Wednesday, November 15, 2017

CALI TURNS 40! - Saturday Night: The Pirate Party and Halloween on the High Seas!

Saturday Evening was 
It started with the Pirate Party on Deck. 
Yes, we all put on our best Pirate and wench togs, went up top to the party and then to Dinner.

A young pirate crosses blades with Cami the Pirate wench!

Pirate Goofy and Pirate Hillary on the Lookout for Captain Hook and Smee!

Before dinner we had a little time to visit with Captain Jack Sparrow!

 Pirates and wenches! What a fun evening!

Skye, the Moroccan Pirate was quite fierce!

We had dinner that evening in the Animators Palate dining room where the food was delicious and there was so much to see as you watched the "Ocean" screens and
interacted with the "Crush" and the characters from "Finding Nemo".

Our assistant server Christina.

I took pirate selfies with the family, but somehow didn't get one with Cami.
The Old wench and the pirate Doctor Sandy.

The "Old Wench" and the Mother of Many Pirates".

With the "Birthday Wench"! ...

... the Rock Star Pirate!..

Posing with "The Dread Pirate Ryan!"

And with the pirate otherwise known as "Scar".

The magic tree grew Jack-o-Lanterns overnight.

When dinner finished we had about an hour to change into our Villains Halloween costumes and get to the "Other Side of Disney" Grown ups Halloween Party and Costume Contest.
Cami is turning herself into Isma
While Cali and Shiloh became magnificent as Maleficent and Hades.

Hillary become a sexy Mad Madame Mim

And Sandy knocked everyone's socks off when she became Ursula from The Little Mermaid!

After strutting our stuff on the Dance Floor our villains were chosen to compete in the "Best Disney Group" costume catagory.

Below from Left: Shiloh as Hades (Hercules), Sandy as Ursula (Little Mermaid), Skye as Scar (Lion King), Hillary as Mad Madame Mim (The Sword in the Stone), Cami as Isma and Ryan as Kronk (The Emperors New Groove), Cali as Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) and Cindy (me) as Madame Medusa (The Rescuers), and Disney Crew member Tony, the Roman Emcee.
  We didn't win the contest (it was done by applause and not knowing anyone else on the cruise we were quite surprised when our group received a hearty applause) but it was so fun making it into the finals. It was a grand evening as we finished the party and danced into the night (well, those who could dance. I tried not to walk at all if possible.)
We took the time for our own photo shoot on the grand staircase at midnight.
Everywhere we went people loved our costumes, and we had so many compliments on them.  Hillary and I were quite surprised when a few people even recognized our villains! These two gentlemen who were finalists in the "couples" contest for their interpretations of Ursula and Cruella DeVille stopped me to tell me they loved Madame Medusa and my costume. They told me they cheered for us and wanted our group to win, then asked for a selfie with me. Oh what fun!
Halloween on the High Seas was a great success for us and fun beyond words, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I need Darryl to come with me next time. It would be even more fun to have him dressed up beside me!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

CALI TURNS 40! - Saturday: Birthday Weekend continued....

- Part 3 -

Saturday morning had us docking in the city of Nassau in the Bahamas. It was warm and cloudy with rain in the forecast and tropical storm Philippe to the southeast moving our way.

I was in a bit of pain and didn't want to go ashore in my scooter chair, so I stayed on board the ship and let the kids and Sandy have a fun time in this colorful Caribbean Town.

Docking next to one of the Carnival ships

Breakfast was a delicious fare every morning. Dining on the outside deck.

Sandy, Cali, Shiloh and Cami pose with the ships.

Skye and Ryan enjoy a bit of exploring.

Cali having a grand time shopping.

The pirate way to adjust an attitude.

Fun on the town square...

Looks like Ryan is having a lot of fun!!

and at the government house..

Cali and the Disney Dream..

And then a photo shoot on the.... er.... beach?

Glamerous beach pose. All she needs is some sunshine....
(and a real beach. 😉 )

Sampling the native fare.. 
Conch Fritters.

Enjoying the veranda as we sail out of port.

While the family was exploring the port of Nassau, I made my way to the spa and enjoyed a little acupuncture to try and fix what was going on in my ankle and foot. 

It helped so very much, I was so glad I did this.

When the family came back to the ship the girls and I enjoyed a couple of hours in the rain forest spa. We purchased the day pass online and it was the best $18 value I've ever spent.

Hot tubs, heated tile loungers, Steam rooms, Turkish Bath, Saunas

and 4 different water and light therapy showers! It was amazing and wonderful!
Hillary is expressing how fabulous we all felt when we finished at the spa.
But.... there was still so much more fun to come
as we prepared for our evening festivities!