Friday, March 2, 2012

Just My Opinion On The Whole Sordid Mess!

How in the world do the media and political machines and pundits of this country take a religious or ethical stance against a Presidential Mandate requiring employers to pay for contraception and turn it into “Republicans want to ban birth control!”? What kind of arrogance, audacity and “The world owes me a living” attitude does it take for a decent young woman, who is attending one of the elite law schools in this nation, to go on National TV and request that the government, (ie. taxpayers) see to it that her contraception and the contraception of friends and acquaintances be provided for them so they won’t have to worry about the consequences of their behavior?


In the 70’s many women were clamoring for “Equal Rights” in all things; not just equal pay, which was a good thing, but equality in military service and assignements, social treatment and all facets of life (I knew a girl who got mad if a guy opened a car door for her because it implied she was too weak to do it herself and not his equal, or if he complimented her on her dress because that meant he didn’t appreciate her intelligence, etc.) Well ladies, our wishes, desires and dreams of the early 70’s have now come to pass. We have reached a low point in our society where our own President, and obviously a large percentage of our population, think we are all so loose and “cat like” that we cannot control our own sex drives and we need, nay, demand that the government make someone besides ourselves pay for our contraception and consequently our behavior. What ever happened to abstinence, if you can't afford it don't do it? (if you laugh at that suggestion then I assume you are one of the aforementioned populace) In their eyes are women so ignorant and stupid that we don’t know how to get a prescription for the pill or even find a couple bucks at the bottom of our purses and go to the vending machine at the truck stop and buy a condom? It could be they think we are too lazy or lackadaisicial or fiscally irresponsible take care of our own health needs.

Through our own efforts in demanding equality we have demeaned our sex ,cheapened our very womanhood and have become accepted just like the guys in the locker-room, where describing your latest conquest in lurid terms or calling a certain “hot to trot” girl a slut or easy, was just accepted as giving your buddies inside information. Is it any wonder that so many radio talk show hosts have no qualms in saying what they think even if it is demeaning and in poor taste? We asked them to do it. “Don’t give us any special treatment! WE ARE YOUR EQUALS, TREAT US JUST LIKE YOU WOULD THE MEN!”

We wouldn’t throw such feminine hissy fits if they said such things or worse about a guy? I long for the day when women loved being gentle and were yet as tough as steel, and no man would dare have said a public word to besmirch her, no matter what her true character was because deep down there was respect for womanhood. That kind of language and treatment just wasn’t publicly acceptable. But then, that wasn’t equal treatment either.

I can only find one word to describe the political and social state that we Citizens of the United States of America find ourselves in. Sad.


Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

Amen! That chick was driving me crazy talking about how the school owes it to her and her fellow coeds to cover contraception in their health plan because they're "going broke" having to pay for it themselves. I hate this "the world owes me" attitude. You know what, my first birth control pills cost $60 a month and there came a time when we just couldn't afford it anymore. So you know what we did? We had to buy something cheaper, and it worked! The world doesn't owe you anything, put your big girl pants on (for a change) and get cheaper birth control.

Debbie said...

Amen, Amen!! I agree with you!! There have been positive and good changes for women in the last 40 years. But as with most fights, we took it too far. As the old saying goes, "We cut our noses off to spite our faces." In my opinion, now we're just being ridiculous!