Saturday, July 1, 2017

Beautiful Month of June!

June is over, so I thought I would put up the last few photos from the month and give you another glimpse into our daily life here in Mississippi.
June mornings are beautiful here in the South. Darryl leaves for work at 6:00 a.m. and I like to spend my morning sipping my herb tea on our balcony reading and pondering my scriptures and checking the progress on our tomatoes and pepper plants.

I have discovered that I really like doing Yoga, especially in the mornings, as I try to become more mindful and "listen" to my body. When I was a kid I would stand at the kitchen with one leg hiked up and my foot planted in my thigh. My mom would laugh at me, but I loved to stand like that. I didn't realize I was doing yoga way back then. Here I am working on my "Tree Pose". I can't hold it very long, but I'm getting there. Maybe I should try doing dishes like this again. πŸ˜‰

Shiloh made this beautiful dress as her Easter dress but it was too big for her, so she gifted it to me! I love it! Thank you Shiloh!

Darryl and I toured the Waverley Plantation house a week ago. It was a 4000 acre cotton plantation located in West Point, Mississippi on the Tombigbee River. This beautiful antebellum mansion was built in 1854 by George Hampton Young and was missed by the destruction of the armies during the Civil war.

The last original family member lived in the house until his death in 1918. After that it sat empty until it was purchased by an Antique dealer named Robert Snow and his wife in 1962.

The Snows bought the manse and 40 acres and completely restored it to its former splendor.

Many of the old mansions and plantation homes we have seen were vandalized and robbed to almost total destruction. This house was left basically untouched. That huge mirror and all of the intricate plaster works in the walls and medallions on the ceilings, fire place marble, built in book cases and so much more was dirty, but completely intact!

Even the original drapes were still hanging when they bought the house, although they were just tattered and had small animal nests in them and and to be thrown out, it is amazing they were still there. The original furnishings were mostly divided up by the many descendants of George Hampton Young and removed from the house in 1918, but some of them have been donated back to the house which was made into a historical museum. The rest of the antique furnishings that grace this lovely home were brought in by the Snows and are really spectacular! 

This house is built in an H style, has four stories. The first story has the Entry, Dining room, parlor, Office/study and Master Bedroom. The second story is comprised of 4 beautiful and roomy bedrooms, while the 3rd story is attic space. The top floor is the large windowed cupola which looks out over the countryside, and when the house was built you could see all the way to Columbus, Mississippi. There are 5 beautiful curved staircases that can be seen from the entry. 
Standing in the entry looking up to the cupola.
All the original stairs, railings, woodwork and trim were intact when they bought the house in 1962.
The Master bedroom on the first floor.
One of the other amazing sites here at Waverley is this massive Magnolia Tree. It is recorded as the largest Magnolia tree in all of Mississippi and one of the oldest at over 250 yrs. old.
On June 24th Darryl took me to the Tupelo Car Museum! If you are a car buff this place is a must see for you. I'm not a car buff and I really enjoyed it. Darryl was like a kid in a candy shop!


I had no idea there were so many different car manufacturers in the early days of automobiles. The sign below describes this very rare Car.

Some of the early cars built on buggy chassis. 

The very interesting thing about this 1910 Haynes automobile was the hidden Mother-in-Law seat and the fact that it had wicker surrounding the body. It was built in Kokomo, Indiana.

The 1913 Minerva Knight.
I love the hood ornaments, which on these early cars were really the radiator caps.

The museum had hundreds of cars and other vehicles to see. I should have taken more photos, but I was reading and learning so much. They even had a Lincoln Continental that was bought by Elvis, a Dominoes Pizza Race care, and the Car they used in the 1965 Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon, Natalie Wood movie "The Great Race".  Believe it or not, it was a rebuilt Pick up truck!
Of course I forgot to take a picture of the actual car.
πŸš™ πŸš™ πŸš™
And one last note. I must say I love to piece blankets and quilt them. I am really missing my quilting machine, but hopefully I will get it back soon. I finished piecing this little crib quilt top for Z-man's first birthday in a few weeks. It was a fun and fast quilt top to put together.

FINALLY- my blog is up to date and you are now "in the know" of all that is going on in the lives of Darryl and Cindy Cunningham. Now the goal is to not get so far behind! 

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