walk. Michelle was in training for the 
"Indy Mini 1/2 Marathon"

We treated John and Nancy to dinner at "The Little BBQ Joint" and it was delicious. This was our table. What a neat idea!

Saturday afternoon we went to the Steamboat Arabia Museum in Kansas City.

Steamboat Arabia hit a snag and went down in the Missouri River in November 1856 carry over 100 passengers and a cargo bound for mercantile stores up the river.

The wreck was discovered and recovered in 1988 and has the largest collection of pre-Civil War artifacts assembled. They are still cleaning and cataloging artifacts today, 30 yrs. later.

It is an amazing museum and I highly recommend going to see it if you are ever in Kansas City. These are just a few of the dozens of photos I took.

An actual size replica of the boat deck.

This is the paddle wheel and engine from the boat, and it is running.

We went back to John's to take a couple of family photos and to walk around the Independence Town Square. Here is Michelle (or Shelly as we call her) being her true self.

Of course, no girls night out would be complete without a little pampering. Mud masks - part of our regular beauty routine!

This is why we are all so beautiful! 

April 30 - Driving home to Oregon. 
I know I'm almost home to Darryl when I can see Mount Hood in the distance.

It's been a wonderful month!

Grandma's on the Road Again! - Idaho and Utah

I took a quick road trip to Idaho before going to Utah to help Hillary and Jake get their house painted. 
Thursday April 19
 Above is a view I liked as I drove east on I-84. 
 Below is Jesse's view from her dining room window. What a great scene to look at each morning with your breakfast!

Although I was only in Idaho for a couple of days, I was able to see Parker's first soccer game of the season.

I also visited Lalo and Cintia Chavez and their new little son, Eduardo.

 Parker, Tyree and Clancy liked playing in Ximena's room.

Sure love these grandbabies! (Yes, I consider Ximena one of mine 😉)

It was a very short but sweet visit and I am looking forward to going back for a while when we finish this job in June.
Sunday after dinner with Jesse, Kelly, Tyree, Clancy, Gideon and Parker, I drove down to Utah to give a hand to Hillary and Jake.
Monday morning April 22, this was my wake up call at 7 a.m.

We spent Monday moving furniture and masking and taping everything off. Tuesday was a different story for the me and the boys. We went to the Living Planet Aquarium!

This was my first time to go on an outing with all three boys by myself. 

Oh what fun we had!

We got to see Penguins, and fish and ducks and birds. We saw this Iguana eating a mouse for lunch, ..

and these tortoises giving "piggy back" rides.

It was a very educational day! 

Gabriel and Ezra had no fear getting right up to the big fish, 

But it took a little convincing to get J.J. to touch the glass. 

We went to see the 4D cartoon about the sea turtles. The wind would blow, the water would spray,..

The fish seemed to swim right over our heads and we just about had the whole experience to ourselves. Right after I took this photo a mom and her young daughter came in. That was it, just the 6 of us.

Loving the swinging rope bridge.

Gabe checking on J.J.

Z-man loves the frogs.

When we came home the downstairs had a whole new look.

I stayed and helped until Thursday, and then on Friday morning I was off on another adventure.

A Little April Fun in Oregon

Just a little peek into what we were doing in April.

 The last couple of years I have come to enjoy starting my mornings with yoga. It keeps me in shape without beating me up. 

As we drive around Forest Grove, Hillsboro, McMinnville, we see these huge trees! They are massive and beautiful, and I wish the photo did them justice to just how majestic they are.

Everything here is green! Green and lush and gorgeous. But we are still in the cloudy, rainy part of the year. I do hope it will end soon. I am ready for some sunshine!

I went to a quilt expo here in Portland. It makes me miss my quilting machine! I have so many good ideas for new quilts!

Applique quilts seem to be making a big comeback! It was like going back to the 70's. 

Probably to our detriment, we go to the local auction regularly and to antique stores and malls and garage sales where we always seem to find bargains that need to come home with us.

These will probably be a mother's day project someday.

On Tuesday evenings Darryl goes to visit Glen Hitchens and they work on clocks together.
I hang out at this place.

 The Loaded Brush Art Studio. 
I am taking watercolor classes from 
Master Watercolor Artist - Peter X. O'Brian.

The whole point of this crab was not so much to make a pschyadelic critter, but to experiment in blending different paint colors and hues. To see how different paints work together.

It was time consuming but so much fun.

Another watercolor done at class.

I have discovered that I really like painting with watercolors.