Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ordos Mongolian School

This spring was full of fun experiences and one of the most interesting was visiting the

Ordos Mongolian School with my young friend Trgl. (Nope, I did not mispell her name ;-)

She took me to meet her teacher and mentor from when she was in school, Mr. Meng Du. Meng Du is the Dean of English and is over other departments at the school. He had asked Trgl if I would be willing to teach English at the School. Although I was unable to help him, he was happy to take me on a tour of the school.

The campus is huge and currently accommodates 1800 students from Primary School through High School.

Part of the Library

The hall in the administration building where the library is located. The School has been around for years but they moved to the new campus in Ordos 3 or 4 years ago.

One of the many courtyards

All of the elementary classrooms are designed to resemble a yurt and have skylights.

A second grade class room.

Meng Du explaining the curriculum of the student. Every subject is taught in Mongolian except Chinese liturature, which is taught in Chinese, and English.

Demonstrating the computer board.

The physical education building has a full ballet / yoga studio, seperate weight and exercise room for the teachers, 2 or 3 Gymnasiums as well as typical P.E. facilities.

The arts center

Some of the dormitories. 90% of the Jr. and Sr. high students live on campus and 50% of the elementary students.

These are the Jr. & Sr. High School Boys dormitories.

The science building is divided by subjects on the different floor. One floor is Chemistry, another Biology, another life sciences, etc.

The sixth graders wanted to meet and talk with the American. 

Yep, kids make me happy!

The school store

And one of two cafeterias where they serve 3 meals a day.

The Sr. High houses a gathering place for breaks during the long winter months when the weather doesn't allow them to go outside.

It was a wonderful morning and Meng Du was quite gracious. He and his family have become good friends and I will have to tell you about them in another post!


Hillary and Jake said...

You should have asked if you could be a guest teacher rather than a full time teacher that you had to refuse. also I can't wait to see more of your adventures.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I did offer to be a guest teacher. They were interested.

Oggy said...

Dear Cindy Cunningham,

Your post about Ordos Mongolian school is really interesting. I would like to contact with Ms.Trgl, who is a designer of that beautiful traditional costumes. Please help to contact with her. Thanks