Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back Home Again In Indiana

Okay..... so this picture was taken in Missouri before we left for Nauvoo. Hillary woke up looking like a Hollywood "Mug" shot, so we just had to have a picture. It was probably an omen of things to come. Shortly after she fixed her hair she was outside and was stung by a wasp. We gave her some Benedryl, Advil and Vitamin C. It did control the swelling, but Benedryl and Hillary do not make good traveling companions. (Girls, It was like Hillary on Sugar and Dramamine) "Whew"!! .... Cody and I felt so bad for her. By 4:00 in the afternoon she was feeling much better, but she decided to put up with the swelling and not take anymore Benedryl. We went to Indiana on the 1st and stayed with Michelle and Kevin and girls. I love their new house. Great Job Kevin!!! It sits on a lake in Centerpoint.
I was so happy for Shelly in her beautiful new kitchen.
And Kevin has a den where he can work on his music.
Then Kevin took us out on the lake in his speed boat...... er... row boat, and I took pictures of their house from the lake.

It is very peaceful and tranquil on their little piece of Heaven on Earth.
This is my neice Laura......
and her younger sister, Kendra.
On July 2nd we went to Garber Photography and had Hillary's bridal portraits done. I can't put up those pictures yet, so here is a picture of Jimmy and Linda Garber and their son Chris, who travels the world with a band working on a cruise ship. He is currently cruising to Alaska.
Next post..... Darryl's home for the 4th of July.


Cathy Shields said...

Glad your back in the midwest. Looking forward to seeing you!

Ryan & Skye Lowry said...

You know, I think that if she wanted to, Hillary could actually pull off that mug shot hair do. And Laura, as always, looks like a super model.