Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kayaks, Clams & Mothers Day

Saturday Darryl and I got up early and went Kayaking out to the estuary and hidden beaches for some snorkeling and shell gathering.

Darryl started to snorkel but decided it was too cold. So I went instead.
He took many pictures of my backside while I was snorkeling to prove that I did it. Don't ask.... they will never be posted. What is it with guys not being able to look through a camera and see the quality or even subject of the picture? Hmmm?
Pictures of our newly painted apartments on the way back. Our apartment is downstairs on the right.
Saturday night was the ward dinner to celebrate Dia De La Madre. After I took a few pictures I showed a couple of the children how to take pictures and they took several fun shots.
This is Selene Soto
Nelli, Janelli, me and Selene
With Dorothy Rembert
Darryl visiting with Ed, Dorothy's husband.
With Dayan and a friend...
and Gabbi
One of our Sweet RS Sister and Sister Marie Sotelo with her daughter Julietta.
Some of our youth..
Brother Palestino and Jaxel Soto
Brandon and his bug.
The men fixing dinner (And they were fantastic Tacos I will tell you that)
The Music Men
Darryl and his home teaching companion Jorge.
Okay Gabriella, smile big for the camera.......
How about if someone else takes the picture, will you smile?
If I tell you I like your little shoes will you smile?
Sister Valenzuela smiles all the time!
Janelli Itzel Ibarra and her twin daughters Janelli and Itzel.
Sisters enjoying the great food!
Some more primary girls.
Elias Ortega is our Sacrament Meeting Pianist and a great dancer!
Sister Barojas.
Brothers Valenzuala (I think) and Sotelo
They had this great pinata for the women to beat on.....
Every woman got to take 3 or 4 whacks...
Yep.... this is the best picture that Darryl could get of me. We were told at the end that there was no Candy in it, it was just to take out our frustrations on I guess.
I went Scuba diving Saturday Afternoon and about 20-30 feet down I found these little clams.
We cooked them up and ate them for lunch. Yummy!!
They are very small and they call them 'rice' clams because they are ususally served in a rice dish.
They were delicious.
Mothers day was topped off with a wonderful conversation with our missionary, Cody and all of his sisters and some of his Brothers-in-law. It was a wonderful weekend.


Jacob and Cami said...

I want yummy tacos!

Hillary and Jake said...

Is it just me or is Dad darker than the Mexicans?

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

I'll bet Martha Stewart never dives for her own clams. Way to go you die-hard Betty Homemaker you!