Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Hometown 4th of July!

Celebrating the 4th of July in Menan is pure Americana and what a hometown celebrations should be.... Lot's of venders booths from families to cheerleaders to dealers.

Great food and good friends and neighbors to share it with. Ashlynn and Michael Egloff came to spend the day with us. Gideon is trying very hard to sit still and listen to the entertainment because.....

Grandma Cindy was singing..

These young boys had a great time entertaining little Miss Parker.

Gideon got a sword and was happy to sword fight with his new found friends. He also got ... ummm... mis-placed at the jump house when grandpa was watching him. After about 15 minutes he was found in one of the other jump houses that we hadn't paid for him to be in. Go figure?

The Parade is one of the highlights of the day. This is Gid the kid thinking.... "Will this thing ever start!"

The best seats for the parade are from the bed of Cody's truck.

Gideon would stand out there all by himself and hold his little arms out with a look on his face reminiscent of Oliver's when he took his bowl up and asked "more Please". It worked and almost every vehicle threw candy directly at him. The Motorcycle Policeman even stopped and handed him a Deputy badge.

Below you will see that Parker was very intent on the parade!

The picture below is a little out of order and was taken shortly before the start of the parade.

Just a portion of Gideon's Candy haul.

The Parade lasted about 40 minutes. At about the 30 minute mark Gideon was looking like "Will this thing ever end?"
Yes, it ended and it was a lot of fun.

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Cali and Travis said...

It still cracks me up how you look like you belong at a polo match & not the Menan 4th of July parade.