Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming Home from Georgia - August 3-6

On Monday evening, Aug. 3rd, Darryl, Cody and I left Georgia for home. (Hurray!!) We stopped in South Carolina to visit Shiloh and the grandchildren. (Jason was out of town for the evening). The next morning the children had a big surprise. It was Grandpa's birthday and their Mom had baked him a cake...... Four of the children helped grandpa blow out the candles (no, she didn't have 55 on there) and then everyone ate cake for breakfast!

Maybe Adrianna should not have so much sugar first thing in the morning!

(She was showing me her new trick.... don't ask.... I am not quite sure what it is.)

Cali was sure happy when we got back to Idaho on Thursday the 6th. It didn't take her long to get the hang of using my scooter.

On Friday Darryl and Cody started working on the yard. Yes, it was so bad that they needed a backhoe.

Gideon did his part by helping Grandpa drive.

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Juen said...

Glad that you are home Cindy but I really would have loved to seen you when I was out to Idaho in June. It was cool and lovely, unlike the 63rd day of triple digit weather here in Texas. We have had no rain to speak of in two years and lots of our 60 to 80 ft. loblolly pine trees are dying to say nothing of the oak which I really hate to see. It takes so long for them to grow and then to loose so many so fast is heartbreaking. Oh well, this too shall pass away.