Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fly Away to Chinipas

Since Darryl and I arrived in Mexico Lalo has wanted to take us flying in his airplane.On Saturday he flew us to a little mining town in the mountains of Chihuahua called Chinipas. (Guaymas is located in the center of the blue section on the map above and Lalo's finger is on Chinipas.)
Lalo's plane is the one on the end.
Yes girls, I am actually in the airplane ready to go.
Our pilot was Lalo, who is 30 and Gilberto who is 24 and is a commercial pilot for AreoMexico.
Above you can see some of the mountains that we flew over. Chinipas is in the valley just past the tall mountains in the back of the picture. By car it is an 8 hour drive from Guaymas. It took us about 1 1/4 hours for the flight.
We felt like real Jet Setters (more like Cessna-Setters) flying in just for breakfast.
Cindy and Gil
The quiet streets of Chinipas Population about 1500.
Darryl got a laugh out of the trees in the street.
An old relic of a mining train.
The town was founded in the late 1600's and the cathedral was built in 1863 and refurbished in 1979.

The old stone basin for the holy water.
The lookout over the river.
I don't really think it's a pet pig, I think it's next falls tamales.
Look closely. She is doing Laundry in a barrel.
I saw this fence and thought of Shiloh.
The man and his plane.
(I don't have any video of the landing here because I had a death grip on the stap in front of me due to the steep banking we had to do to line up on the runway. )

Get ready to leave Chinipas.
Yes, I know. It looks like I have a death grip on his arm.
The mountains of Chinipas

Flying into Guaymas.
Pictures of the domes from the air.
The new part of town, Guaymas Norte.
Looking over towards Miramar.
The Tetas De Cabras of San Carlos
and if you look close you can see our condominiums on the shore.

The view of the estuary looking towards San Carlos.

Safe and sound on the ground!


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