Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Wall, A Theft and An Air Show!

It has been a very busy and very fun week here in Georgia.
1st. Last Sunday Skye and Ryan arrived and are now busy Working and treating a pretty bad sunburn. (Skye got burned at the Air show.) Yesterday, Darryl, Skye, Ryan and I went to the Air Show at Warner Robins Air Force Base, it was great fun, I only wish I didn't have to leave early to go to the airport in Atlanta. The others stayed all day and had a fantastic time. Here are a few pictures of what I go to see.
An Air Command and Control plane.

In front of a very small Jet.
This airplane was my favorite.... The WWII B-25 Bomber. These were the planes that the Doolittle Raiders used to Bomb Japan in April 1942. (See the Movie Pearl Harbor if you don't know what I am referring too.

The surveillance Drone

The C-130.

A weapons drone (I think).

The old and the new. A WWII plane and an F-17.

The Thunderbirds.

Ryan (L) and Cody (R) hanging bar on the stem wall.

Skye Showing some of her skills. She is also taking after Shiloh, Cami and Jesse and learning to drive the Skytrak.
In work news, our job site was robbed Monday night. When we showed up for work Tuesday morning the Tool trailer had been broken into and around $7000 of hand tools and a Generator, two air compressors and two Laser levels were stolen. It was a little shocking a depressing. Hopefully this week will be better.
This jet was the first thing we saw when we arrived. The C130 dropped 30 Parachuters in three separate drops.


Kelly and Jesse said...

It looks warm there. We are getting so much rain here.

Elaina said...

The air show pic very cool. My husband has been through tools getting stolen. Someone broke in their trailer a few times and the last time the whole trailer was stolen.

Cunning said...

Great to see you guys last week! Let us know when you go back to Idaho.