Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Homecoming at Madison High School!

As the day started Cody got into the spirit of things by dressing up in his school colors of red, white, and grey. At a school assembly just before noon they had tryouts for their school mascot, the Bobcat. There were four finalists, Cody was the only senior. He led the crowded gym in a cheer, did some flips and had a dance off where he showed off his considerable skills. (The infamous worm among other things) And yes... He was selected by the student body as the school's new mascot.

School got out at noon for the Homecoming parade, but their new mascot was unable to attend. He had a cross country meet at Freeman Park in Idaho Falls.

Jesse and I watched Cody in his Cross Country race in Idaho Falls. He did very well (we won't know his placing until later today) and I am happy to report that Jesse was the "Best Dressed" Spectator at the event.

Last night Cody had his debut as the Madison Bobcat Mascot. He had a blast and everyone really cheered him on. When he got home he reported that he only collided with the cheerleaders 3 times, and his head almost came off once (which is bad considering it is attached to your arms). Good job Son!


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Hillary and Jake said...

AT LEAST IT"S A NEW MASCOTT! the one we had when I was in spirit club smelled so bad that no one could wear it for more than 42 seconds without throwing up. The stench was beacause the fan in the head was broken, Courtesy of Fielding Davis doing a flip my sophomore tear and landing on the head of the costume.