Friday, June 20, 2008

Morocco and Home

Just so you know.......

Cody and Cindy returned to the USA on June 7th. It was a LONG 23 hours of travel time. But the monotony of travel was broken up by the news of Lily's birth. The following pictures are some of the last I took in Morocco and the first I took upon our return.

This was Cody's last day of work so I took a picture of him with our Moroccan crew. This could be a new Moroccan Guy Band "Cody and the Mohammeds". Actually, only 5 of the crew were named Mohammed. We also had Hassan's, Omar's and others.

This is my wonderful maid, Rqia. Someday I will right an entire post about how sweet she is, and how much I miss her.

When we got home it had been raining in Idaho for 2 1/2 weeks, so it was very green....

...very beautiful, and very cool for a couple of travelers coming from Northern Africa.

We were only home for two days when we packed up ourselves and Hillary, Cali and Gideon and took off for Colorado to take Cody to wrestling camp and to visit friends. We camped part of the time we were there at Pueblo Lake State Park.
You can read all about that adventure on Cali's Blog. Just click on "Cali and Travis" at the right and scroll down a little on her blog until you get to "Colorado Cronicles".

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