Thursday, September 11, 2008

Look Who's Here & Little Brother!

Yea!!!! On Wednesday the 4th, Skye and Ryan arrived, and they have been busy job hunting and organizing their living quarters for the last week. I wasn't done painting and they had to help me finish doing that before they could unpack and move in. It is fun having them here, especially since they both like to cook! I know Cody enjoys having Ryan's company in the evening. "No offense mom" he said, "but it does get a little boring when it is just us". None taken. :-)

Speaking of Little Brother, this is homecoming week at Madison High School and everyday is a different dress up day. Monday was 'Sports day', Cody is a wrestler, what more can I say. Tuesday was 'Animal day', and he wore his Nemo hat. Yesterday was 'Twin day'. He didn't ask anyone to be his twin, he parted his hair down the middle, had me draw a line down the center of his face and shirt and on the back of his neck and he went as Darryl & Cody. (As identified by the names on the sleeves of his shirt.) Word is everyone loved it!
Today is 'Western day' and so he raided dad's closet for the appropriate duds. He came out to breakfast, tipped his hat and said "Sorry to make you wait little lady". It will be another fun day for him I am sure. Tomorrow is spirit day. I wonder if I need to get red and silver body paint or something. I will let you know!
Y'all have a good day.


Elaina said...

How Fun! I wish I was into all the dressing up for school like Cody is. I felt embarrassed with what I could bring to school from home so I didn't dress up that much. I'm glad he's having fun with it!!

Kelly and Jesse said...

I'm glad he is having fun with homecoming week. I did.I can't wait to see the powder puff cheerleader pictures.