Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Congratulations Clint and Christina!

The main reason for our second Indiana trip in August was to attend my nephew's wedding.
Clint Wiley married Christina Jones on August 5th. 

The wedding wasn't until Saturday afternoon so Darryl and I took the morning to show Cody the Clabber Girl Museum and visit some friends.

Miss Rachel did some dancing in the street...

And got a ride from Grandpa.

I saw this wall hanging and loved the detail in it. It made me think of Alisa, Kendra, LaRae and Meghan and family.

Miss Rachel posing for Grandma.

Cody and his little girl!

Maybe she has a future in modeling!

On our way to visit friends.
I made a new dress for the wedding. It is my new favorite church dress.

And Cody bought a new suit. It is not orange, but a very bright Red. Only he could pull this off.

Miss Rachel was so pretty in her new dress!

The last moments of being single for Clint.

I met up with a dear childhood friend I hadn't seen in over 20 years. Jody Everman Purdue.

Michelle, me, Jody, Patty and Sandy. .. forever friends.
I'm beginning to think I should have coordinated my fashion choice. Hmmm....

The bride and groom introduced for the wedding dinner.

 Clint and his beautiful mom, Patty Ann. She is so beautiful and her son is so handsome!

During the dollar dance Cody takes beautiful Christina for a spin and gets to know this new cousin.

And of course I danced with the groom. Cole (my other nephew, Clint's brother) is in the background. After this dance I went over to give Cole a hug and bumped the glass he was holding for a friend. Yep, I had beer down my back! It's all good though, it just ran off the fabric of my new dress!

Cody and Rachel taking a break outside.

I was having so much fun visiting with family and friends that I didn't get very many family pictures. I did capture this one of my niece, Jessica Templeton and her husband Matt with their children.

Darryl and I... 💖💕

With my wonderful siblings. Cindy, Michelle, John, Patricia and Sandra.

And our good looking spouses. Darryl, Kevin, Nancy, Chuck and David.

The ten of us! Oh how I love my family and the fact that we are so close.

Michelle and Clint.

"Mary Anne, Ginger and the Professor from Gilligan's Island". Haha!

Clint with Aunt Peggy and Uncle Ronald Eppert. 
Uncle Ronald supplied the tractor that Clint and Christina used to 
"Ride off into the Sunset and their new life together." 

Some wedding fun for Cody and Rachel!

And some dancing.

Cody did some break dancing and the crowd cheered. He was hard to miss with that suit!

Selfies with Chuck, the father of the groom.

The handsome men of our family.

August 6, 2017 
Sunday after church we went to Michelle and Kevin's for brunch. It was a sweet and delicious end to our fun celebratory weekend!

Cody, Rachel and Emmy say Goodbye!

We left at 1:00 Sunday afternoon and dropped Cody and Rachel off in Nashville, then traveled on down to Tupelo where we arrived at 9:30 p.m. Monday we started packing to go to Idaho.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pre-Wedding fun! "First Friday" in Terre Haute and Happy Birthday!

On Wednesday August 2, I drove up to Seelyville, IN to help Patty with a few things before Clint's and Christina's wedding on Saturday. I made some delicious (at least she said they were delicious) Cheesecake Sugar Cookies on Thursday and decorated them on Friday with a W in a pretty silver/gray frosting then I decorated some little brownie bites with pink swirls for the rehearsal dinner. I forgot to take finished picutres. Sorry.

On Friday, while Patty was doing her motherly duty at the Rehearsal dinner, Michelle, Sandy and I decided to have a girls night out.  First some shopping for Clint's wedding gift, then a scrumptious dinner at the Clabber Girl Restaurant, followed by a stroll through the Clabber Girl Museum and downtown Terre Haute for the "First Friday" celebration, ending with a tour of the Swope Art Gallery. We had such a great time!

Besides the delectable food, the music and atmosphere of the Clabber Girl Restaurant was thoroughly enjoyable. I had the Avacado w/lump crab meat soup and Garden tomato Salad, Michelle had the Zucchini Fritters and Watermelon Salad (R) and Sandy had Salmon Patties.

After dinner we toured the museum. I had no idea the Hulman Co. made more than just Baking Powder. 

We decided to do a little modeling of the foodstuff's, which was fine until "Festus" decided she needed a can of soup. 

OOPS!!! "Sandy! What did you do to their display?" 

She decided to play butcher instead!

At the Pig and Whistle Tavern museum section.

She's such a dork! Oh how we love her!

After all this fun we went back to the hotel where we met up with David and Kevin.
Darryl came to Indiana bringing Cody and little Rachel with him, so we had a little surprise Birthday party for him in our hotel room.

Rachel is getting ready for bed.

Good night and sweet dreams little one! Tomorrow is going to be a fun day!