Sunday, December 31, 2017

Finishing up the Christmas Holidays

December 26th - 

Tuesday morning was a relaxing day. Rachel played with her sleeping brother...

Darryl drove to Portland and bought a second Huffy bike like the one he got for Christmas and her and Cody spent the day attaching an engine to it so he and I could both have motorized Bicycles. What fun!

Alisa had painted Cody a Black and white picture and decided to do a second one for her grandparents.

She spent the afternoon putting the color on her masterpieces.

Her Sacred Grove painting.

And her painting for Cody, a walk in the Autumn Wood.

Wednesday Morning - December 27th.
We took a few important photos... like...
Cody's new onesie pajamas from Debbie Stevenson. They had family Jammies!

Little fat Ross getting a bath. He wasn't too sure about it,....

But after a while it wasn't so bad.

Ahhh.... that's better!

A last picture with my girls before they leave.

And a picture of my three Darryls. Darryl Scott, Darryl Cody and Little Darryl Ross.
There's a lot of Darryl love right there! 


Sunday December 24th -


Rachel and I after church, ready to go home and celebrate my 61st birthday.

The best birthday present for me is to have family celebrate with me. 

Because it was Christmas Eve we only had one hour of church, so after church we were able to go home and get ready for our Christmas Eve Dinner and Birthday Party.
The first thing Rachel did was try to get to the Candy Dish I thought I had put out of reach!

Our dear friends, Eric and Robyn King came over for dinner and Birthday.

We had Cornish hens with stuffing and dressing, sauteed green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, overnight Salad, cranberry fluff salad, hot rolls and warm wassail.

I made a Buche' de Noel, or Yule log cake for my birthday. We took video of it but forgot to take any photos of the cake. It was delicious and we had a great time. I had a wonderful birthday. I received many wonderful gifts from my family and Darryl gave me the Instant Pot I had been asking for for almost a year!

We shared a couple of Christmas gifts with Robyn and Eric and then Cody, Alisa and the kids each opened a gift. New Pajamas! Grandpa helped miss Rachel put her Ornament on the tree and then it was time to go to bed and wait for Santa Claus!

Monday December 25th - 

Santa was good to us and our tree was encircled by gifts of love.

Our stockings were stuffed to overflowing with goodies, toys, treats and a $2 bill for each of us.

Santa brought Rachel a bicycle.

And he brought Grandpa a motorized bicycle too!

Darryl was completely surprised and, as he put it "Blown away" by his gift. Santa worked hard with Cody to make that happen.

Darryl and I were actually up for 3 hours before Cody, Alisa and the kids got up, but when they did get up they were so cute it was completely worth the wait.


Oh what a happy and content baby little Ross is.

He brought us joy all day long in his cute Santa suit!

Above are some Earrings I got from Jesse and below are Rabbit fur and red leather mittens Cody made for me! They are so soft and warm!

A new coat for the snow boarder kid!

Thank you hugs are the best!

Rachel hugging her fox she got from Tyree and Clancy.

Alisa modeling her new dress!

And one happy grandma snuggling a sleeping Santa Baby!
We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope your's was wonderful too!