Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Humanitarian House #1 - Rosario's New Home

Last December The SUU work group came down to build a new house for Rosario.
This is what it looked like when they left.
She and her 5 children still lived in this little shack for the winter. The 'house' is 15 years old and Rosario has lived here for the past 11 years.
The pictures showed how the group starts building around the original structure....

which in truth wasn't much protection from the elements.

On March 13th the group came back. On the 15th they helped Rosario move out and they demolished the old existing building. On the Sixteenth they finished the walls, put in windows and leveled the floor.....
then the dome crew came in with a concret pump and helped the students pump a new floor for the house.

Boyd is so good with young people. He took the time to teach Sam, the son of one of the faculty, how to install plumbing.

The Sr. College students built the rafters and installed them on the 18th.

This was the day that students from ITSON University in Obregon came to visit the project of the SUU students. The Missionaries were applying a concrete finish to the interior walls and the students from Obregon wanted to help.
The outside finish is looking good too. They put the sheet metal on the roof on the 19th and framed out the walls on the inside and finished it.
This is now Rosarios new house. The windows are on the side and back. It is a much safer place for the family.
More pictures to come in a few days of the 3 Dome homes that were erected by the students, faculty and dome technology.

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