Wednesday, November 18, 2015

September Fun in North Carolina

I had only been home from China for 3 weeks when I left to take a short vacation to see my children and grandchildren back east. There were 2 new grandsons that needed some lovin' from Grandma Cindy. Below is sweet Benjamin Jacob, Shiloh and Jason's new son, born on August 2nd. 

And a short 5 weeks later Cami gave birth to our adorable Marshall Doc on September 6th. 

I held them and snuggled them as much as I could in the short time I was with them. 

It sure was some sweet precious moments with my baby boys. 

I was able to stay with Cami and Jacob while I was there so I have a few more pictures of Mr. Doc.

And I got to be there for his first bath which was an event the whole family wanted to take part in.

Well, everyone but Doc. He didn't seem too happy about the whole thing. 

Oh... and I was able to attend my very first "Grandparents Day"! I went to two schools and 3 different classes to enjoy some time with my grandchildren. First was lunch with Adam and Maggie.

Then Lunch with Preston and Lydia and their Nana, Dru Guffey.

And finally, a program and treat at Ransom's kindergarten class. It was wonderful!

Shiloh and Jason have moved to North Carolina, but they were still moving furniture and other items out of their house in South Carolina, so I went down to help. Ask the grandchildren, I was a hard task master, but we got it all done!

My oldest grandchild Emily at her first High School Cross Country Meet.

And her younger siblings at their middle school cross country meet. 

Adrianna, she runs with a smile. Go Odi, Go! 

And Jonas, who runs with great determination. He finished in 7th place at the 4 school meet. There were 50+ runners in his race.

Ransom is cheering his cousin on! "Kick it in Jonas! Go, Go Go! You're almost done!" 

I went to the Apple Festival with Cami, Jacob and their family. Jacob is great at taking care of all 4 children. What a super Dad. 

And here is Shiloh and her fabulous 9. What a house full of joy!

We also celebrated 2 birthdays. Cami and Jacob made Gage this great Angry birds Cake. 

He turned 4 years old and was so thrilled with the cake he didn't even care if there were presents or not!

And my little cuddle buddy Micah turned 3 a couple of days later. 

What better for a 3 yr. old than dinosaurs and ....

A Super Hero Cake!!! So much fun.

And finally, Cole Wright, Shiloh and Jason's foster son, came home from  his mission while I was there, it was so good to see him. He looks great and has grown up so much. And on the Sunday before I left, Benny and Marshall Doc were blessed by their fathers at Church. Skye and Ryan drove down for the blessing and I decided I needed a picture with all the grandkids. Wait... there's one in front I don't recognize. Where did he come from. What a cutie those Howard kids are. 

There we go, Grandma Cindy with 15 of my grandchildren and Cole. I am so blessed. 

I left North Carolina on the 23rd of September for another grand adventure. Stay tuned for more fun! 

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