Monday, December 8, 2014

Cody Gets Married - Part 1

The Cunningham and Walker Families converged on Nauvoo, Illinois on Sunday Nov. 23rd. Darryl and I had rented a log cabin Lodge that would sleep 17! Cami and Jesse and their families stayed in a neighboring 2 story log cabin that slept 10. What a great place for our reunion! 

On Monday night the girls hosted a "Sisters" Bridal shower / party for Alisa. Oh what fun they had!

Jesse lounging around....

Making their new sister welcome!

Getting things started

The guest of honor with her aunt and cousin.

Something fun...

Be afraid Alisa.... be very afraid!

Hahahaha!!!! Just Kidding! 

Oooh.... Victoria's Secret! That's gonna be nice!

Lots of goodies for the Newlyweds in the hat box!

She wasn't quite sure what to do with her box of surprises. Go ahead, ring that bell!

I would like to say that after the shower we went right home and went to sleep, but the truth is my girls kept Alisa up until after 1:00 a.m. Good thing the wedding wasn't until Tuesday afternoon!

Check back in a couple of days for Part 2 -
Wedding Day!!


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