Monday, February 26, 2018

Valentines, Elephants, Grandkids and The Spruce Goose!

Oh the fun we had in February! Having Sandy here for a few days was only part of the fun!

On the 6th I took Robyn to my watercolor class and we tried our hands at painting Elephants.

I know it looked like a rainbow when I started out,

but I think I finished it up quite nicely.

Darryl also framed my beach painting I painted the week before.

Also, Jacob was recognized and received The Shield Award for his work in Law Enforcement. 

He and Cami made a trip to 
Washington D.C. for the ceremony.

We are so proud of you Jacob!

On Monday the 12th We inflated the second Dome for the Yamhill Gymnasium.

It only took 15 minutes to inflate this dome.

Darryl in his element! I love this man!

On the 13th I attended another Watercolor class and created this painting of Multnomah Falls.

💕 February 14th 💕
My Valentine got me flowers and a 1 lb. Dark Chocolate bar.

On Saturday the 17th, our good friends, Hal and Barbara Hovorka took us to the Evergreen Aviation Museum. What an Amazing place! 

The main attraction of the museum in is The "Spruce Goose". 

Built by Howard Hughes during WWII, but not finished until 1947, this aircraft, H-4 Hercules, or flying boat as Mr. Hughes referred to it, is monstrous! It's 320 ft. wingspan was the longest of all  aircraft until just this year. 

Darryl and I took the flight deck tour. (They say Marilyn Monroe sat in that very seat.) These are the original flight deck seats. 

We were even able to sit in the cockpit. As I sat in the co-pilot's seat looking out, I wondered if this view was anything close to what Darryl's dad, Bill would see as he sat his C-124 Globemaster  ready to fly to and from Vietnam.

Hanging out the top hatch of the cockpit.

There were many different types of aircraft in the museum. Original Restored aircraft and replica aircraft from the Wright Brothers through modern day.

While Darryl and I were touring the museum, our family in North Carolina were celebrating the baptisms of Mary Alice Guffey ...

and Ransom Guffey. 

I want Ransom and Maggie to know how very proud we are of them for deciding to be baptized and for making their first covenant with our Heavenly Father. 
February 17th was a very big day for our family in North Carolina. After the Baptisms they all gathered together to celebrate this little cuties 1st Birthday!
Happy Birthday Sweet 
In the last week we have seen quite a bit of snow and cold temperatures. They don't get a lot of it here in Portland, but we did get an inch or so. 

I painted Haystack Rock at my art class.

And I completed my latest Mixed Medium, Black and White acrylic with an oil color wash. I did the black and white portion in Mid-January and decided on the colors after visiting the coast with Sandy and Robyn.

Still walking everyday trying to keep in good health.

We have made some visits to the temple for sessions and to help with the bi-annual cleaning/maintenance.

On a sad note, Cali's beloved cat Crookshanks developed liver cancer and was very sick. He passed away on Friday the 23. Parker was pretty brokenhearted losing her bestest friend, so I wrote this poem to try and help comfort her.

Before I end this, I wanted to show you this cool tree I drive by on my way to work in Yamhill. It's branches are so crooked, not straight and slender like some trees.

There are times when the whole tree seems blanketed by a covering of green moss. In the fog of the mornings it is very surreal looking, and I love it!
Tomorrow evening I leave for Florida and the Strawberry Festival. Look forward to some fun, and hopefully warm posts in March!