Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Quick Trip to Carolina!

June 4th, 2017

As soon as the Elvis race was over on Saturday I changed clothes and drove to North Carolina to go see Mom, (Darryl's mom, Peggy). She was back in the hospital with heart issues and they couldn't get the fluid off of her. I spent the night with her at the hospital so Cindy Marie could have a little break. Sunday morning I talked her into a couple of selfies with me!

I love this woman more than she will ever know. She has been a mom to me for over 40 years and I have always felt loved by her.

Cody and Alisa came by on Sunday too. They wanted Rachel to see Grandma. Of course, Peggy being the efficient woman she is, had Cindy Marie fix up a goody bag for Rachel and bring it to the hospital. Rachel absolutely loved the little platypus and called it "Peggy". She wanted to give Grandma a kiss to tell her "Thank you." 

I had to leave Sunday evening to go down to Iron Station, but I was so grateful that I was able to have another visit with Mom. She was able to come home from the hospital the following Wednesday.

Getting Fit and Running with the King!

Saturday June 3, 2017

When I got home from China I was in such good physical condition. Physically I hadn't felt better in years, but a total hip replacement, lack of mobility for a while and a typical American diet soon packed the pounds back on and I was feeling pretty "Blah" by the time we got here to Tupelo. Darryl had put on a few pounds too. We decided it was time to get back in shape. We changed our diet, for Darryl cutting out a lot of sugar and junk food. For me, I have been concentrating on a Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) to help fix my tummy issues. That is also when we started running and exercising more.

Darryl runs at least 3 times a week. And does lots of push ups and planks each day after work.

4 days a week I do brisk walks, going between 2 - 4 miles at a time,

I do Yoga 3 to 5 times a week...(I love all the instructional videos you can find online)

..and I swim 3 days a week concentrating on working my arms. 

With all this healthy eating and exercise Darryl and I are feeling great. Our weight hasn't changed much, but we feel so much better and have noticeably more energy. 
As I mentioned in my earlier posts, we have run a few 5k runs. On June 3rd, here in Tupelo, we ran in the Annual Elvis Presley Festival 5K, which is affectoinately called,
"Running with the King 5K".

As an homage to Elvis, Darryl grew out his sideburns. I will confess, we had to darken them a little so  you cold see them.
He had me take this picture to show that the Redheads were Running with the King. 😃

This was a very nice course, and you got to run by Elvis' birthplace. I walked the whole course except I did jog a little down a couple of hills. 
Darryl finished 2nd for the men in his age group and won this cool Elvis cut-out Trophy.

When he got his trophy we started to leave and then I heard them call my name. We turned around and they announced that I won 1st in my age group for the woman. I think that there were only two or three women in my age group and the fastest woman my age won the Sr. Grand Masters Trophy. 

Hey, I'll take it! I worked hard and walked as fast as I could and it's nice to receive a reward for all of hard work!

Now, let's all get moving!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Memorial Day Cemetery 5k Run -

Monday May 29, 2017 - Memorial Day

Sunday after church Darryl and I packed up the truck and headed North up the Natchez Trace Parkway to meet up with Cody and Alisa in Nashville. We had dinner with them Sunday Evening and picked them up bright and early Monday morning to go to the 
Nashville City Cemetery Memorial Day 5K.

They were giving out a prize for the best Patriotic running outfit, so Darryl, Alisa and I wore our best red, white and blue running clothes, 

Miss Rachel and Grandma "Cinny" looking our patriotic best!
Cody and Alisa took this opportunity to announce to their RHE fans that Alisa is expecting a baby in October!

Cody put on red shorts and red, white and blue body paint and his custom mask, and he painted up the Walker Boys to match. 

We decorated Miss Rachel's stroller and Alisa and I pushed her.  This was a fun race going up and down hills through the very old cemetery with many graves from the Civil War and before.

We all did pretty well. Sean Walker placed 8th overall  in 19:44, 3rd in the 15 - 19 yr. age group. Cody took 1st in his age group for 25-29 yrs, coming in 21st overall with a 21:56 time. Darryl finished 11th in the Sr. Grand Masters in 31:27, Alisa finished 10th in the 20-24 yr. group with a time of 46:44, and Rachel and I finished in 46:48, 8th place in the Ladies Sr. Grand Masters 60 - 64.

We spent the afternoon at the campground with Cody, Alisa, Joseph, Ammon and their friends. Cody grilled us some Stuffed California Chicken, hot dogs, burgers and much more for our Memorial Day Picnic. We talked of Grandpa Bill and other veterans as we remembered those who gave the ultimate Sacrifice for the freedom of all Americans and so many others around the world. 

Redheads, Graybeards and Dad's Bell

Saturday - May 20, 2017

After we cleaned up from the Color Run, Darryl and I went to the Indiana Theater in Terre Haute to meet up with Cody, Alisa, Rachel and the Redhead Express, Walker Boys and Family. They were in town for the 3rd Annual Benefit Concert with Graybeard the Band for the 14th and Chestnut Community Center. 
While Darryl helped the guys unload and set up the stage, I took Rachel and Alisa back to Patty's house so I could give Rachel a bath and Alisa could get ready in the air conditioning. I met my school friends, Karen Bennet Raubuck and Debbie Fortune Haskett for dinner at a nearby restaurant, then ran into so many dear friends at the concert. Jim and Linda Garber and Cathy Shields, Gene Gilbreath and his wife Jessie, and this handsome fellow, Chad Chalos. He went to high School with Cali, Shiloh and Cami. It was good to meet his wife and beautiful children.
With Chad Chalos!
The best was being with my brother and sisters. Yes, the 5 Eppert siblings were together again. What a wonderful time we had! 
From L-R: Patty, Kevin, Michelle, Alisa, Rachel, Cody, John, Nancy, Cindy, Darryl and Sandy
Sunday we went to church with Patty and Michelle, then back to Patty and Chuck's house to watch old family 8mm movies that John had transferred to digital. So many wonderful memories came flooding back, and to see movies of Mom and Dad when they were dating and engaged thrilled me. It was like I was a kid again as I watched birthday parties, family gatherings and camping trips. It's the way I remember my childhood and those happy feelings were priceless! I saw moving pictures of my Great-Grandmother Eppert, Great-Grandpap Paul and Grandpa Eddy. All who died before I was born. What a treasure to see these movies. 
Thank you so much John. 

One more happy event for our family. When my father retired from the Seelyville Volunteer Fire Department after 41 years, about 19 of which he served as Fire Chief, the Fire Department gifted him with the Bell from the front of the LaFrance Fire Engine that was purchased at the same time he joined the department. 
Grandpa Doc's Fire Engine Bell

The side plaques have the names of all the current firefighters from SVFD in 1997
After Dad Passed away the Bell was given to Michelle. She gifted it to the two current firemen in our family, Patty and Chuck's sons, Clint and Cole Wiley.
Michelle presents the bell to Clint and Cole.
Clint and Cole Wiley and Grandpa Doc's Bell.
We are so proud of these young men and the work they do to serve others.

Let's go for a Run -

Saturday May 13, 2017
After a 6 year hiatus, Darryl has started running again. We entered our first race together and ran in the Gumtree 10k and 2k run on Saturday May 13th, here in Tupelo. We ran the 2k and it was the perfect distance for beginners.

Saturday - May 20, 2017
The following weekend found us in Indiana for a Surviving the Color 5k "color run" and to go to the Redhead Express - Graybeard concert in Terre Haute and a "mini" family reunion on Sunday.
We drove up on Friday the 19th and spent the night with Patty and Chuck. Saturday morning Patty, Darryl and I made our way to Meadow Center for the 5k run around Deming Park.
Me, Darryl and Patty waiting for the start of the run. 
 Cathy Shields is the one who encouraged us to run course. It was nice to catch up with her!
Me, Darryl and Cathy Shields.

Darryl said these were the guys that would be there to pick him up when he collapsed.
 The weather was calling for rain at 10:00 a.m., but since the race was supposed to start at 9:00 a.m. we figured we would have time to finish the race before the storm moved in. No such luck! Due to planning problems the race started 40 minutes late. Just as the race started we felt the first drops of rain. It began as a light shower, but when I hit the two mile mark the rain poured down and lighting was striking right next to us in the trees. I waited out the rain and because of the wet roads made my way very carefully and slowly to the finish line where I found Darryl and Patty. 
I took refuge in a picnic shelter for 10 minutes during the worst of the storm.
I had no idea where Patty was, but I figured Darryl was probably finished by this time.
Darryl finished in 29:15, just before the downpour started, and was the first person over 40 across the finish line. I finished in 40:49. Patty didn't tell me what her time was.
Very wet and colorful runners!
It was a fun time and I was so happy Patty went with us. When I finished this race I decided it would be my last "Run". I have been reading up on how Total Hip Replacement parts wear out faster if you run, so I have decided from here on our I will walk our races. It's probably the smart thing to do since I implants in both hips.

Monday, June 19, 2017

My Girl Story -

My Girl Story

When I was a young girl of 5 or 6 I wasn't anything like my sisters. They loved frilly dresses and playing with Barbie Dolls. They were neat and clean and pretty with their naturally curly hair. I was the opposite. I liked wearing pants and shorts and getting dirty while climbing trees, playing in the mud with the neighbor boys or playing ball. I didn't like pink, frills or much to do with dolls, and I was a slob. My dad and brother loved football and I loved to watch football with them. By the time I was 11 years old I wanted to be this guy.
Richard Marvin "Dick" Butkus. The #3 draft pick in 1965 and one of the best linebackers who ever played the game. He played for the Chicago Bears and I wanted more than anything to be like him. He was my hero. But then, I was only 10, 11 and 12 years old. I was as rough and tumble as I could be, even breaking the neighbor boy's arm in a game of King of the Hill. He was a year older than me and a foot taller, but I was tougher. 
My wonderful parents, Charlotte and John
I had such a wonderful childhood. My parents did not push me to be girly. I liked getting a pretty new church dress, just as long as when I played I could wear britches. After all, I was the girl who always wore shorts under her skirt or dress and who was chosen first for class kickball games and Red Rover and tag. I was the girl who was a real Tomboy, one of the guys. But then something happened when I was 12, that most inconvenient thing called my period. Oh, it didn't slow me down much, but changes were happening. Physically, all of the sudden I had hair in private places and breasts that required a "training" bra, (which seemed to rapidly grow into a B Cup). It didn't stop me from playing ball with the boys, but one day I noticed that some of these guys were kind of cute. When did that happen? I also noticed how cute the boys were in school too. All of sudden I started to care about how my hair looked and how I looked in a short skirt. I even shaved my legs and wore hose to school a couple of days a week. 

I was becoming a woman, and now I realize how blessed I was to be allowed to do it on my own terms. No helicopter parents to change my name to match my tomboy, or boyish behavior. No buying me a suit and tie for church because I never "sat like a lady", I had parents who taught me proper behavior and then just let me grow and develop as God intended. I pray everyday that this madness stops soon so that children today can know the true joy of childhood like I had. A childhood that made me who I am, Cindy Sue. A loving daughter, playful sister and friend, devoted wife, caring mother and grandmother.

Our wedding in July of 1976

Still in love after 40 wonderful years of marriage!
Our family of "Skittles" - 

Craziness all around me -

2 Nephi 15:  - 
20 Wo unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter. 
21 Wo unto the wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight!
23 Who justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him.

Our world seems upside down in so many ways these days. Abortion, Homosexual (Gay) marriage, LGBTQ rights and radicalization being pushed to become entitlements, the total and crazy political climate surrounding the Election of President Donald Trump, the Main Stream Media ignoring news that is not part of their agenda and purposefully misinforming their audiences on so many levels, all the Global Warming and Climate Change rhetoric that bombards us daily that does not accept or recognize opposing science and views, Radical and violent Islamist (or Islamic) attacks on innocents around the world with bombings, be-headings, shootings, stabbings, running people over in vehicles, etc. 

Where is the common sense that once ruled in our society? What have we done to create a society that accepts so much wrong and calls it right, ignores so much horror and actually cheers when those who don't agree with them politically, especially conservatives and Christians are targeted or maligned?  It sometimes seems like I am watching the Romans in ancient times at the Colosseum and we are politically speaking, being thrown to the lions for entertainment. And now they add to all this mayhem the Gender identity and fluidity movement. What the heck is that?

Let me explain: I don't feel like a 60 yr.old woman today, I feel like I am a 20 yr old man, so I put on my jeans and say I am a man and use the men's restroom, sign my name as Brad, go to college and try to pick up a date and get really mad if anyone tells me I am an old woman because MY FEELINGS ARE IMPORTANT DAMMIT!!!!!!!!! 

Where is the common sense that says, I was born with male body parts, so therefore I am a man, or I was born with a uterus, ovaries and a vagina, so therefore I am a woman? It is nowhere to be found. Now we are told if we don't agree with the liberal thinking of those who "feel" differently than us, then we are small and simple-minded, ignorant, stupid and uneducated. Science is completely denied by this radical faction with any rational thought being completely overridden by someones "Feelings". How one feels has become the judge and jury over anyone who doesn't accept this lunacy.

For example, it looks like soon there will be no such things as true women's sports in the future. Why do I say that? Because we are already seeing schools and other sporting enterprises allow high school boys to compete against girls just because the boys say they "Feel" like a girl and are taking female hormones. You can feel like a sissy girl all you want, but that doesn't change your DNA, your cell and molecular makeup, your bone structure, muscle mass, lung capacity and many other natural, physical systems of your body that makes you a male, and will always make you a male. It doesn't matter how hard a woman trains and works to build up her body naturally, she will never be a man, even with Gender Reassignment surgery and taking hormones the rest of her life. She will always and in all ways, deep down in her biological make up, genetically be a girl. But then, that's science and we can't have any of that in this argument.

We now have young men running track and winning state and local competitions who would have finished dead last in the boys competition. Life is not fair in so many ways, but this is just ridiculous. 
A transgender high school athlete (a boy) beat girls in the
Connecticut track state championship Tuesday,
but his time would have placed him last in the boys' race.
It's not just the kids, we have grown men, or rather "Transgender Women" competing in state wide weight lifting championships and setting records for "women". Men who once competed as men in the same sport, but didn't do as well. How sad.

The newest fad now is to give the younger kids who don't act like their "Birth Assigned" gender Puberty Blockers. Yes, you read that right. We have young girls who's parents say act like a boy. Little girls of 2, 3, 4, or 5. The parents dress them as boys, change their names from Susie to Sam and say "She is now a He". The saddest part is, when that little girl hit's 10 - 12 years old they give them puberty blockers to stop the body from developing breasts, menstruating and developing into a woman. All because at the age of 3 she liked cars and dirt better than Barbie dolls and an Easy Bake Oven! Good Grief! They are doing the same thing to little boys. What has our world become? Parents!!! Please stop listening to liberal ideology and bad parenting advice on the internet! You are turning into Dr. Frankenstein and destroying your own children, those glorious children of God. 

I am truly sickened by all of this.

The Busy Month of May

May 1st - 15th
I had barely been home from Idaho a week when I had to leave again. Darryl's Mom, Peggy, fell at home and shattered her left hip. Cindy Marie kept us updated, and once she was released from the hospital and sent to a rehabilitation center, I went to North Carolina for a week to visit Mom and help Cindy Marie out caring for her.
She was in pain, but as always, she was in good spirits and doing all she could to be able to go back home. 

Cami, Gage and Little Miss Izzy came up to see Grandma and give her some loves.
Due to her congestive heart failure and poor circulation, Mom's hands are cold, so she wears gloves a lot of the time. 
Kisses for Grandma!

The Rehab center does a lot to keep their patients entertained. They celebrated Cinco de Mayo with cake and Ice cream.

Matt was there to join in the fun with Grandma!

While I was in North Carolina, I took a couple of days to visit the kids and Grand-kids. I grabbed Lydia, Lily and Maggie and we went on a quick road trip.

Reagan was performing in the Ballet "The Little Mermaid" in Virginia and we wanted to see it!

We weren't allowed to take any photos during the performance buy you can see how cute she was as she struck poses for us after the show.

Reagan and her class were the Clown Fish in the dance. 

I loved the creativity in the costumes.

What a great use of an Orange Sweatshirt.

I made it back to Tupelo for Mother's day. Cali sent me a wonderful tower of fruit and treats.

Darryl bought me a cute little red purse that goes perfectly with .....

...the new dress I made. I have wanted a nice cotton dress for years and finally found a cute calico fabric that was perfect.
It was a 2 weeks, and a lot of fun!