Saturday, February 11, 2012

DISNEY!!! (finally)

I know, I know.... It has been 5 weeks since we were there, so here they are... My wonderful family!!! On Sunday the 8th we finally got together to take a family picture of the 9 of us.

I will add that Shiloh was leaving to go back to South Carolina, and Skye and Jesse were still in the process of getting ready for church. My kids are fabulous!

On Monday we made it to Disney World!!!

I will say that Ryan's mom, Donna, is a Professional Disney Patron. She got the balloon and tied it to the stroller so it was easy to spot. As the day progressed the right ear shrank and we always knew where our group was gathered. She also was like having a walking map and information booth right beside you. I love you Donna!

This was Jesse, Skye, Hillary and Cody's first time to a Disney Theme Park along with Parker and the new babies of course. It was so fun watching my big kids have fun!

Above is a mural inside Cinderella's Castle, below is Reagan with her Mickey Mouse ears.... Maybe she will grow into them. :-)

Jesse, Tyree, Cali, Parker and a very excited Skye getting ready to FLY on the Peter Pan Ride! (One of my favorites!)

Somehow I get the feeling Reagan is not that impressed. She loved it when Ryan would carry her like this. 

Lily loved all the rides and liked to go on them with Grandma.

Tyree's ears are a little big too. Well, she'll just have to bring them back next year.

It's a small world......

.....and it definately has Grandma and Parker's attention.

Much to the delight of her "Nona", Reagan woke up and her face 'lit up' while watching "It's a Small World".

There were so many fun things to see and do. Fortunately... or maybe Unfortunately, Grandma was having so much fun playing I didn't take very many pictures. Ransom loved the big 'rotating water globe of the world'. 

Lily is such a fun 'little mother' when it comes to her siblings and cousins. While waiting for Mommy and Daddy at Splash Mountain they found a great place to play. We constantly heard things like....

"Look at me gwan-ma, I am in the house"

"Look! Me swide Gwan-pa!" Me House!

They found Brer Rabbit's house ...

And Lily took great care of little Parker.... "Quick Parker, come here."

"Okay, now you have to smile real big - Gwan-pa wants a picture!"

Another favorite for us is THE HAUNTED MANSION.... ohhhhh..

Last year it was raining so we just went straight inside. This year we entered through the graveyard and found some pretty fun things to play with.


Tyree and I try to make a face like Old Aunt Maud...

Hillary thought she looked more like this old gent....

And Cody tried to look like the old Sea Captain Uncle Mac. Parker wasn't too sure. 

What a wonderful day.... I can't wait until next time!


Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

I love your picture of the castle because you got the reflection! Also, love the family pictures. What great memories!
PS - Hillary honeymooned at Disney World so it was not her first time.

Hillary and Jake said...

It was my first time to magic kingdom,so it kind of counts. I can't wait to go back!

Cali and Travis said...

I think we all need to go back with everyone and ALL the grandkids next time!