Monday, March 2, 2009

A Wonderful Finish!!

What a great day! Cody's personal cheerleading squad put red extensions in their hair and painted their faces (GO CAT) to show their support for their little brother on his big day!
Cody was alone warming up on the mat for his semi-final match against the #2 seed as all his other team mates were out of the tournament by this time.

Cody and the Girls!
Lily says "Go, Fight, Win Uncle Cody!"

His Team and the school Banner!

The #2 seeded wrestler from Lewiston is Sammy Metz. He never saw Cody coming. Cody was the #6 seed and he beat Sammy 13 - 6.

Sammy had to wear a face mask. Is this Cody takes on Hannibal Lector?

That looks painful!

Getting the back points.

The winner! Cody now advances to the Finals Round!

Now we wait for the finals...... The girls are showing they're in the right spirit...... Hillary with cute red bangs and Go Cats on her cheek....

Cami showing off her spirit......

Gideon and Lily playing with Grandma while Jesse paints faces......

Taking a break from the excitement to read to Lily......

Kelly and Jesse trying not to look too nervous......

Getting ready for the parade of Champions..

That's my boy!

Cody is the handsome one on the left!!

And it's time...

Cody gets the escape...

Jordon won the match and the state title, but Cody made him work for it!

"The Greatest courage you will ever need is not the courage to win,
but the courage to not lose heart after a defeat"....

Cody got a huge round of applause as they announced his name for Runner - up!
I Guess the 2nd place medal isn't so bad!

We are so proud of you!!!!

He even comforted his sisters after his loss. It was a wonderful weekend. We had a great time together as a family and we were so proud of our son as we watched him finish up his season as one of the best wrestlers in the state!!


Jessica said...

Congrats to the Code-Man! You all look so cute, I especially LOVE the red extensions! You are an awesome family!

Elaina said...

CONGRATS Cody! So happy for you ver exciting. Red extensions are very cool. Wish I had an awesome family like yours!!