Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Travels of the Last 2 Weeks

A lot has happened since I last posted on May 3rd and I cannot nearly write it all. So I will just hit the highlights. On May 8th, Mother's day weeked, we drove to Mocksville, North Carolina to be with Darryl's Mom, Peggy. We had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday Darryl, Cody and Ryan did various little repairs on mom's house and in the afternoon Cody took off with his Aunt Cindy, Uncle Jim and cousin's to go four wheeling on the mountain trails in their jeep. On Sunday we went to church with Grandma. Scott and Kristin, Darryl's nephew from Utah and his wife, were with us and then we spent the afternoon at Cindy and Jim's. They grilled salmon, burgers and hot dogs and it was all delicious. We left for Georgia around 4:00 in the afternoon and somehow I didn't get one picture of Grandma throughout the whole weekend. Sorry mom!
The Boy Cousins
Will and Matt Meeker, Scott Cunningham and Cody
Scott and his wife Kristin
Jim and Cindy Meeker (Cindy is Darryl's sister)
On Monday,May 11th, Shiloh and I, along with her six beautiful children, drove to Indiana to prepare for Erin McCrea's Wedding. (Erin is my neice and Shiloh and I told her we would make her wedding cake.) The children are very good travelers and they play games like "Slug Bug" etc. About 6 hours into the trip Jonas suddenly started to scream something about Herbie and Just as Shiloh started to scold him for screaming she said look mom, it really is Herbie. So Grandma (who was driving) had to stop and take pictures.
Now I will admit that my grandchildren are pretty bright and funny, but someday we are going to have to keep a journal of all the funny things that little Adrianna says. As she was staring out the window at this volkswagon I heard her exclaim in a breathless voice,...." Oh My Goodness!!! Am I dweaming or is that weally Herbie?"!!! Actually, hearing that was the deciding factor in letting the kids get out so I could take a picture!
Shiloh does have a DVD player in her van, but it doesn't come on until it is bedtime. Then she puts on a movie they have seen before soon they are bored into slumber land. Well, It takes some longer than others.
"You are watching mindless dribble and you will soon be in my power... blah, blah, Blah!"
I only have pictures of the first two days in Indiana and a few from the wedding. After that Shiloh and I were so busy with wedding cake stuff we didn't even think about taking pictures. Here are the kids feeding Chuck and Patty's Chickens.

My Sister, Patty, and her husband, Chuck, have a beautiful home with a small lake and a barn with a 2 bedroom apartment where we stayed. The kids loved being at Patty and Chucks. There was so much room to run and play and cool things to see and do.
I did get away for a few hours and went to lunch with my sisters. From left to right, Patty, Michelle (The mother of the bride) and my baby sister Sandy.
The kids had great fun when Patty and Chuck would take them for rides on the 4 wheeler and the Mule!
Chuck has some beautiful koi in his little pond/lake and he let the kids help feed them every evening.
Patty holds Adam so he can see.
Do you see them?

Wait for me everybody!!
Look over there, Do you see the fish eating?

I see a big one over there! (or maybe it's "put your left hand in, .....")
Uncle Chuck's new buddy!
We even took time out to go to my nephew Clint's baseball games. He is a pitcher and 3rd baseman for the Terre Haute North Freshman team. He is a good player!
It's a HIT!!!!!
In a few days I will find the time to post the pictures of the wedding. I didn't take very many pictures myself, but my camera was sitting out and my cousins, kids and brother-in-law did take a lot of pics with it. Until then.......


Hillary and Jake said...

Wow. Did aunt sandy stop dying her hair?

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

yes!She is now Platinum Blonde. (Acutally, it is white, but at her age she prefers the afforementioned discription._