Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's Up With The Cunningham's

Monday morning, March 9th was the last time I posted and things have been going by so fast that it seems like a blur to me!
On the evening of Monday the 9th we hosted the Madison Wrestling banquet with close to 90 people here to honor the wrestlers. The Girls and I with the help of Kelsey Wilson and Doreen Horn got everything ready. Darryl and I made 133 chicken enchiladas for the dinner. It was a great time and I have a couple of pictures of Cody and his awards.
On Tuesday March 10th Darryl and Cody flew to Romania (Yes, in Eastern Europe) and are busy working on the tunnels for dome. They say the weather is Cold and wet and they are looking forward to the warm weather of their next job.

This is Cody's 2nd place Medal He recieved at the State Championship wrestling tournament. He had Jaque Jacobs make the wrist band for him and he carved the initials and date in it.

His awards..... State Championships certificate, King of the Mat (most takedowns), "20" win club and Outstanding Wrestler!

Also on the 10th I drove Cami and Lily to the Salt Lake Airport to catch their flight back to Florida. I stayed with Hillary and Jake for a couple of nights and Hillary and I finished Adam's and Gideon's Quilts.

This is Gideon's Quilt. Shiloh, if you are reading this remind me to take a picture of Adam's quilt when I see you again!
When I got back to Idaho Skye was busy sewing her own present for Gideon.
A Beatrix Potter cloth Book!
Great Job Skye!!!
You are a regular Suzy Homemaker!

On Sunday the 15th I directed a 150+ voice choir at BYU Idaho.
What a privilege that was, and how wonderful they sounded!!
After Church I packed up the pick up and headed back down to Hillary and Jake's in Orem. Monday at 1:00 I left Orem and headed for Pueblo, Colorado where I spent the night with Bev and Larry McCartee and had a wonderful breakfast Tuesday morning fixed by my dear friend Kelley Ferrell. I had a great visit with their family and I also visited Cody's Pueblo Wrestling coach, Jerry Sisneros, before getting back in the truck at 9:00 a.m. and headed to Kansas City to spend the night with my brother John and his wife Nancy.

On Wednesday Morning I visited with my niece Hannah and her son Keifer,....

And with my nephew John's wife and their 3 children, Nicole, John-John and Elizabeth.

I traveled to Indiana where I visited with Patty and Chuck and their boys, Clint (who is REALLY tall) and Cole. Then a short stop to visit my StepMother, Louise and finally to Michelle and Kevin's to visit with their family, Erin (her fiance' Ben) and Kendra. I left at 7:00 a.m. on Thursday and finally arrived in Mocksville, NC at Grandma Peggy's at 6:30 in the evening. We left the next morning and went to Columbia, SC to spend the day and night with Shiloh and Jason and my fabulous grandchildren!!

When we arrived at their house the kids came out the door yelling, "The Grandmas are here!!! The Grandmas are here!!"

Emily Mae .... (She is the sweetest young lady and just turned 8 in January)

Jonas Michael .... (He is a big helper and he and Emily both have missing teeth. He will be 7 in April)

Adrianna Christine ..... ( She is the party girl!!! Her middle name should be FUNNY!! She turns 6 in July)
Preston Scott... (who was under the influence of Benydril for allergies. He turned 4 in Feb.)

Lydia Ruth... who loves to make faces and is always smiling! (She will be 3 in June.)

And sweet little Adam Jennings who gives the best hugs and snuggles. He just turned 1 in December.

They liked looking at pictures on Grandma's Computer.

"Let me see it again!!!"

Adrianna learns which button to push....

"I can't see the pictures Grandma..."

I talked Shiloh and Jason into stopping long enough for a picture.
And in case you are wondering.... yes she has lost weight, she is training for a 10K mud race and she weighs 130 pounds. She is looking pretty good for a mother of 6.... Don't you think.
After all the excitement the kids put their pajamas on and settled down to watch Kung Fu Panda.
This morning Grandma Peggy and I left and headed on South towards Florida. We have stopped in Kingsland, GA for the night. I am watching NCAA National WRESTLING Championships as well as that other tournament that is going on. What was it called again?? Oh well, I will catch up with you later. Have a fun Sunday!


Hillary and Jake said...

I don't care if she's perfect that is why she is officially off the island.

Cali and Travis said...

OH YES WE CAN VOTE HER OFF THE ISLAND FOR THAT! SHEESH! Could she at least look like she's had one child!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

That was probably the most fun filled blog post that I've read EVER! Have fun on the rest of your trip!

Elaina said...

Love reading your blog what a fun time to travel and visit family. Congrats Cody on the wrestling and the Championship certificates. Quilts look great! One of these days I'm going to put together a nice quilt and put it on my blog lOl! Shiloh looks great hope she does great on the 10k mud race. Never heard of it but I hope she does great.

Kelly and Jesse said...

Oh I miss my babies. I can't wait to see them. Shiloh and Jason too.