Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Big Changes for The Cunningham's - No, I'm Not Sad.

Wow! So much has happened in our lives since my last post on August 17th. Here it is, a full two months later and our little world has completely changed forever. 

First, let me say that yes, we did visit Beijing and we hiked the Great Wall and saw the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven. Rest assured I will post those stories and pictures in the next few weeks.  It is what happened when we got home that is the BIG news.

Darryl and I left China on the 18th of August and arrived in Salt Lake City to spend the night with Hillary for an early Birthday Surprise! The following Sunday at Church a new couple came up to us and asked if we would be interested in selling our house. Now Darryl built this house in the year 2000 and we always said we would sell it, but we really hadn't considered it seriously for years. After much prayer and fasting and a little negotiating we decided to sell our beautiful Dome home on the South Menan Butte. 

A few days after the decision was made to sell and earnest papers were signed I left to visit Shiloh and Cami and my beautiful new grandsons, Benny and Doc, in North Carolina and to take a short Vacation to Disney World with Skye and Ryan. (And yes, I will put those posts up too). Darryl left a couple days after I did to start his next Dome job in Santiago, Chile. When I returned from Disney World I had 15 days to sort through, pack, sell and move everything we own into storage units and get the house ready for the new owners. Well, with A LOT of help from Jesse and Cody, and more help from family and friends, I did it! I signed the papers and our home was officially sold on October 15th.

We no longer own the most unique home in Menan, the Staten family does.

 They are a wonderful young family who love our home and the butte and I am excited for them to experience as much fun and joy in it as we did. It's funny, I haven't really been sad about selling our house, I guess because I know I will always have such wonderful memories of living there and how much we were blessed to build and own such a wonderful home. The memories of our time spent there are more precious to me than gold and will comfort me and bring me joy for the rest of my life. I thank God for the blessings I have had living in this beautiful Dome on on the South Butte surrounded by family and friends and so much love. 

Now we are off to new adventures and searching for a new place to call home. 
I will let you know when we find it. Until then......

Sounds I will always hear,
Views I will always see, 
Though 'round this world I roam,
This home will always be with me.
                     ~  Cindy

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