Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Days in Mexico

Our last day in Mexico was Wednesday the 26th. That afternoon we had 2 dinner dates. Lunch was with the Rembert's in San Carlos and then we had an early dinner with The Soto's in Guaymas. Above, Hermano Seline Soto is frying the Gorditos while her mother-in-law, Senora Soto put the soup on the table.
President Miguel Soto (Our stake president and owner of SUPER TACO) and the whole family helped to prepare the food.
Hermano Soto (the family patriarch) fixed the chili for the gorditos.

Here the beans are being put on the gorditos.
The night before (Tuesday evening) the Bishopric and their families put on a cook out for us at the Bishop's house.. It was so delicious!
Good company, great conversation, delicious food and a lot of fun!
OH.... and some pretty good games of pool on the back patio.
Cindy and the sisters.
This is Mimi, she is 18 and just graduated from High school and is heading off to College in a few weeks. OH...... and she thinks Cody is really cute!
A great ending to 8 months of work in a beautiful sunny place in Mexico.

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